Tips for Working From Home + A Mini Office Reveal

Tips for Working From Home + A Mini Office Reveal | Full Time Blogger
Tips for Working From Home + A Mini Office Reveal | Full Time Blogger

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Working from home is a dream come true for me. I never in my life would have thought I would be running two businesses and creating a brand of my own that I can stand behind. I still have to pinch myself and will sometimes even lay in bed smiling thinking about the opportunities I have coming my way. It's been a little over a year now that I've been working from home and I have learned so much in that time. It's not always easy and it's definitely not glamours. I want to share my tips for working from home to help you babes get an insight of what its like + the work that I put into keeping it all together.


Tips for Working From Home + A Mini Office Reveal | Full Time Blogger

Start Your Day Off By Getting Yourself Together

This is probably the biggest thing when it comes to being productive at home. It's so easy to want to sit in your pajamas all day and just lounge around on the couch. Which I think is what most people believe happens when working from home. Yes, I can choose if I want to do that or not, but getting myself together is a big thing for keeping me on task.

Being pregnant has definitely throw me for a loop in all of this, especially now that I am in my third trimester. My energy level has started to slowly decrease and sitting in my pajamas all day always seems like a good idea. I will say that some days are easier than others and some days I give myself a break, but I truly try and stick to putting myself together because it makes all of the difference. Even if it's just in leggings and a casual tee, changing out of your pajamas is what makes the huge change in attitude.

Along with getting ready, I am super strict on sticking to eating a good breakfast before diving into my work. It's important pregnant or not to give your body the fuel it needs to stay energized throughout the whole day. Usually I'll eat at my desk and slowly start to pick away at my emails so I am getting into a productive mindset, but also getting my first meal out of the way.

Tips for Working From Home + A Mini Office Reveal | Full Time Blogger

Leave the Home Duties for After Work

I struggle with this so much! It's a benefit being home because I can easily throw in a load of laundry or do a quick vacuum around the house, but knowing to keep these things separate is important. Anytime taken away from the work I need to do on my blog only stress me out in the end or cuts into time with Kirby after the work day has ended.

Being a social influencer is hard because the work day technically never ends. The times I post or engage with followers could be highest at 9pm at night which is weird and hard to get away from. I try to schedule around this in my days to give myself time away from work. If my highest engagement is in the evening I'll take an hour or 30 minutes to do home duties to give myself a break from computer screen since I'll be working later that evening. If your schedule is a bit more 9-5 at home then make sure to leave the laundry until after your day has finished.

Create Lists To Stay on Task

I know I talk a lot about this in posts, but I can't say enough how much making lists has changed my life. It's hard working from home and it's even harder keeping two businesses scheduled out for each week. If I start the day without a list I immediately feel overwhelmed because my head jumps to 15 different things I want to get finished that week. When I make a list and delegate my time accordingly to each task on specific days it helps keep me on task.

There are definitely days where I want to skip something and move onto the next task because it seems easier, but making myself stick to this list has changed my productivity. I have a lot going on with My Haute Society, collaborations with Everyday Chiffon and as we near the due date for Baby O we are getting swamped with birthing classes and appointments. Staying on task is key. I just wrote a post about 5 Tips for Living a Girlboss Life that I spoke more about this and how I keep it all together.



Tips for Working From Home + A Mini Office Reveal | Full Time Blogger

Know When To Turn Off

Stopping my work can actually be one of the most difficult things with working from home. I am a constant doer and with my weird schedule it totally doesn't make it any easier. It's super important to know what your day is going to look like so you can try to set a time to turn off. Work/life balance would seem to be easier with working from home, but I truly think it can be more difficult.

I can never say I miss working at an office, but I do miss being able to leave an office and just be on my own time. It's a weird feeling, but having a specific time set for you to shut off and turn on is a beautiful thing. With working from home that can be achieved you just need to create it for yourself.

Create an Inspiring Work Space

I have loved creating an office space that not only inspires me, but makes me want to be more productive. It's been a long time coming because with our recent move I was kind of in limbo with being able to make moves on setting things up. I am so happy it's finally (almost done) and I can continue to grow into my organization with my businesses. I try to keep things fairly open instead of creating clutter because I think clutter only brings stress. I also really like color so this is one space for me where I can go all out! I am still looking at getting a new office chair (one without arms), but have yet to find the perfect one! I did link everything I could below to help you create a space you love.

Shop Pieces in My Office


I asked for the acrylic calendars for Christmas and was so happy Kirby got them for me. We actually made them ourselves which was really fun, but you can also buy pre-made ones for an easier option. To make them yourself you simply buy the acrylic sheet (mine is 15" L (tall) and 21" W), grab fun skinny tape & letters from Micheal's or Hobby Lobby, buy nobs to create that floating look and sticky notes + dry erase markers! I had fun with it and love how they turned out. I color coat everything from fashion posts, lifestyle posts, collaboration posts, etc. to make it easy for me to stay organized! I also split the calendars into two different categorizes: one for content blog plan (so blog posts that go to my website) and one to help me stay on task with everyday posting especially with deadlines for brands.

Pregnancy Ball

I just recently purchased this pregnancy ball and I seriously wish I had gotten this much earlier. Sitting at my computer all day is not easy on the hips (pregnant or not) so having a ball like this is really good! It helps keep my posture and stomach muscles strong which are both important for now and for delivering this baby.


I have been a huge fan of the Purposeful Planner for 3 years now! It keeps my super organized with the hours broken out and leaves space for the millions of things I continue to add to my daily to-do list. I also love it because it has scriptures and daily positive reminders to keep your head in the right place. Plus, it has reminders to drink water which I am so bad at doing!

Boppy Back Cushion for Office Chair

This has been a huge help for me through pregnancy. The back pain is on another level and getting comfortable with this big ole bump is not always easy. This side sleeper Boppy pillow is perfect for positioning myself on the chair and helping hold me and my back in place! It's also super affordable and great for sleeping, sitting on the couch and more.


Tips for Working From Home + A Mini Office Reveal | Full Time Blogger
Tips for Working From Home + A Mini Office Reveal | Full Time Blogger
Tips for Working From Home + A Mini Office Reveal | Full Time Blogger
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    Lindsey Pillow
    July 29, 2018 at 8:36 am

    I just wanted to leave a comment on here, as I found your blog (I’m not sure how) and I can relate to so much of what you are writing about. You are rocking being pregnant, btw and I enjoy reading all of your posts. ❤️❤️❤️! I’m not a blogger (well I tried once) but I’m a designer trying to get out of the corporate world, pregnant and ready to do something that makes me happy. I never really leave comments but felt I should because you have been inspiring me 🙂 Thanks for bringing me along on your journey!

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      July 30, 2018 at 12:48 pm

      Awe! I am so happy you stumbled on my page girl! It can be so difficult to pull the plug on corporate world. With a bit of planning and determination you can totally do it! Keep going for the life you want because you only have one to live 🙂

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