Trusting Your Gut & Knowing When To Step Away

Knowing When to Step Away & Trusting Your Gut | Affordable Maternity Fashion
Knowing When to Step Away & Trusting Your Gut | Affordable Maternity Fashion

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Life is full of tough decisions and these last two weeks I was faced with one. I helped create My Haute Society, a platform for influencers, with my blogger bestie Cara. It's an amazing community filled with girlboss babes supporting one another. To say I am proud isn't even enough. With what life is bringing me with my personal brand and family I had to make the tough decision to walk away. It's hard even typing that and difficult to admit. I'm a perfectionist and someone who really struggles with walking away. I view it as 'giving up' or quitting and that's not the case. I wanted to do this post to explain my reasoning of walking away and to help others faced with tough decisions. Trusting your gut and knowing when to step away is never easy. No matter the situation it can weight on your heart and mind.


Listen to the nudges...


I am so blessed to have met Cara. She is so understanding, fun to be with and extremely smart. We have worked so well together and creating My Haute Society was a total growing point for me. It helped shape my mind around business in a new light + was fun! It also helped me make the leap into full time entrepreneurship (Read about why I quit my full time job here). So, why am I stepping away? For me, the nudges have been there for the past few months and I just kept fighting it. I didn't want to give up on myself, our company or our amazing blogger babes.

As Kirby and I near Baby O's due date the nudges became more and more real. I am a big family girl and I know I want to take the time to enjoy this moment in our lives as much as possible. Plus, my brand, Everyday Chiffon, has started taking off in a way I could have only dreamed of a few years ago. I'm so busy and started feeling the tug of anxiety on a daily basis which I know is not healthy. To finally be at a place in my life where I am my own boss is a dream come true. When I started to feel like I wasn't putting my focus and passion in the right area is when I knew a change needed to happen.


But the Lord stood with me and gave me strength - 2 Timothy 4:17


Stepping away from My Haute Society has not been an easy decision. I thank God for Cara as she has stood behind my decision understanding every thing I've been going through. She gets why I'm doing it and we have been able to work out the little things in between to help make sure MHS still continues to grow. I want nothing more than success for our sweet little community and can't wait to see what the future holds for it. I will still definitely be apart of it and will continue to partner with Cara when the timing is right to be a resources for all of our blogger babes.

The good news in this? I will still be committed to doing our amazing podcast, BLOGGED. We love every second of this show and put so much energy into finding beneficial, true and really helpful people to give insight to all of our listeners. If you're starting a blog, have been blogging or thinking about wanting to blog... Make sure to listen in!

I now want to share a couple key points that made me rethink what I was doing. I want to help anyone else going though tough life decisions. It's so hard knowing when to step away from something you love so much, but it's important to not be hard on yourself.

Knowing When to Step Away & Trusting Your Gut | Affordable Maternity Fashion

When the Timing Isn't Right Anymore

When Cara and I started MHS last September it was the perfect time for both of us. I had just quit my full time job a couple months before that and we were both looking to further our careers in the blogging world. We had each been blogging for a few years and knew we had a ton of resources and knowledge that we wanted to share. Having a mindset of community over competition was something we both had so it made so much sense to start a community of girls supporting and growing together.

Now, as my life has continued to change with a baby on the way, a move back home to Minnesota and a blog that is thriving more than ever... The timing is a bit off. Scheduling started becoming more difficult and finding time to fit everything in started to give me anxiety constantly. I was trying to get it all done and finding that I never felt as though I was doing enough. Whether that was directed towards my personal brand, my relationship/family life or MHS. Either way, feeling that is something that really got to me. I am lucky to have open communication with Cara because I started expressing that right away and as time went on it began to become clear to both of us that the timing was off for me.

Knowing When to Step Away & Trusting Your Gut | Affordable Maternity Fashion

When You Start Doubting Yourself or What You're Doing

Negative self-talk is the worst thing to let in. I have spoken about this in so many other posts on my Everyday Positive page. When you begin to allow this on a daily basis, something needs to change. With the craziness of my life lately I began doubting what I was doing and if I was doing enough. I knew I saw success coming from my personal blog and My Haute Society, so why was I feeling these things? It took weeks of thinking things over to really come to the conclusion that I needed to step away.

Just because life becomes busy doesn't mean you walk away from opportunities. Please don't get that from this post. For me, my life started becoming busy in multiple different ways and I kept trying to keep it all together. When I started feeling overloaded is when I needed to reevaluate.

I have no idea what life will look like when our lil biscuit arrives in September. I didn't want to hold onto these feelings and then potentially crash and burn when that time came. I needed to make the right decision for myself and for my family. Plus, I wanted to leave Cara in a good spot with the company! I love MHS and want all of the success to happen for it.


The better you treat yourself the better your business will be.


I am in a spot right now where I want to run with my one true passion. I've dreamt about being a full time blogger ever since I started blogging a few years ago. I quit my full time job to take this risk and want it more than anything. I feel so lucky to have the opportunities that I have and can't wait to see where Everyday Chiffon continues to go. Please know I will always be apart of My Haute Society. To be honest, I didn't want to hurt the success of it by not putting enough focus into it.

Running my own business and starting my new life with our baby are the two things I want to focus on most right now. It's such an exciting time in my life and I am so ready for this new adventure. Thank you to all of you for continuing to follow along. Building relationships and connections through this space is a dream I am so happy to be living out.

Positive Daily Reminders / Fall Casual Look / Strappy High Sandals / Cole Haan Shoes
Positive Daily Reminders / Fall Casual Look / Strappy High Sandals / Cole Haan Shoes
Knowing When to Step Away & Trusting Your Gut | Affordable Maternity Fashion
Knowing When to Step Away & Trusting Your Gut | Affordable Maternity Fashion
Knowing When to Step Away & Trusting Your Gut | Affordable Maternity Fashion
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