My Basic Skincare Routine

Basic Skincare Routine | Find out why it's important to have one + shop all my favorite skincare products

Skincare is something I have fallen more and more in love with over the past few years. Having a good skincare routine is crucial especially as you get into your 20's and beyond. Finding good brands with great ingredients is also really important because it can make all the difference in your skin complexion. I am no genius or someone who knows the in's and out's of everything, but I do have a really good basic skincare routine that I had to share with you babes. Check out my favorite lines below + check out my morning and night time routine that help with getting beautiful skin

Basic Skincare Routine | Find out why it's important to have one + shop all my favorite skincare products

The Basics

Its super important to figure out a basic skincare routine that works for you and to try and stick to it. I really started locking down my routine during wedding planning and have slowly, but surely refined it through the years. As my products change and as I find more out about my own skin it has made it easier to find out what works for me. Pregnancy has definitely throw me off a bit because my skin is all over the place, but I've made a point to stick with things as much as possible and give my skin a break when needed.

I have always been good about washing my face at night because I can't handle the feeling of having makeup on when going to bed. Okay, I can't say always because my college years were definitely a bit of a joke when it came to skincare, but since then I have fallen in love with the feeling of cleansed skin before bed and then all the amazing moisturizers I get to use afterwards. One basic thing to figure out before diving into skincare is your skin type. Lots of lines do work on multiple skin types, but it still super important to know which one you fall under in order to know how to best treat your skin.

Another important basic to know is how your skin reacts to certain products. Lots of people have super sensitive skin (my youngest sister is one of them) and depending on what you use can totally change what your skin does with it. I don't have sensitive skin however I can get oily or dry skin depending on which brands or products I use. Being aware of that makes a huge difference.

My Favorite Skincare Lines and What I Use Daily

Finding skincare lines that like you like and your skin likes is life changing. I wanted to share a few of my favorites that I've fallen in love with over the past years. I like them all for different reasons and each one I used daily or every other day depending on what my skin is looking for.

  • Clinique
  • Image Skincare
    • Ormedic - this is a pregnancy safe skincare line and it's amazing. I use everything from the line and seriously can't get enough of them. The smell is amazing and my skin constantly feels so moisturized. Find all the products here.
    • Vital C - I started using this line before our wedding and its what made me fall in love with Image. My favorite products are the facial cleaner & the hydrating eye recovery gel.
    • Prevention - this is a sun protection line and I have been in love for a years. I don't wear much makeup so the tinted spa moisturizers are life.
  • Philosophy

Morning and Night Routine

My night time routine has been pretty similar for the past few years however I just revamped my morning routine when my skin went crazy with pregnancy. The hormones are real people and if I skip washing my face it makes all the difference almost instantly in my complexion. Each morning I will typically just wash my face in the shower with one of the Philosophy cleansers or my Ormedic Image Skincare cleanser. I will then apply the Ormedic Serum or just start immediately with my all time favorite Dramatically Different by Clinique. I don't really have a reason either way, I just try to switch things up. If I do use the Ormedic Serum then I skip the Vital C serum and vice versa. After that I will apply an eye serum and then move onto either using Moisture Surge or one of my SPF lotions. Super simple.

For the evening I always start by taking my makeup off with Take The Day Off. Some nights I'll then use the Clinique Sonic Brush and Facial Soap, but not every night because I think it would be too rough on my skin. If not, I'll just use a different cleanser for that extra clean feel. I move right into one of my night creams (Clinique Smart Night or Image Skincare) and then onto the eye serum. Again, super simple. I know washing your face and applying these skincare products can seem like work, but it truly feels amazing and leaves your skin extra healthy. I usually wake up still feeling moisturized which is amazing to me. Dry skin causes wrinkles and without having the right skincare products or taking the steps to take care of your skin wrinkles and aging can happen way quicker than you think. Trust me, I still have smile lines and I always will, but knowing that I am doing everything I can to protect my skin from the sun and more is all that matters to me.

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Basic Skincare Routine | Find out why it's important to have one + shop all my favorite skincare products
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