My Favorite Things Through Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is by far the craziest and most beautiful adventure of my life. Each day, week, month and trimester bring something new. It's mind blowing what our bodies are made to do! Being a first time mama I have learned so much through this journey and can't believe we are nearing the end. Baby O is due 1 week from now and my mind, body and heart are so ready to meet him/her. I was thinking through all the things I've loved and hated about pregnancy (luckily not much on the hate side) the other day. I figured why not share some of my favorite things with you babes to hopefully help out any fellow mama to be's out there! I listed below my favorite things through pregnancy from snacks, pillows, products, clothing and more.

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My Favorite Things Through Pregnancy - Products, Clothing Brands and more | Everyday Mama

My Favorite Things Through Pregnancy


Lara Bars

I have been in love with these for years now. I have a soy allergy, not where I get sick or anything, but it does not make my tummy happy. When I found that out it was so hard to find a breakfast bar that didn't have soy in it. Lara Bars are amazing because they're made up of 4-5 ingredients (sometimes more, sometimes less) and truly fill you up. With pregnancy and always being hungry these have been amazing to snack on mid day. I always have one in my purse! My favorite flavors are blueberry muffin, peanut butter cookie, PB & J and carrot cake.

Icelandic Provisions Yogurt

I don't always eat a ton of meat each day so finding protein through other sources was really important for me. I found Icelandic Provisions yogurt at about 22 weeks and can't get enough of it. It's thicker, creamier and packed with so much protein. Perfect for snacking.

Dots Pretzels

I didn't try these until about 30 weeks and I'm obsessed. The have the best salty taste to them and are just so different than any other pretzels. Probably not the healthiest of all my snacks, but totally worth it.

Cottage Cheese

I was big on this in my first trimester and loved snacking on it once a day. Again, it has a lot of protein and calcium which is needed for baby. I loved pairing mine with tomatoes for added crunch.


I am lucky as a blogger because I have the opportunity to partner with so many brands! Pregnancy is not easy when it comes to fashion. Maternity clothes can be pricey and it's hard to shop because you don't always feel like yourself. These few brands were my favorites throughout pregnancy and range in prices. I linked some of the best pieces below from these brands as well.

Ingrid and Isabel

Isabel Maternity

Pink Blush

Motherhood Maternity

Isabella Oliver



There are so many pregnancy products out there its totally overwhelming. Every mama to be has a favorite and can't help but boast about them. Be aware that what works for one person may not for you. Also be cautious of buying everything because you feel as though you should. You don't need each item. Get what works for you and what's needed in your lifestyle.

Boppy Side Sleeper - I use this at my desk when I sit in my chair + on the couch.

Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow - This is much nicer than the body pillows because I can actually still be close to Kirby.

Water bottle with long straw - I just got this in the last 2 weeks and wish I would have sooner. I've heard they're really great for labor, but it has also helped with my water intake now.

DoTerra Essential Oils - I loved these pre-pregnancy as well, but have totally used them even more now. Peppermint, lavender and breathe blend are my go-to's.

MegaFood Baby & Me 2 Pre & Post Natal Supplement - These have been my favorite vitamins through my whole pregnancy. Rainbow Light is great as well.

Fresh Thyme Omega-3 Once Daily

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks - I am currently on my third bottle and just can't get enough. I just recently saw the smallest of strech marks as I near the end so I can say I swear by this stuff. Plus, it's super affordable.

Crystal Deodorant (Aluminum Free) - I used Tom's at first, but it never lasted for me. This brand I find works way better and last much longer.

Trideer Pregnancy Ball - I wish I would have had this my whole pregnancy. I use it daily at my desk and it truly helps. It benefits getting the baby in the right position + helps with hip pain. It's also a leg strengthener which is needed majorly during labor.

Bloomlife Contraction Monitor - Can't say enough good things about this device. You sleep with it and it tracks all of the contractions happening. It can help make it easier to know when labor may be right around the corner.

Humidifier - Allergies get the best of me and I probably couldn't sleep without one.



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My Favorite Things Through Pregnancy - Products, Clothing Brands and more | Everyday Mama
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