Let’s Organize!

Let's Organize! Sharing lots of tips and tricks on how I organize + sharing a closer look at the spots I got to so far in our home.
Let's Organize! Sharing lots of tips and tricks on how I organize + sharing a closer look at the spots I got to so far in our home.

New Year, Fresh Start

Moving into our new home has given me the best opportunity to reorganize different spaces. Kirby and I rented for years so we never took the time to really go through our things until we moved to Minnesota. When we moved, I was 25 weeks pregnant and our hope was to buy a home the next year. So we got rid of lots, but still didn't have our own space to organize it all.

Between decorating our home and making each space functional, it has been very overwhelming. I figured I'd share some of the small things I've done around the house to hopefully inspire you. Plus, if I make this easier on you I've done my job!

Organizing 101

- Don't overthink things. There have been too many times I stall myself in a project because I'm trying to think of the perfect way to do things. What I've learned: nothing is permeant. You can move things a million times to figure out what works best. Just start!

- Move things into storage when you can! I made sure to get in a good habit of this with having Addison. I have multiple bins in our storage closets that are filled with baby clothing, newborn swaddles, toys and everything in between. Anything he outgrows, I make sure to get into a bin right away to make room for all the new! This has made the clutter minimal + it will be easy to bring out for future babies.

- Fold clothes, sheets, etc. into three's! If you haven't already watched Tidying Up, I highly suggest doing that before you start organizing. We watched it last year and laughed because we already do a lot of what Maria teaches. One thing I did learn from the 'Konmarie method' is folding in threes. It gives you so much more space in draws and linen closets - even great for traveling! I started with Addison little pants immediately after watching and have slowly been integrating it throughout our home.

- Be ready to get rid of things. If you're not in the mood to pull items and throw things away, maybe wait a day or just a couple hours so you're in the right mindset. Kirby and I have worked hard on not holding onto too much. Things are just things and if you're not using them (or haven't for months.. years) get rid of them!

- Donate! Find a location near you that can take the items you're clearing out. We almost always bring our things to Goodwill. It makes me sad when hear of how much people just throw away. Donating your goods is the easiest thing and I love the thought of someone else finding it & loving it!

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