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Addison is a lover of almost all foods (so far) and I appreciate that! I work hard on trying to keep his meals & snacks interesting, constantly different & packed full of all the nutrients he needs for a well balanced diet. Key word, try.  Once Addison got into finger foods I couldn't help but start searching for all the recipes I could make for him. His diet consists of mainly protein, fruits, veggies and some grains. I sprinkle dairy into his meals more and more as he hasn't been showing anymore signs of having an allergy, but I don't feel the need to go overboard with him still getting what he needs from formula. This is what we do... You need to do what's best for your little one! I'm sharing below a few easy finger foods that I serve Addison on a weekly basis + a couple fun recipes that make for easy to freeze finger foods.

Fun Finger Foods for Baby | Everyday Mama
Fun Finger Foods for Baby | Everyday Mama

Favorite Daily Finger Foods

Once Addison learned how to independently feed himself it was game over. He loves it. Loves getting messy & basically likes almost anything set in front of him. He's gotten a little bit better, and doesn't shoveling as much into his mouth at once, but I still have to portion the meal out. Addison lives for meal time and he sure makes it fun! I really like that he enjoys everything and I try to keep things interesting so his little taste buds can keep growing. Like I mentioned when I shared my homemade baby food combinations, I have found a new love for mixing & matching flavors. Creating little meals for Addi has really open my eyes to how flavors can be brought together in weird ways & how much basic nutrition so many people are missing! Addison's diet has become my diet which isn't a bad thing right now. All of the finger foods he eats are usually combined into lunches and snacks for me too.

*We cut most of our fruits & veggies into finger tip size. 

Top Fruits








Top Veggies



-Green Beans


-Sweet Potato


Top Protein


-Rotisserie chicken or grilled chicken

-Peanut butter powder or natural peanut butter

-Fish - He hasn't loved this yet, but we try

Favorite Meals, Snacks or Easy Finger Food Recipes

-Avocado toast w/ egg & goat cheese

-Green Spinach Pancakes - I'm going to load these with even more goodness next time. I eat these now too! SO GOOD.

-Pesto chicken w/ gluten free pasta (fruit & veggies on the side)


-PB&J (the jelly is just smashed fruit) w/ small smoothie (we used this recipe but instead of almond butter I used peanut butter powder)

-Pea Fritters -  I made mine more smooth than chunky & used goat cheese instead of feta

-Gluten free pasta with tomato sauce (I buy ones with 2-4 ingredients), small amount of Parmesan cheese (if at all), chicken and veggies on the side

-Breakfast for dinner: eggs, green pancakes (linked above) & berries

-Salmon, sweet potato w/ cinnamon & blackberries

-Carrot Muffins - Planning to make these this week. I'll share in my Instagram stories!

*I use parsley, basil, garlic & lemon as the main flavors for dinners/veggies. I hardly ever use salt or sugar (like, never because I just haven't had to yet). 

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