7-9 Month Old Playtime

7-9 Month Old Playtime - Toys for 7-9 month old babies | Everyday Chiffon

Playtime is never ending with a 7-9 month old. Addison is officially crawling which means the house is a free for all. Not really, but kind of. Kirby and I have quickly realized why baby proofing is talked about so early on... Because the second you need it; You.Need.It. Having the right toys to help keep Addison in one spot for as long as possible is a game changer.

This post was highly requested from all of you and I totally get it. I'm always trying to buy/get the next best thing to keep my little man busy. Of course, I'm no expert, but I rounded up all the toys that are a favorite in our home. Since each stage changes so quickly I took time to do some research on what's up next. Shop our round-up of 7-9 month old toys below:

7-9 Month Old Playtime - Toys for 7-9 month old babies | Everyday Chiffon
7-9 Month Old Playtime - Toys for 7-9 month old babies | Everyday Chiffon

Toys We're Playing With Now

Busy Learners Activity Cube - We started playing with this as Addison was able to really start sitting up on his own. He's such a fan of it and loves rolling all over the floor with it. We've learned that he is very into buttons and little nobs so this is perfect for many reasons!

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys - I felt weird placing this into a blog post about playtime, but with teething at an all time high this thing is key. Addi just popped two teeth which obviously cause a lot of pain. I like these because even though they're cold and frozen the ring that he holds isn't. I've noticed that makes a difference. Plus, these are colorful and fun to play with anyway.

Foam Bath Letters & Numbers - Bath time is a favorite time of day kind of thing over here. Now that Addison sits up and splashes around he's a huge fan of these things! They're super inexpensive, easy to keep clean and he loves chewing on them.

Rock N Stack - A classic toy, but with a little bit of it twist. Addison hasn't quite figured out staking the rings yet, but he likes hitting them together.

Bright Beats Dance & Move Puppy - This thing cracks Kirby and I up. Addison is also a hug fan. He loves laying on his tummy and pressing the two little buttons. The puppy moves its head, ears and tail which is pretty entertaining for him. The best part: it makes your 6am mornings feel like a dance club which is kind of fun.

Oball Rattle Football - My dad got thus for Addison and it's a total hit. Oball toys are fairly popular, but I had never seen the football. Another toy perfect for traveling because it can easily be clipped on to things.

Name Puzzle Stool - Another gift from Grandpa and by far Addison's favorite toy of the moment. It's perfect for first time sitters and will easily grow with Addison into toddler stage. He loves hearing the wood smash together! It's so cute.

Canopy Pool Float - Huge hit in Arizona! We bought this knowing he was a bit too small for it at the moment, but it still worked perfectly. We have pools at our apartment so this will be used all summer long. The canopy can be moved from front to back and the teething toys were perfect!

Baby Corn Banana Brush - You all have seen this in my stories a hundred times. Addison prefers this teether over the banana and really anything else.  He could sit and chew on this for 10-15 minutes. It's also perfect for on the go!

Light & Spin Tug Bug - Addison hated the car seat his first 4 months and this toy is definitely something that saved us. Now that he's into grabbing everything this is still a great toy for bringing along. I usually connect it to the front of our cart when grocery shopping and he'll stay occupied the whole time. I will say that the song on this one is a little annoying, but it works so I don't care lol!

My Pal Scout - I've shared this toy with you before in our 4 month update and it's another one that is still with us. It's awesome because you personalize it to your babies name and some of his/her favorite things (we just picked Addi's for now). It play's nursery rhymes, songs that spell 'Addison' and other fun little games. We originally fell in love because it plays 15 minutes of sleep-time tones which is what Addison falls asleep to for naps & bedtime. Highly recommend!




Toys On Our List

I've already begun researching and looking over some toys we're going to need next. The different stages can go so quickly! It's nice to feel like I have some kind of an idea of what's to come; Even though you really never do, LOL!

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