Postpartum Essentials – Things You Should Get for YOU Before Baby Arrives

Postpartum Essentials | Everyday Mama - Things you need for YOU after baby arrives
Postpartum Essentials | Everyday Mama - Things you need for YOU after baby arrives

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It's crazy to think that Baby O cold make his or her appearance any day now. Kirby and I have worked so hard at trying to prepare our lives for this new adventure. We've spent so much time getting the nursery done and prepping as many items for baby as possible. One thing that dawned on me this weekend... What about me? I have focused so much on trying to get everything ready for Baby O that I've totally forgot about the love my body will need. So many changes and things I have never dealt with in my life will happen post arrival. With being a first time mama it is extremely hard to know exactly what I'll need. I decided to go to my trusty followers, friends and family for any advice they could give me. Check out my list below of all the postpartum essentials you need to take care of you!

I am so lucky for having such a good community around me! I obviously can't speak truth to any of these because this will be the first time I go through this. I got so many recommendations that I had to share. I list out below different brands and products to help in your preparation. Don't skip this process because once the baby arrives it will be even more difficult! It's given me piece of mind knocking some of this off my list and knowing that I'll have so much to help with my postpartum body when needed.

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Postpartum Essentials

Pads on Pads on Pads

Always Discreet Boutique - These will be needed for the first few days or even a week. I got a lot of recommendations for these or Depends. I liked these because they were much cheaper than depends on had great reviews on fit. Tip: you can even wear pads within these for extra coverage!

Always Maxi Every Heavy Overnight (with wings) - Once you get through the first week you can make the switch to these. You'll still need the extra padding and absorbency! Tip: never get the pads without wings or ones that are scented.

Always Ultra Thin Regular Pads (daytime; with wings) - You can switch to these are your bleeding starts to let up a bit.

Always Ultra Thin Overnight Pads (with wings) - These are the same as above, but longer to help with leaking at night.

Always Thin Daily Liners - I've heard these are great once things start to become a bit more normal for the rest for the 6 weeks. These pads don't have wings to help with fitting into regular underwear and because leaking should be much less when you switch to these.

*I have never been a pad girl myself, but the Always brand was the #1 recommend to me. If you have another one you already like, stick with it!

**Tip: get disposable bed liners! This helps with any leakage that may happen at night. It will save you from having to do loads of laundry! Plus, you can use them as changing pad liners as well.

Taking Care of Down There

DIY Padsicles - Top thing that has been recommend to me from friends, doula, birth center and more. After birth your bum and lady parts can be swollen and in a lot of pain. I've heard these are basically life savers! Super easy to make and then get frozen. I haven't gone through birth and can see why these are amazing. What you'll need:

Keep wrapper attached to pad. Spread aloe vera over entire pad. Spray witch hazel and lavender mix over pad (2-3 drops of lavender in the spray bottle with witch hazel). You don't need to place anything on the wings of pad. Fold pad back up and place into plastic bag. You can fit multiple pads into one bag!

Sitz Bath Soak - I've heard such good things about this. It's calming and helps soothe down there. Also gives you a little time to yourself for relaxing.

Tucks Pads - These are great to use for after you go to the bathroom. They have witch hazel in them and are way more soothing than toilet paper.

Perineal Bottle - Highly recommended. It's kind of like a hand held bidet. You are super sore down there so this can be easy on you and nice relief. Tip: keep one in each bathroom + your baby bag.

Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spay - This can be good for pregnancy and after. It's a soothing spray that's easy to travel with and all natural. I wish I would have known about this earlier!

Nursing Bras

Suekaphin 5 Pack Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bras - Affordable and great reviews!

Medela Nursing Sleep Bra - Lots of recommendations on this. I bought this as well. Seems very comfortable and affordable!

Medela Hands Free Pumping Bra - This is actually one I got and it has great reviews! Hands free seems like the way to go with pumping! A few of my followers spoke highly to these as well.

Ollie Gray Bras - These seem pretty cool and are another spin on the no hands pumping. Again, a bit pricey, but I could see the benefit!

*Tip: Don't go crazy buying nursing bra's before baby arrives. Buy a few affordable ones and then wait until you mil comes in to buy more. It's hard as a first time mama to know how big your boobs will get.

Postpartum Clothing

Blanqi - #1 brand the was recommended from my followers. The are definitely pricey items, but every raved about them. I am on the fence yet if I'll splurge on the postpartum leggings and nursing tops. Stay tuned!

Medela Slimming Nursing Tank - Very affordable and look super comfortable. I will be grabbing these this week! Easy for nursing and feeling like everything is held into place.

Nursing Henley Nightgown - I've been told that having comfortable and easy clothing during this time is crucial.

Maternity Pajama Pants - The wide band gives lots of comfort to your changing body.

Fruit of the Loom 6 Pack Briefs - Super affordable, soft and washable. I can see these being nice because I would hate to spend a ton of things I hope to wear for a short period of time.

Under Bump Underwear - Great option if you're not one to like high waist + affordable!

Upspring Postpartum Belly Compression - I really like the idea of these and plan to snag some. I can imagine holding it all in helps the tummy, but also feels good!

Random Things & Tips

Netflix - I've been told to watch sad movies because you need to get the hormones out. Lol.

A water bottle with straw (I got this one) - You are so dehydrated from breastfeeding that having a big one is necessary. Plus, the straw makes things easy. I will actually be bringing this with for birth as well.

Heating pads - helps with after birth cramping

Nipple Cream - I actually plan to use Coconut Oil, but there are a ton of brands out there as well! Earth Mama is a great one.

Lots of food to snack on - Again, breastfeeding takes a lot out of you so it's important to keep eating. Tip: Make a little snack station by where you plan to breastfeed to keep things accessible.

Nursing Pillow - Boppy is the highest recommended and what I have! I also heard that the pregnancy pillows are still great to use afterwards as well. I have the side sleeper one here and the support pillow here.

Encapsulate Placenta - I have yet to make my mind up on this, but still wanted to share. This is saving your placenta and then turning it into pills you take daily. I've heard great things that this truly helps with your crazy hormones. Mama's have said they can tell the difference when they missed a pill.







Postpartum Essentials | Everyday Mama - Things you need for YOU after baby arrives
Postpartum Essentials | Everyday Mama - Things you need for YOU after baby arrives
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