Baby O Bumpdate: 36 Weeks

Baby O 36 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update

To be honest guys, I am slightly freaking out that we are 4 weeks away from Baby O's due date! I truly feel like him/her could arrive any time it wants now and that's a bit scary. Don't get me wrong, I am so excited to meet his little baby and I can't wait for all the snuggles. It's just crazy to think we are in the final weeks of being a family of two and that our life is about to change forever! Cheers to 36 weeks of pregnancy! I have felt blessed this entire pregnancy because I have always wanted to be a Mama my whole life. When I didn't get pregnant right away (it took us 6 months - which is not terrible at all!) I immediately got anxiety that I wasn't going to be able to. I just look back at our journey and can't thank God enough. I am so happy Baby O is still growing healthy and strong in there! Read below for my 36 week bumpdate where I share the good, the cravings and the not so fun things about 3rd trimester.

You can also see more about our pregnancy announcement here for all the details! Plus, check out all the other bumpdates on my Everyday Mama page here.

Baby O Details


How far along:

36 weeks

Due Date:

September 7, 2018 - the day after our 3rd wedding anniversary

Baby O's Size:

He/she is the size of an papaya. My app states that the baby measures 17.2 to 18.7 inches and weights 4.2 to 5.8 pounds. I have my 36 week appointment on Tuesday and will update you babes with any news given to me. From there I will have an appointment every week until Baby O arrives!

Heart beat:

Baby O's heartbeat has always been around 140-150. Again, I will update come Tuesday.

Baby weight gain:

I have gained over 40 pounds in this pregnancy and although I used to be in total shock, I've kind of come to grips with it now. I truly just want Baby O to be healthy and I know my body is giving him/her what it needs. I also know this is temporary and I am beyond excited to breastfeed haha. Cheers to our beautiful bodies!

Baby O 36 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update

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The Fun Stuff

Nursery Reveal

We worked so hard on getting our gender neutral nursery done ahead of time! I didn't want to save things to the last moment for a couple reasons. My sister is getting married in 2 weeks where I will be here MOH at 38 weeks pregnant. Plus, I wanted to have August open so Kirby and I could enjoy our last moments as much as possible. It has been so fun adding the little details into the room! It is by far my favorite place in our home and I can't wait to spend time with Baby O in it. Check out our reveal here where I linked every detail.

Washing Clothes & Disinfecting Everything

Although this may not seem fun to many, I am loving it. Getting our home ready to welcome our lil biscuit is so fun and makes everything that much more real. We feel so lucky for all that we have received from family and friends! I'm trying to wait as long as possible to clean everything because we have a cat whose fur gets on everything, but I do think I'll start this weekend.

Finishing Birth Classes

Woohoo! We are ready to have this baby... Kind of. I felt a little late to the game with signing up for birth classes after moving and having a slue of events earlier this summer. I am proud to say we accomplished three in one week. It was a lot to be totally honest, but each on helped so much and we feel way more prepared after going through them. We took an extra labor class due to the fact that we are planning a full natural birth and I wanted to be as ready as possible. It's been fun bounding with Kirby through these and I highly recommend checking them out. We took ours through Amma which is in the Minneapolis area.


Cereal, ice cream and peanut butter are my 3 biggest cravings during 3rd trimester. I can't get enough of them and for reals have each almost every day in some form. I'm a huge lover of Larabar's which are really healthy bars I keep on hand always (pregnant or not.) The peanut butter cookie one helps fill this craving, but so does a PB&J.

Baby O 36 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update

The Not so Fun Stuff

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is by far the worst thing that has happened to me and it totally stinks. I started realizing a tingly and cramped feeling in my hands around 28-30 weeks. I didn't think much of it at first until it started getting worse and effecting the smallest things. For example, eating a bowl of pasta became difficult because my hand would start to cramp while holding my fork. Putting on mascara became a task as I would start to lose feeling in the tips of my fingers. I quickly got on to google (shocker) and immediately linked up with everything under CTS. Tingly fingers and hands, cramped feelings and swelled wrists were all things I noticed right when I read the list of symptoms.

Not many people know this, but I have an AC separation in my right shoulder from about 8 years ago. I read that having issues with your neck or shoulders leads to CTS in pregnancy. I also read that if you have it in one pregnancy you're likely to have it in all. Boo. I guess at least I know what to expect now. It would be great if I could stop typing or being on my phone so much, but with that being my job it's kind of hard to stop. I'm in the habit of keeping my hands laid out each night instead of curling them, shaking them each morning to get some blood flow and trying to stretch them throughout the day to help the pain. I'm also really lucky to have Kirby who has been rubbing my wrists daily to help break up the fluid build up. I'm looking into get compression things to wear at night and will keep you babes posted!

Achy All Over

Just this last week or so my body has started to really ache all over. Baby O is getting bigger and heavier so it makes total sense that my back and shoulders would start to hurt. Sitting on my pregnancy ball during the day has helped with hip and leg pain a lot! I highly recommend getting one - shop mine here. Plus, stretching and drinking lots of water is really important!

Another thing that comes with Baby O being heavier is constant pressure on my bladder. The peeing is real you guys! I swear we are running through toilet paper because I am constantly going to the bathroom. I will pee 3-4 times before leaving for a walk and will get a block away only to have to pee again. It's pretty crazy because I can 100% feel the baby pressing on my bladder which is a little painful. I thought I had a tiny tank (that's what Kirb has always called me) before, but this is on another level!


It's pretty crazy the amount of swelling that is happening. So much water weight is put on through pregnancy and as I near the end it's on a new level. Lots of my shoes don't fit comfortably anymore and my non-maternity clothes are starting to not work at all. I'm staying positive as I near the end, but hoping this 90 degree heat wave misses us. Fall, where are you?

Bits of Anxiety - Not Being Prepared Enough or Having Enough Time

I can't say that I am sitting here stressed daily, but I do have the normal anxious feelings all new parents get. I keep wondering if we're ready or how time flew by so fast? Are we going to be able to handle no sleep? Will I succeed at breastfeeding? How am I supposed to actually get this baby out of me? The list goes on. Although all of these feelings do pop into my head I just can't help but get excited to finally hold this sweet babe. 4 weeks to go and I am more curious than ever to know if we're having a daughter or a son!

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Baby O 36 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update
Baby O 36 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update
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