Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Mother's Day Gifts - New Mom Gifts | Everyday Chiffon

I'm beyond excited, honored and oh so blessed to be celebrating my very first OFFICIAL Mother's Day. Being a mama has been a dream my whole life & to now have a perfect (not bias at all) little human in my arms is still surreal. I find myself staring in disbelief that my little man is a creation of Kirby and I. God is good! Whether you're rounding up items for yourself, your sisters, besties or of course your own mom - I've got you covered! Shop all the Mother's Day gift idea's below and as always, let me know if you have any questions! I own some of the items & have some on my own list. I'm a budget kind of gal and kept everything under $100, but mostly under $50!

We don't have any crazy plans for the day or weekend, but I know brunch will happen with my sweet family. Kirby asked me what I wanted and I laughed because the first thing that came to my mind was something my mom said growing up that drove me nuts; "I just want to spend time with my kids that I love." Funny how things change so quickly. Mama's (parents in general) struggle with asking for things or moments alone because in all honesty, we created kids for a reason! To love & snuggle, so why would I want to be doing anything else or needing anything else on a day about being a Mom?

Okay fine, gimme all the chocolate & wine!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Mother's Day Gifts - New Mom Gifts | Everyday Chiffon

Chic Sleepwear Sets

It's sad to admit, but just recently have I become enough of an adult to have matching pajamas. Chic matching pajamas, not character or fruit patterns, but actual adorable & super soft sleepwear sets. By no means is it an every night kind of thing. I will always appreciate one of Kirby's t-shirts, but having something cute to wear to bed makes a big difference in how I feel. I recently purchases an adorable set off Amazon and could not be happier. Shop all my cute picks below... Who doesn't want a pajama jumpsuit?!


There aren't many women (moms especially) who don't appreciate personalized jewelry. I immediately knew I wanted a gold 'Addison' necklace the second that sweet babe was born. Having something simple and close to the heart is everything a mom wants! I'm eyeing the "Mama" ring for myself and the grandma necklace with birthstones for my mom. It's always so hard for me to choose because a personalized piece is always so cute and special. I linked so many adorable pieces that can all be customized expect for the 'Mama' ring.

Spring Beauty Must Have's

Lately I've been trying to get better at switching up my beauty routine with the seasons. It only makes sense that with every change in season would come a change in your skin. Being treated to some fun new beauty products, even if it's not something the women in your life specifically uses, is always nice. I've been using the Image Skincare Tinted SPF Moisturizer for the past few Summer's and it is amazing! Goes on light & gives you the protection needed. I also love having rose water spray on hand to help combat my dry skin. I like to be in the sun a lot and that sucks a ton of moisture out of my face. These spray's are great to have on the go for a quick refresh! Shop all my spring beauty gifts below

Teething/Nursing Jewelry

I just bought my first tetthing necklace for our airport travels so I am not surprised that it was highly requested for this post. Addison just popped his first two teeth the past few days so he is constantly wanting to chew on something. Having these necklace are prime especially for on the go. If you're still nursing and have a teething baby, being able to distract them and provide better comfort (lol) is key as well! I have a silicone one, but I also love the look of some of the wood pieces.

Things That Spark Joy

Because sometimes you just need some fun things. I love the idea of the "52 Lists" books - both are awesome, but different so look into which one would work bets for you! I am a list person and debating on snagging that book for myself! I purchased the floral mug for my Mom a couple years ago and it's still one of my all time favorite mugs. Big size + beautiful painting. Another thing I have my eye on is the picnic blanket because Addison loves the outdoors! I see us hanging at parks a lot this summer and having a nice waterproof blanket is going to come in handy... Plus, its cute!


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