Nordstrom Anniversary 2019 Sale Picks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks Under $100

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is upon us! This year it seemed to really sneak up on me and it kind of makes me anxious thinking Fall is around the corner! Is anyone else 100% not ready to shop sweaters, jeans and boots? Ether way, the deals are good for really awesome quality clothing. If you're ready to shop Fall, know of some basics you need for the upcoming season or just want to shop with everyone else... Do you baby boo! I can't say I'm not shopping the sale this year because we all know I will be pulling items for you and shopping along aside. However, I am kind of sitting this one out. More so than other years. I've been open with you on our dreams in buying a house and with us being so dang close I just don't feel right splurging on a bunch of things for me. WOW... Motherhood changes you lol. Even though I'm not fully participating there were still a lot of you who planned on shopping and girl, I will never not go shopping with you! I round-up all of my favorite Nordstrom Anniversary sale picks (keeping budget in mind) to help get your Fall wardrobe built!

Details & Tips for Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Early Access starts 7/12 at 12:30pm EST and is for card members only. If you're not a card member you can shop the sale starting 7/19. Most of the sale items are brand new pieces for Fall which is why the sale is such a hit! It's a great time to pick up staple pieces for your closet at awesome prices. One of the most important things to do prior to the sale is take a look into you closet. Check out your denim, boots, jackets and sweaters. Making note of the things you have will help in narrowing down what you truly need. I also think it helps in finding new pieces from the sale that you can mix & match with styles you already own. On top of all of that, going through you closet is a great time to pull items you no longer need and sell for some extra cash or donate!

So, if all you get from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a clean closet... I will call it a win!



Everything I linked is below $100. I always focus on bring you the best deals because I am not one to splurge much either. Please know that I do these posts shopping right along side of you so the items I am pulling and linking for you are items I am truly interested in myself and have looked over the reviews. I would never link something to link something. All you have to do is click the image to be taken through to that item. Pieces do sell out quickly, but restock often.

I appreciate you all shopping through Everyday Chiffon & love that I get to do this with you! Please note that in order to give me credit for the sale my link needs to be the last one you've clicked through before purchasing. If you're shopping through multiple bloggers as resources and want to give each credit, check out multiple times! Nordstrom gives free shipping & returns.. Woohoo! As a blogger I make a very small commission when you purchase through my links and those small commissions help keep Everyday Chiffon running!


Sweaters & Cardigans


Tops & Jackets




Dresses & Denim + Other Bottoms



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