Review: First Week with Bangs :)

Happy Friday loves!! I am beyond excited for this long 3 day weekend with my husband in the mountains to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary! Woohoo 💜

Last week I decided was the perfect week to make a change (I can truly find an excuse for everything haha)! I have literally had the same haircut for the last 10+ years. I am so basic when it comes to doing my hair… As in I shower and then brush it. Yes, that basic. When I brought up bangs to my good friend (and amazing hairstylist) Ellie, she gave me one long look and said “Well, if you can put 5 minutes into you hair then let’s do it!” Trust me, I thought about it 🙈 I figured I’d let you guys in on how the first week went 🙂
SO EASY!! It’s definitely an added step in the morning, but super easy to accomplish. I try to only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, however I have washed my bangs almost every other day due to them becoming way more greasy quicker the rest of my hair. It’s really easy to wash them, blow dry and then quickly straighten them (on the lowest heat). If you have ever been questioning bangs due to the added maintenance to your hair… Don’t let that stop you! They’re so fun and I swear they changed my entire look!


Things I've Learned About Bangs

  • You almost always look put together; even with a top knot
  • Having something on your forehead ALL DAY is super weird and hard to get use to
  • Bangs make you sassy
  • People will not recognize you 
  • I constantly think my bangs look messed up – they don’t
  • Even basic/low maintenance girls can rock them!!
Have a great weekend lovers!! Happy Labor Day!
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