12 Month Update: Addison James + First Birthday Party Details

12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details

We did it! Addison turned 1 + Kirby and I survived our first year as parents! I seriously can't believe it's gone so fast, but I also can't wrap my head around how much we've done as a family of 3. So many fun memories, lots of lessons learned and countless number of nights/days with very little sleep. Motherhood is the best gift I could have ever been given.

I'm so excited to share this last 12 month update because it's been truly an amazing year with my little bug. Stages move so quickly and I am holding onto this one for as long as I can. Addi's personality and the fun milestones that he's hitting are making him feel like such an independent little man in our family and it's just so amazing to watch.

Months before getting to Addison birthday I started to feel a little anxiety tugging at me. Like, I just didn't want to let go of his first year. I would think of these like I didn't hold him enough, or I didn't do enough skin to skin time. I should have brought him into bed more or breastfed longer... You name it, I was randomly thinking of it. It took me a little to connect the dots, but eventually it was clear that I was thinking I had missed something that I could never get back. Now, being on the other side (writing this the day after his birthday) I can happily say I am so dang excited for the future and so at peace with the first year we had.


Motherhood is a million little moments that God weaves together with grace, redemption, laughter, tears and most of all love. 


I think the anxiety came more from the anticipation of the day overall. Me wanting these moments I didn't get in our birth story more so than really doubting the year all together. I felt so out of control the day he was born that I wanted to feel this sense of control this year. Well, I'm happy to report... Things still were out of my control and everything worked out exactly how it should. The biggest thing for me was being able to hold Addison at the same time he was born and moments after because I didn't get that when I had him. Squeeze him so tight is the only reminder I need of God's blessings.

All The Specifics

How old:

12 Months & 3 days or 1 YEAR OLD


21 lbs 10 oz (56%)


29.75 inches (46%)

At birth:

6 pounds and 15 ounces & 19.75 inches

It's so crazy to see how much Addison has grown looking back at all of his monthly updates. He started out at the low end of the chart and to now see that he's hit right on the dot of average makes me so happy! I obviously wouldn't have cared if he stayed on the lower end, but it's always nice to see & hear that he's growing right on pace. He's a very healthy eater and only passes on food if he's sick so we have been lucky with not having to worry about him with that. Addison's head on the other hand has always been on the large side lol. We tell him he's full of brains. That has evened out a little as well. Mainly why I'm saying this, if you're a new mama worrying about if your baby is too small or too large, just be patient and let things grow the way they should at this age. If you're feeding your babe a well balanced diet then you're doing your job!


12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details

Life With a 12 Month Old


For good reason, sleep has been one of the hottest topics when it comes to Addison the last 12 months (sleep and food are the two top!). It's so crazy looking back at all the different tips I've learned and researched or all of the constant guessing & analyzing that happens every single day. Certain stages felt like an eternity (hello, 4 month sleep regression), but overall each one has moved so smoothly.

Addison has always been a really good overnight sleeper. He had his struggles early on, but I really can not complain at all. I think every newborn is weird with sleep for the first few months. The times Addi struggles with sleep is teething, sickness, or going through some weird leap (developmental growth) or regression. Another thing with him is he's not a huge sleeper when it's not his crib, bassinet or somewhere he knows and trust. He sleeps best on the go in a carrier against me, but even know he is just too excited about being wherever we are that sleep comes second.


He is still currently on 2 naps a day, but I know that could switch anytime. He randomly does 1 if he sleeps amazing overnight or it just works better with that days schedule, but most often it's still 2 daily.

This last month has been a little bit tougher with teething and a big leap. Addison was also sick this past week (one this birthday! so sad.), so his overnight sleep and naps were all over the place. He had lots of wakings due to congestion and a low appetite which leads into so many other little things. When things like that hit, I always remind myself how simple it is to get right back on track and to just forget about what's "normal". Just go with what is needed to make that babe feel better!

Daily Schedule

*Keep in mind this would be a perfect day. Most days vary a little here and there with timing, especially with how much we have had going on. Addison seems to be doing good with conforming to what we're doing especially as he keeps getting older and having longer wake periods/more energy.

6:30/7 am - Wake & eat 6 ounce shortly after.

7:30/7:45 - Breakfast

8:45/9: sometimes a small snack depending on what we're doing/how much activity he's done, etc.

9:30/9:45 am - Nap #1

11/11:30 - Wake & eating 6 ounce bottle shortly after

12/12:30 pm - Lunch

1:30/1:45 pm - usually snacktime

2:30/3 - Nap #2

4 pm - Wake & eating 6 ounce bottle shortly after - always make sure he wakes shortly after 4pm so it doesn't mess with bedtime.

5/5:15 pm - Dinner + sippy cup

6:30- Bath time (usually every other night, but sometimes every)

6:45/7 - 6 ounce bottle

7:15/7:30 -Bedtime



Addison James is a foodie for sure. He loves almost anything & everything given to him - after careful examination and a few tastes test, of course. Tomatoes are the only consistent no-go. He's hesitant with other veggies like cauliflower & cucumber, but I can usually fit those in. Slowly, but surely we are getting into more & more family meals. It's been fun thinking of things we can all eat and ways we can make the most of all the food we buy each week.

Some of our favorite meals include:

Turkey Meatballs & Pasta (with simple red sauce)

Shrimp (with homemade pesto sauce), veggies and/or potato

Panka crusted chicken & Annie's Dairy Free Mac-N-Cheese (rare case that we give Addi the Mac n cheese, but we're starting to here & there). He will usually eat the chicken with veggies and noodles.

Scrambled Eggs, Avocado, Goat Cheese & Toast

Breakfast for Dinner: Waffles/pancakes (Addi usually has gluten free ones or green pancakes), fruit, eggs, sausage or turkey bacon and/or yogurt are some of our favorite items to incorporate

Chicken, Sweet Potato with Cinnamon, Vanilla yogurt with raspberries & kiwi

Formula Update

We have now slowly begun weaning Addison off formula and bottles. I don't want to cold turkey it right away because he definitely likes his bottles. We also had formula left so figure we might as well just slowly take it away and start incorporating whole milk. My advice on what to do, check with your pediatrician! I waiting to get the green light before making any big moves.


Addison gets to be more and more of a busy body as he continues to grow. He likes staying active for most of the day and the other half is spent sleeping, eating and reading books. Still a major lover of the outdoors and could probably make a home at the park. He is so dang cute & points to a park no matter where he might see one. The swings are still a favorite, but now that he is becoming more mobile he really enjoys crawling all over the playset.

He has a few toys he love most that I listed on my 12-18 month old toy round-up that he started playing with early. We just got a bunch of fun new ones for his birthday as well are linked below! Playtime is so dang interactive now so having toys to help make activities more fun and more interactive is always key.

I like having little corners around the house that he can get lost into with different toys or activities. For example, magnetic letters, numbers & animals are great for having stuck to the fridge when he's cruising around the kitchen while I cook & clean. Another example, the book corner set up in his room. He loves digging books out of the bin and it keeps him flipping through new pages all day. He loves taking his little walker around and going from space to space.

All About Addi

This year has been so dang amazing. It's so crazy looking back and seeing how Addi's personality has continued to grow. He's always been expressive and chatty, but now it's even better. He gives funny babbles, words and sometimes a little sass behind his expressions and it's just amazing to watch. His personality is so sweet and caring. I love that he laughs when other people laugh, and waves to almost anyone he see's. Whether we have a jammed packed day or we just hang out at the house, he is always happy and almost always good about going with the flow.

Days before his birthday he took his first steps! It was the cutest and craziest thing to see. He has been so close for some time, and when he officially did he, he just went for it! He is still using his walker and we just got a new walking-ride on bike that's perfect for his stage because it moves around way easier so he can cruise and navigate it. Addison is a very active baby who likes to be outside, loves arriving new places (literally gets excited when I park the car), and can move way too fast! I'm always so in love with how much he gets lost in flipping pages in books and listening to stories. That's what made it so much fun planing his little bookworm birthday party. Such a true reflection of what he loves to do most right now (other than the park, of course).


If at the end of the day, everyone feels love, you have done enough.


I really didn't know what motherhood would do to me, but I am forever grateful Addison made me a mama. He's my biggest accomplishment and deserves the world. I can't wait to see what he continues to do and learn in life. It's just so insane how fast it goes and so important to truly cherish every single stage.

Bookworm 1st Birthday Party

When I first started planning Addison's birthday party I originally gravitated toward's safari, dinosaurs, wilderness, etc. Of course, all of those are adorable, I just couldn't really decided if they were truly Addison or not. I mention to Kirby one day that we should just plan a party around books because he loves them so much and boom. Everything fell right into place. I will say, I am very blessed with having a mother-in-law who is extremely creative & loves party planning. I'm lucky with all of my family. So many hands went into making Addison first birthday party as amazing as it was.

Tip: Ask for help if you can! Even if it's making a small dish or grabbing a little detail. Anything helps. I'm the worst with asking for help. I truly like to do things when it comes to planning an event or party, but sometimes having the help is key in keeping my sanity.


Hanging Bookworm - this was the main idea that brought the bookworm party to life. My MIL used little lanterns for the body and had to get a little creative to make the face. We hung each lantern with a clear fishing wire to give the illusion that the worm was floating. Tip: hang the lanterns at different levels to make it look more realistic! (Inspo picture)

Party Hats & Glasses - Loved the idea of having guest wear glasses and hats. I wish I would have gotten a picture with Addi and I in them, but he doesn't let things like that stay on for long. It was extra fun because we had lots of kids attend who loved the little details.

Storybook & Big 1- My MIL got the cardboard storybook boxes off Amazon and then designed the cover to be a little more personal. I liked keeping things simple on the table because it's a 1st birthday party and no need to be overboard.

Bookworm Party Favors - These were such a hit. My MIL made baggies for kids & parents. The kids included sour worms and a little story book, and the parents got classic worms. We joked afterwards that we should have given parents boozey gummy worms, but it was probably best we didn't! Lol.

Reading Teepee - I knew I wanted to create a little reading area for Addison and his friends to play. We bought Addi a teepee for his birthday to create a nook in our new home so I used it as a gift/decoration! We kept the corner simple with a book basket, little chair and a fun sign that my MIL made. All the kids were in and out of the teepee constantly. It was nice to have a designated space for him that was still a part of the party!


Crockpot BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders - Great option for a large amount of people! We bought coleslaw for topping and mini little sliders buns. Kirby made sure to pop the chicken into the crockpot early to make sure it had ample time to cook.

Autumn Fruit Salad - so dang good! First time trying the recipe and I will for sure be making again. Great breakfast idea too! I used whole milk yogurt instead of Greek yogurt simply because that's what we already had. 

Pesto Tortellini Skewers - My mom mentioned that these did take some time to assemble, but definitely a big hit. Almost all of them were gone and I loved that she use her homemade pesto & basil from the garden.

Mediterranean Hummus DipReally delicious and light! Kirby's mom (my other MIL) made this one too and left the top layer off.

Seasoned Pretzels - These are a recipe from Kirby's oldest sister and they're so addicting. My MIL mentioned that she specifically uses Snyders Sourdough nibblers & extra light olive oil.

Dirt Cake Cups - Dirt cake is Kirby's favorite and what I make for him every year on his birthday. It worked perfectly for Addison's first birthday too! I double the recipe and instead of a large cake pan, I mad individual little cups full and added the gummy worms after. Super simple dessert that was affordable, easy to make and a hit with kids + adults. This isn't the exact recipe I have. When I make it, completely leave out the cream cheese which in turn makes me decrease the milk. So for the recipe link I would only do 2 cups of milk and no cream cheese. Everything else is the same.

Smash Cake - I was so excited to make Addison's smash cake. Baking is one of my favorite things to do so making a homemade cake & frosting was not a crazy thing for me. It's actually really simple and it's always nice seeing what's going into your recipes. Funny enough, Addison didn't take one bite of this at his party. We tried, but he wasn't feeling well that day and was totally not into it (even eating less at meals!). We tried the next day and het got a few bites. I on the other hand, had no issues having more than a few bites.

The cake isn't healthy at all. It's actually really sweet and sugary. I thought it would be fun to have Addison try the sugariest thing he's ever had on his birthday and his reaction was pretty funny.

*I doubled all of my recipes and we had plenty of food leftover. I don't have links to every single recipe because I didn't make them all and some are just classic recipes in my families household. We had one other dip and 2 additional sides that I left off. You can even keep other sides super simple like chips & salsa, BBQ mini hotdogs, etc.

Small Personal Details

Monthly Picture Garland - If you did monthly pictures with your babe, this is such an easy way to actually utilize those & bring a personal touch to the party. Since my parents have a fireplace, I kept it simple and just used a thicker ribbon and close pins to hang each image. It was really cute above his gifts and took no time!

Baby Book Display - Another easy personal touch if you're someone who gets into creating scrapbooks. I loved being bale to display it and so many people flipped through it. Easy way for guest to see how he's grown and specific milestones he's hit. I also did two different monthly picture (because I'm crazy) so I was able to display the second ones in the book.

Wishes for Addison - Such a fun way to see some of the guest that attended the party. Plus, it's another cute activity for kids (or adults!). My MIL set it up so that guest could color or write wishes to Addison for his birthday and they're all saved in a small picture book. Now that the parties done, I'm going to print pictures of it and stop in this look book. including his invite, the guest notes, cards and other little birthday goodies from the weekend.

12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
12 Month Update + First Birthday Party Details
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