Why Taking a Break is Okay & Important

Why Taking a Break is Okay & Important | Everyday Positive
Why Taking a Break is Okay & Important | Everyday Positive

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It is so hard to slow down and just be. Being an entrepreneur has been such a test of knowing when it's okay to take a break. There is always something to do or some task to make off your list. Although its great working for yourself its also really hard to ever leave your work. Unlike so many corporate jobs or jobs that you go to and then go home, being an entrepreneur is basically working all day everyday. It's harder to set strict schedules because you want your business to grow and you always want to be giving it your all. Slowing yourself down, setting days out for family and friends, and truly enjoying life is still so important. Whether you work for yourself or not, taking a break is okay and I wanted to give a few tips on why.

Why Taking a Break is Okay & Important | Everyday Positive

#1: Re-energizing Your Mind

Life can get exhausting. It can become this never ending circle of to-do lists, bills, events and so much more. It starts to feel like a routine and it's so easy to get lost in it. I myself fall into this pattern multiple times a year and more so lately as our life beings to prep for such a huge adventure. I stress about having enough or doing enough and I get lost in the worries of the future. There are so many 'What if's' in life and you truly never know what direction you're going to go in. With the stresses of the everyday, especially with running my own businesses, I start to feel a weight on my mind. I lose my sense of free thinking and focus on what I think I should be doing way too much.

Do you feel this? Do you feel a burden to constantly be going and to constantly be doing? You're not alone. The struggle is very real sometimes and I am here to tell you to take a break. When we moved to Minnesota almost 3 weeks ago I was in the middle of my second trimester, in the middle of multiple campaigns and in the middle of trying to wrap my head around leaving a state I loved so much for the past 6 years. To say I was going through a crazy amount of emotions and stress is an understatement. My mind was at a constant fast pace thinking process and it was exhausting. I would finish one thing only to add another to the list and never felt caught up.


Life doesn't slow down unless you do.


I couldn't take a break from my campaign commitments, the move or my pregnancy so I had to take a break from My Haute Society... And that's okay. It's important to reminder ourselves we can't do it all. Your mind needs rest and with that comes a whole new sense of energy.

The two week break from my Haute Society has ended and although it's been a slow revamp we're doing it and feel ready to take on new projects, send out new resources and reconnect the community for a fun summer. Slowing down to focus on things in life is crucial for mental health and this world doesn't allow that enough. Society makes us feel guilty if we're not going a hundred miles an hour very single day. What is so wrong with resting? God indented us to rest in Him when needed and we need to take Him up on that way more often.

Why Taking a Break is Okay & Important | Everyday Positive

#2: Refreshing Your Soul & Your Creativity

Taking a break is so good for many different reasons. As someone who works in the creativity space and break always refreshes my soul. Although I couldn't necessarily stop blogging or posting on social all together I definitely slowed down a bit. I maybe only did 2 blog posts a week instead of 3 or 4 to meet my campaign requirements and to not stop all together. I prepped myself ahead of time so I could really have space to think and refresh my creativity.

Without taking a break and allowing your mind to just be things can get lost. Like I stated above, routine becomes natural way too quickly and the loss of creativity can happen when things continue to feel the same day in and day out. I notice that I'm in a rut when I start to overthinking everything and anything I'm doing. I questions what I'm posting or why I'm not getting the campaigns I want. I question being an entrepreneur and if I made the right decision by quitting my full time job. I get so lost in a negative thought process that of course I'm not going to feel creative. Overthinking is something we all need to stop doing especially if you work in social media. I talked about this in my last Everyday Positive post on 5 Things to Quit Right Now. If you can't stop overthinking every single thing you do in business, life, whatever... Then where is the fun in just living?

 You can do anything, but you can't do everything.

Why Taking a Break is Okay & Important | Everyday Positive

 #3: Reminding Yourself of Who You Are & What Life's All About

Taking a break is okay. Every time I take a break, even if it's just for a day away from social or a weekend away from work all together, I always feel so refreshed. I get reminded of who I am, my dreams in life, my wishes in life and exactly what I want to be doing. I get reminded of why I chose to blog full time and why I absolutely love it. Taking a break not only refreshes my soul, but it refreshes my love for myself.

One thing we preach at My Haute Society is knowing your 'why" being your brand and your blog. Without knowing your why it's extremely hard to fit everything else together. Its difficult to create content, to create a cohesive feed and to have the urge to continue going. Knowing your why can be placed into basically anything in life. Why do you want kids, why do you want to get married, why do you want to do what you're doing for business or work... And the list goes on. Have you ever actually asked yourself that before? When I started really questioning my why in life is truly when my life changed. No, nothing is easy, but once I figured out why I was hating my job or my life at that moment is when I felt comfortable jumping into the next thing and then the next and then the next.


Your soul knows the answer.


If you never stop to take a break, you will continue to miss the opportunities for true self reflection. Like the quote stated above, life will not slow down unless you do. Take time to breathe and take time to always live in the moment. Life is constant change and if you miss something you may never get that moment back. As Kirby and I get closer and closer to Baby O's due date I try to remind myself that I need to enjoy wright now. I need to sit back and rally focus on the moments I have with him before our new lil biscuit joins the club. I know we will love every moment of being parents, but come September... It will never be just us two ever again. Take a break, enjoy your family and enjoy your life. It's okay to slow down and it's more than okay to live.


Why Taking a Break is Okay & Important | Everyday Positive
Positive Daily Reminders / Fall Casual Look / Strappy High Sandals / Cole Haan Shoes
Positive Daily Reminders / Fall Casual Look / Strappy High Sandals / Cole Haan Shoes
Why Taking a Break is Okay | Everyday Positive
Why Taking a Break is Okay | Everyday Positive
Why Taking a Break is Okay | Everyday Positive
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