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I know I have probably said this a million times in the last few weeks, but I seriously can't believe Addison is almost 1! This year has been the craziest & most fulfilling year yet. So many ups & downs, so many new lessons learned and so much love! Snuggles from my little man is probably the best feeling I've ever felt before. Addison is a little busy body with  a fun little personality. He loves to make people laugh & literally never stops moving. Playtime in our household seems to be a constant thing and as we move into a new stage, new toys are needed to keep this baby entertained! This post was highly requested and I had a ton of fun searching! I rounded up developmental, fun & unique toys for 12-18 month old and hope it helps when shopping for your little.

Some of these toys we've already purchased for Addison's birthday, we already own or are things on our list. A few of these are splurge items, but most of them are really affordable! I created a section specifically for toys sold on Amazon since I know so many of you are avid Amazon shoppers. You can also shop more toys off my Amazon page!

12-18 Month Old Toys | Everyday Mama
12-18 Month Old Toys | Everyday Mama

Leopard Print Pullover similar | Compression Biker Shorts



Toys We Play With Now + Some Gifts We Bought for Addi's Birthday


Learn With Zebra Walker

This is by far one of Addison's favorite toy's right now. He points to it constantly and gives the biggest smile when it's turned on. It's the perfect little walker that takes up a small amount of space & isn't overlaoded with buttons or things on the front for too much stimulation. Plus, it's super affordable!

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 

We were lucky enough to get this as a hand-me-down from Addison's cousins. It has quickly become a daily activity pushing him around all over the place. He loves hanging onto & turning the stirring wheel. Definitely a few years of fun ahead!

Hape Stacking Music Set (6pcs.)

I'm beyond excited to give this to Addison for his birthday! I bought this two months ago & have been dying to break it open myself. Most babies love music and this is a great way for them to explore that. I also love that it stacks together for minimal storage space.

Personalized Name Puzzle Stool

This has been a favorite of Addison since around 6 months. It's great now for practicing letters and colors, but also still something for him to bang. He loves pulling the letters out and getting himself to seating position on top of it. I can also see this being perfect for when brushing our teeth becomes a normal part of our routine!


To be fully honest, this isn't the exact one that I bought for Addison's birthday, but similar! He is such a little bookworm so I plan to create a little play/book reading corner in our living room with this. I truly believe anything that helps spark kids imagination or creates a fun, safe place for them is such a game changer. Addison is slowly playing on his own more & more so I can't wait to see him utilize this! My plan would be to place a fun/developmental rug under it!

Wooden Activity Cube

These babies come highly recommended from so many friends, bloggers and now me! We have had this for the past couple months and Addison continues to use it more and more. It's perfect for babies who have just begun standing or pulling up. My favorite part - no noise involved! Plus, this one is a bit more affordable than some of the other brands out there. Win, win!

Leapfrog My Pal Scout

Addison got this as a Christmas gift and it's beyond cool. You link it to your computer and can personalize it so it says your babies name + a few other fun settings. It always blows Addi away when it talks to him and he loves hearing the song that spells his name. We also use this every single time we lay him down with 15 minutes of nightime music (also 5 - 10 min settings available). I see him playing with this at least for the next year!

Stacking Blocks

I found these to be a best selling item on multiple sites. These were the second gift I bought Addison a couple months ago for his birthday and think it will be a hit. Also love a toy the packs up into small storage because the clutter is real. You can get different styles, but the specific one we got has whimsical forest animals, numbers & letters on each side.

Shape Sorting Cube

Another hand-me-down item that we love! So great for hand-eye coordination, colors, memory, shapes... chewing, all the things. I brought this out a little too early around 9 months and Addison didn't want much to do with it. Now when I sit down with him he truly analyzes it. Big benefit that the shapes are attached by string so no chance in losing pieces!

Foam Alphabet & Numbers

These are great for bath time and something we have been using since 6 months or so. Addison loves to chew on these and definitely likes the colors & designs. It's a fun way to bring some learning into bath time and they don't hold mold! Total win!


Developmental & Just for Fun


Pull Along Toys

Vtech Drop & Go Dump Truck & Hape Walk Along Snail

Both of these are great options depending on what specific things you're looking for. Once Addison is fully walking I can totally see him wanting to have something like this. Toys that benefit in multiple ways are always a good idea - especially if you have a busy body Addi.

Walking Shoes

Stride Rite Sneaker & Robeez Crib Shoe

We're shopping around for walking shoes and both of these are on my wishlist! I think having shoes to protect feet in home is just as important. I also think it can help with balance and stability.

Floor Activities, Tables, Books & Indoor Swing

Foam Alphabet Tiles

We're moving into a home with all wood floors, so I can definitely see the benefit of having these. I think it's also fun how you can make it a puzzle/learning activity  as well as a spot to keep you baby contained!

Sports Activity Center

Okay, I think this is so fun! The thought of having something like this for Addison to play on for 6+ months of winter sounds like a dream! It helps develop so many skills and continues to get your baby moving which is crucial for create a healthy lifestyle.

ABC Touch, Think, Learn Book

If you're little is a bookworm, I think splurging on a special developmental book is 100% worth it. Addison spends a so much time looking through books on the floor and having something that takes that to the next level can only be a win.

Giant Floor Puzzle

I bought this as a gift for a friends 2 yr old, but totally think it could be used at 12-18 months. Creating a fun picture learning atmosphere with your little is so important. Addison and I spend so much of our day rolling around on the floor and anytime I switch up things it completely takes playtime to new level. For example, when I throw my yoga mat down, Addison will crawl back and forth flopping on his tummy, rolling around laughing... I can only image what this thing would do!

Little People Farm Play Set

My youngest sister and I have a 7 year age difference so it's funny looking at these toys and remembering playing with her as a baby! Little People is a classic brand that every kid enjoys playing with. So many skills come with this like imagination, hand-eye coordination, language, etc. Something I can see being played with for a few years.

Roll Again Sorter

From all of my research on 12-18 month old toys, sorting anything and everything seems to be the number one thing this age group enjoys. I love this little sorter because it's perfect for helping assist in the understanding of sequence and matching shapes & colors.

Personalized Name Board 

Just like the stool I linked about, I think these are the cutest thing and perfect for learning how to say, spell and recognized their name! Plus, great for matching shapes up as well.

Water Activity Table

Definitely planning on getting one of these for next summer. Addison loves splashing around in water so this would be a great way to keep him busy. If we weren't moving into freezing winter months here I would purchase this now!

Indoor Hanging Swing

Addison is a lover of the park, especially swinging. With winter ahead of us, this is a genius idea to help bring some fun outdoor like activities into the home. I love this design because it can fit right into your decor.

Magnetic "Fridge" Toys

Suction Kupz & Wooden Magnetic Letters + Numbers

If mama is in the kitchen, Addison is in the kitchen. All of our pictures and magnets have been moved to the upper half of our fridge, and I would love to replace them with these! Having something for him to get lost in analyzing, chewing and the sensation of the magnetic would be awesome. Maybe my dish towels will stay hanging for once?

All Amazon Toys

I shared a few of the big things that are on our wishlist to get for Addison. These are things I've had my eye on for sometime and can definitely see getting him for his birthday or this coming Christmas. Make sure to check out all the other 12-18 month old toys I researched on Amazon + anything & everything we own through Amazon!



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