2 Month Update: Addison James

2 Month Update: Addison James | Everyday Mama

Technically Addison is 9 weeks and 3 days old, but who's counting. I finally understand why parents tell people the week of their child instead of the month. He was 2 months on 11/14 and I seriously can't believe it. Time goes so fast and so slow. My days are basically on repeat right now with his schedule (more about that below), but I'm truly loving every minute. I've been trying to figure out this whole work from home thing while still giving my all to Addi and let me tell you... It is not easy. I feel beyond blessed to have the opportunity to watch my son grow while hustling on my own business, but it comes with many struggles. These past two months have been magical, exhausting, eye opening and so full of love. Addison is a sweet baby with a fun little personality already showing through. You guys continue to love my mini updates about him on Instagram so I figured I'd go a bit more in depth on the blog. His 2 month update (+ the ones to follow) is full of what our day looks like, what he's loving/hating, specific details on him and so much more.

As always, if there is anything else you want from these post please comment below, email me, direct message me on Instagram or for reals just get a hold of me somehow. I love connecting with you all and want to make sure I'm touching on everything. I missed the 1 month update, but basically fit all the information into my 7 week postpartum update. Make sure to check that out for loads of information and continue to stay tuned for more on my postpartum journey throughout the coming months.

All The Specifics

How old:

2 months or 9 weeks and 3 days


10.5 pounds - in the 15 percentile


22.75 inches - 44 percentile

At birth:

6 pounds and 15 ounces & 19.75 inches

Mama chat:

He is a skinny little man. Kirby actually calls him toned.. LOL. Although he is the low percentile for weight our pediatrician was not worried at all. Some babies are chunky and some babies aren't. He's been growing  right on track since we brought him in and I am so happy about that. You question a lot as a mama. I'm always wondering if he's eating enough because you don't really know how much he's getting through breastfeeding each time. I do feed off both breasts at each session. I've tried skipping it before because he seems satisfied, but within 10 minutes he'll be crying for more.

He seems so little to everyone around me and all I see is this big baby! It's crazy looking back at pictures from the hospital compared to what he looks like now. Only 2 months have passed and it's been such a whirlwind of life. He's consumes almost every minute of every day right now. As much as I want to get things done, I hate missing any coo or little smile he gives. Motherhood is the hardest job I've ever done, but definitely the most rewarding. Like, I created that little human!!

2 Month Update: Addison James | Everyday Mama
2 Month Update: Addison James | Everyday Mama

Life With a 2 Month Old

Sleep, Play, Eat, Repeat

It's been pretty crazy these past few weeks and my days definitely seem to be on repeat. You finally will figure him out and then something will change right before your eyes. He has been going through his 2 month growth spurt and it's tough. I highly recommend downloading the app 'The Wonder Weeks' because it is basically spot on with what he's going through. We are on the tail end of it now and it makes such a difference in his mood. The past couple weeks he has been way more cranky and irritable than ever before. He cries without reason sometimes and his pacifier or bouncing... Or both at the same time, is basically all that will calm him down. The first few days it hit were definitely the worst. It happened right around week 6/7 and I was in tears almost every day. It's hard holding a crying baby after you do everything you think would make them happy and satisfied.


His schedule these past few weeks has been pretty spot on. We are blessed with a baby who sleeps through 'most' of the night. We usually put him down between 11-12 AM each night. He will sleep until about 4-6 AM and I feel so lucky for that. When he wakes up I keep things really calm and dim to help keep him in a sleepy mode. I'll feed him off one breast, change him, swaddle him back up, and then feed him off the other breast. I just learned this trick and it's really helpful. Usually he falls asleep on the second breast so I can simply place him back in his rocker and let him sleep another 1-3 hours before waking up for the day. I can't say it always works. Sometimes I'll have to get up and bounce him back to sleep, but none the less it keeps him sleepy and calm which is key.

Once we are up for the day it's a pretty spot on schedule. He will eat for about 25-40 minutes with so many factors going into this timing; Burping, breaks for smiles, if he's lazy or sleepy, etc. I will then change him and move onto interacting with him a lot. We're usually sitting and chatting together, playing on his activity mat, dangling a toy in front of him or carrying him around while I do some things. I don't usually like to have him just hanging out in this time, but sometimes I'll brush my teeth or fold some laundry while he coo's away. It's such a critical time in his development so I never want him just doing nothing. I think I'm harder on myself about that than I should be, but what mama isn't? After playing for a bit (or going on a walk) I will begin to put him down. I only like him being awake for a total of 45-90 minutes. Right now he is taking short naps that last anywhere from 20-45 minutes.

As you can see, my days are pretty much on repeat. Sometimes he surprises me with an hour nap, but ever since his last leap started (leaps are tracked in The Wonder Year app) he has been consistent. I have to time things out really well. I like to pump in the morning for 10-15 minutes and then obviously need to eat and get ready a bit. Usually that's all I have time for in one sitting. I'll be totally real... I don't shower every day. It's typically every other because it takes up almost one nap and a girl needs to eat haha.

Side note: We have been testing out the whole process of having him put himself to sleep. He loves to soothe himself with his hands so we always swaddle him and leave his hands by his face. If we set him down and he's still moving a bit he will start soothing himself to sleep which is a beautiful thing Again, does not always work, but every good thing takes time!

What He's Into


He's so into his activity mat right now (shop it here). We're focusing a lot on tummy time and having him grasp things with his hands. About 2 weeks ago he started realizing his hands could open and close so we began working on it immediately. Addi can see a lot more now and focuses so hard on things, it's funny. I love hearing him breathe hard and stare at objects because you can really see him processing it all. I'm a huge fan of this developmental toy (here) because of all the different patterns, sounds and textures it has. He'll usually grab the polka dot or striped spots because that's what stands out to him most right now. Tummy time is also great on the mat because of the interactive piano. He loves looking at it and listening to the songs. Kirby and I wake up singing them... Ah, parenting life.


Addison is a baby who needs movement! I credit him sleeping through the night to the Rock N Play (here). It's amazing and the fact that it will rock by itself for 6 hours is so nice! We'll potentially give another bassinet a shot to get him away from the movement, but as of right now this is what works. I did start putting him down in his crib just this last Friday for his naps and he's surprisingly been doing well. I wanted to start getting him used to the environment we eventually want him sleeping over night in. The longest he has slept in the crib is 45 minutes and I was so proud! Having a humidifier and white noise machine are necessary for us as well!

You can shop all of the items we are currently using on my Shop Baby page (including his clothing) or you can see everything I added onto my registry (and got) here!

Working From Home

Like I stated above, it has been a struggle. October, November and December are my busiest months of the year. Between collaboration deadlines, holiday sales, keeping up with overflowing emails, constantly engaging and posting new content to social + my blog... I don't find much time for rest. It's been a whole new life I've needed to learn, even just aside from learning Addison. It's a way different schedule than I've ever been used to. I was getting so stressed lately with Addi taking such short naps. It left me frustrated or annoyed (not at him, ever) because I would only get half a task done in that short time. By the time Kirby would get home I felt like I had gotten nothing done. Not a good or accurate feeling to have after being home with a 2 month old all day long.

I've been working on my attitude lately and figuring out a schedule that works. As much as I want to sit around with Kirby in the evening any chance I get, I've been learning that I sometimes need to use that time for work. I know that Addison will only be like this for a short time. Reminding myself that nothing is forever is key. Working late at night is not my favorite thing to do, but if it means not stressing or being hard on myself during that day then that's what I'll do. I'm basically always working, but getting my big posts done and prepping things as much as possible in the evenings has made things a bit easier. I can spend the days with him, checking emails, taking photos and taking care of myself without feeling unaccomplished. Everyone is different, but this is what's working for me.

Working a job on social media can/is a lot of fun, but it's a constant pull. It never stops and it's hard not to compare yourself and your success to others. I love what I do and wouldn't trade it for any other career. I'm just having to learn a new life with the addition of my sweet little boy. It's impossible to be totally present on social media and totally present in his life at the same time. Have you seen his smile? I'm obviously going to pick him!

2 Month Update: Addison James | Everyday Mama
2 Month Update: Addison James | Everyday Mama
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