Living Room Reveal

Living Room Reveal | Affordable & Chic Upgrade

Raise your hand if you live in you're living room?! Im sure thats why it has the name living room; super creative. Anyway, I am beyond excited to finally share our brand new living room with you babes. When we first moved to Colorado the day after college graduation we obviously didn't have much cash to splurge on anything new which was fine. Neither Kirby or I cared because we are huge adventure seekers and constantly on the go. We would rather spend money on doing things then material things that sit in the home. Well, when we started planing for a family we started hanging out at home many more nights and weekends then we ever had. A new living room started to become something we knew we would enjoy so here it is babes, our living room reveal!


Living Room Reveal | Affordable & Chic Upgrade

Shop Our Living Room Pieces

Joss & Main Grey Sectional here | Walker Edison Faux Marble Round Coffee Table here | Hisense Smart HDR 55" TV here | Walker Edison Barn Wood TV Stand here | Soft Surroundings Teal Rug here | Target Throw Pillow here | Anthropologie Marble Succulent Planter here | West Elm Blanket here | Target Gold Clock here | Target Gold Glass Frame here | Tyler Voorhees Paintings here


Living Room Reveal | Affordable & Chic Upgrade

The Goods

New couch, new life

We had so much fun when we started planning out how we wanted to do things. The first thing we definitely wanted was a new couch and a sectional at that. We were so excited to finally be able to both lay down on the same couch together. It was basically life changing. We decided to shop around and love the Joss & Main grey sectional we ended up with. It's the perfect size and the perfect dark grey for the look we were going for. Its also made of chenille fabric which is seriously unreal nice and so soft.

Rounded up the Best Coffee Table

After having a rectangular and black coffee table for so long I couldn't wait to switch things up. I'm obsessed with the Walker Edison faux marble round table. It was super affordable and looks identical to actual marble. It also has gold legs that are the perfect accent to bring in the room. 

Tv and Tv Stand Heaven

Kirby has wanted to buy a new TV for as long as I can remember so watching him shop around was so fun. We got such a good deal on the Hisense Smart TV because we waited until Super Bowl weekend which I highly recommend doing. There were a couple things we absolutely wanted in the tv which was to have a smart tv and to make sure it had HDR. Both of those come with the Hisense and its a really good deal for a 55 inch. The TV stand is also Walker Edison brand which was totally not on purpose. I am falling in love with adding wood throughout the home and plan to do the same with the nursery so this open TV stand concept caught my eye immediately. Again, it's also super affordable which is how we like things.

Living Room Reveal | Affordable & Chic Upgrade

Tying it All In

The Rug

Just like I have an obsession with throw pillows I also have a major obsession with rugs. I highly believe that a good rug is truly what brings together an entire room. If you haven't noticed yet I am a lover of colors almost every color except for yellow, not a huge fan of yellow, but everything else I love. Mixing colors is super fun to me and keeps things alive instead of really planned out or boring in my eyes. I have been pinning Moroccan rugs for as long as I can remember and knew I wanted to get one to bring in the room. This teal rug from Soft Surroundings is the perfect thing to help add a pop of color plus to help really bring everything together. 

The Little Things

Adding small details onto the TV Stand and around the room really helps pull everything in and make the place feel homey. It took me awhile to find a succulent planter because it need to be just the right width and height to fit the space. The Anthropologie one is perfect and ties in the marble table with the marble top. I also added little pops of gold with the frame and click to help bring that more into the space. I found the inspiration of adding the blanket into one of the tv stand cubbies from the stock image of the Walker Edison stand. I thought it was such a cute idea and really easy to switch out whenever you want. 

Art Work

We are so spoiled with art in this household because my super creative and talented brother-in-law is an artist and we have been blessed with getting some of his work. The painting located above the TV stand was Kirby and I's wedding gift which we are totally in love with. The way he creates his paintings and the details put into them are way cool. We now have 4 pieces around the house and can't wait to keep them coming. Our dream is to be able to commission one from him someday, stay tuned! Make sure to check out Tyler Voorhees Art to get the scoop on all his master pieces.

Living Room Reveal | Affordable & Chic Upgrade

Living Room Happiness

Finding Something That Works for You

After months of searching and piecing things together we finally found the perfect living room for us. I still have things that I want to add in like plants, maybe more throw pillows (because why not) and some little pieces around the room. With moving I am super excited to have a totally new area to play with and will definitely keep you in the loop of all the changes. 

Finding something that works with your life and your family is so important. Between the kitchen and the living room thats always where my family has gathered most and I can't wait to make memories with Baby O in our new set up. If it involves lemon poppy seed pancakes then I know it's going to be magical. 

Living Room Reveal | Affordable & Chic Upgrade
Living Room Reveal | Affordable & Chic Upgrade
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Living Room Reveal | Affordable & Chic Upgrade
Living Room Reveal | Affordable & Chic Upgrade
Living Room Reveal | Affordable & Chic Upgrade
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