Baby O Bumpdate: 40 Weeks

Baby O 40 Week Bumpdate | Everyday Mama - Pregnancy Update

Well, I made it! Baby O's due date is here and I am more ready than ever to meet him or her. Real talk: I am beginning to drive myself crazy with each day this baby stays in my belly. I am trying to enjoy every last minute, but I feel as though I've been pregnant forever! I keep getting nervous that the longer he/she stays in there the bigger it will be. Silly I know, but the mind does crazy things! I'm keeping myself busy with work, around the house things and trying to relax. Which I'm finding out I'm not too good at through this pregnancy. Since I work from home I find that if I'm not working I feel as though I'm not doing enough. So here we are, very pregnant, very tried and very ready to meet baby. I included the cravings, the good and the not so fun in my 40 week bumpdate below.

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Baby O Details


How far along:

40 weeks

Due Date:


Baby O's Size:

He/she is the size of an watermelon. Yes, a huge watermelon is in my stomach. My app states that the baby measures 18.9 to 20.19 inches and weights 6.2 to 9.2 pounds. I had my 39 week appoinment on Tuesday and all was well.

Heart beat:

Baby O's heartbeat was 120 this week, 147 last week and 127 the week before that.

Baby weight gain:

I have gained 60 pounds babes. It's hard for me to even believe, but my body is doing what it needs to. I hate getting on the scale with weekly appointments, but I know that soon the baby will be in my arms and that's all the matters. Embrace what your body is made to do and don't be hard on yourself!

Baby O 40 Week Bumpdate | Everyday Mama - Pregnancy Update

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The Fun Stuff

Hospital Bag is Pack

The bag is ready and so are we! It is such a good feeling when this is accomplished. I shared the things I brought in mine here to help you babes out. Getting things like this ready and set makes everything that much more real. It's so crazy looking at the little outfit Baby O will come home in and realizing that we get to hold him/her so soon!

Enjoying Last Moments

It's such a surreal thought when Kirby and I realize we will only be a family of 2 for a short time. As in, really any hour or day haha. Now that I am 40 weeks we realize that no matter what we will have a baby in our arms within 2 weeks. We're truly enjoying every moment we get with each other. This pregnancy has been filled with so much change for us. New jobs, new home state, family weddings, new routines, etc. We finally have had a couple weeks just the two of us and we have laughed so hard it hurts. It was hard not to get caught up in the hustle of everything we had going on this Summer. I am so glad we've had these last moments together because we totally needed it. Make sure to spend quality time with your hubby before baby arrives. It's memories I will now never forget.


Anything and everything sweet. I seriously can't get enough of sweet things. Kirby laughs because my craving will change by the hour. One night I went from wanting pancakes, to pasta, to cereal, to pizza... All within an hour! I can't even handle myself these days.

The Not so Fun Stuff

Major Pelvic Pain

I can't even beginning to explain how much pain I've been dealing with these past couple of weeks. The baby is clearly right down there and the pain is real. The worst area I feel it in is the groin. I told Kirby it feels as though I jumped into the splits without being able to actually do the splits. I know baby is just sitting on a nerve in some weird way, but wow does it not feel good. Getting out of bed or off the couch is when it hurts most. I've done a lot of stretching, bouncing on my birth ball and more, but I don't think there is much else I can do. I know it will be over soon which keeps me positive!

Swelling to the Max

I've talked about this a lot in the last 10 or so weeks, but its on a whole new level. None of my shoes really fit at this point and the swelling is everywhere. I went and got a massage and she couldn't even believe the amount of fluid in my legs. Luckily, it's bee in the 70's here so I haven't had to deal with extreme heat or anything. At this point I just kind of laugh at my ankles popping out of my shoes. I do try to stick them into ice cold water to help, but the second I start walking around they swell up again. If you're dealing with this too, hang in there!

Anxious for Baby O's Arrival

This last week has been a total mind game. It's so weird getting to a day we have been thinking about all year and to still have no sign of baby. Every little movement or ache makes me wonder if something is happening. I'm so ready to meet him/her and wish I knew when it would happen. I'm staying positive as Baby O is really healthy and clearly still wants to hang with mama. However, I do tell it everyday how much more room it would have out here. Lol. Wish me luck mama's!

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Baby O 40 Week Bumpdate | Everyday Mama - Pregnancy Update
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