Addison’s 16 Month Schedule & Mini Update

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Toddler Life

It's insane looking back at my last monthly update on Addi. So much change has happened in our lives since then and so much growth has happened with Addison. We have a full on toddler and every single day is even more full of life than before. Addison James is so fun and such a busy body. He plays amazing by himself or with friends, still loves being outside whenever the weather allows, reads more than anything else and absolutely excels at eating. All.of.the.time. I still can't believe he's all ours and I am just in awe with everything he knows & can do. He just finished his first puzzle the other day and I about cried! Where is my little baby?! I've had lots of requests for his schedule and figured I would include a mini update along side of it.

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This is by far the biggest request I get from fellow mamas. I think every parent is curious on how other children sleep because it's either reassurance that you're doing the right thing or giving you ideas on how you can get your little to sleep through the night. Sleep is something you just can't control in a little one. Schedules can be set, times can be followed and babies can reject it all lol. However, usually rejections only last for a small amount of time and setting a sleep schedule has been what's work for us from day one.


Addison starting moving down to 1 nap shortly after we moved into our new home. I do wonder if he would have held onto it longer without the move, but all is well. Moving can be hard, the holidays are a nightmare for sleep schedule and teething is the sneakiest thing! We had some rough weeks through the month of December with sleep, but we are finally back on track.

Transitioning was filled with lots of guessing. There were days he needed 2 naps and other days I wish I would have pushed through the 9am slump because of a skipped afternoon nap. It is 100% all about reading cues. I knew he was fine with just 1 nap most days so keeping him busy at the times he normally had a morning nap was key. I found that running an errand during this time help most, but like I said, some days he really did want both naps and slept great. As I always say, constantly analyzing!

1 Nap Schedule

6/6:30 AM - Wake

7:00 - Breakfast

9:00 - Snack

11/11:15 - Lunch

11:30/11:45 - Nap

2/2:30 PM - Wake *there are definitely times that he only sleeps until 1:30/1:45 (or earlier on a bad day), but the goal is always 2!

2:45/3:00 - Snack

6:00 - Dinner

7/7:30 PM - Bedtime

Playtime & Development

Addison has grown so much in the last 4 months, but I swear the last month has brought the most development! All of a sudden all the baby seems to be gone and he is now every bit of toddler. Communication is definitely a learning process for him and for us parents. He is so good at communicating, but obviously frustrations can hit. Playtime has taken on a whole new level and with being mobile, running around the mall can be considered fun (maybe only for one of us lol!).

Learning to Listening

This is one of the biggest developmental changes I've noticed recently. Addison actually listens to what Kirby and I ask him or tell him. Fir example, I can ask him to put something back into the cabinet, shut the door or clean up his toys and he will do them! Of course, one or 2 toys back into the basket count as cleaning up for him and then he's back to pulling a book out.

Huge eye opener that they're truly listening all of the time. How we communicate with them, how we react and the way we handle different situations is something they're totally watching. I think this also plays into the fact fo treating your little like a normal human when it comes to talking with them. I let Addison in on everything we're doing, where we're going, what we're eating, how long things will take... Literally everything. I've done that since day one with him and I think it makes a huge impact with learning how to communicate early on.

Teaching sign language has been a great thing for us too. "All done" & "More" are the biggest ones we use, but those alone help in so many situations. We started signing at mealtimes right when we started feeding him solids (between 5-6 months).

Toddler Tantrums

I know we are at the early stages of "toddler tantrums" so I'm sure a mom of a 2-3 year old will roll her eyes at this. However, they're definitely a real thing and I am doing everything I can to learn the best way to deal with them early on. Some things I've been trying to do: step away from the situation with him and let him kind of cry it out until he realizes he's overreacting; get down face to face with him and try to slowly/carefully explain the situation (usually not a fan of listening); turn the reaction into giggles or a fun activity to change their mind on overreacting at that moment.

Fun Activities

Library storytime - We try to go every week because it's such an easy way to get out of the house and play with other kids (for FREE!). Addison loves running around the library afterwards which is a great energy burner. I highly recommend looking into this locally! Don't let your silly social anxieties hold you back! It's so easy and a fun way to interact with your little.

Coloring books - We got these for Addison's 1st birthday and at first he really wasn't that interested. Now, if I sit down and start coloring he colors on the page with me. The crayons are made from 100% beeswax so I have piece of mind when I see them in his mouth ha!

Water Painting - I just got this idea off of a Youtuber from the Netherlands. So easy! Save a cardboard box, fill a cup with a small amount of water and paint away! Mess free & a great way to help those creative juices start flowing! I will say, Addison wanted to drink the water off the brushes more than anything, but it's a work in progress.

Indoor Basketball - We bought a small basketball hoop for Christmas and it's been a hit! He loves making the basket and getting cheered for. He also loves pushing the entire hoop around the house which I guess is an activity in itself.

Reading - We have read books to Addison since day one and I swear it's the best thing we could have done. When I say since day one, I mean literally everyday we have read multiple books to him from the moment we got him home and he to this day is the biggest bookworm. He could spend 10-15 minutes flipping through different books at one time and always wants to be read to.

Scooter/Walker - I get asked the most questions about this toy and I can't say enough good things. He started using this at 1 as a walker and than transitioned into sitting on it like a scooter. He cruises around the house on it which is great physical activity for him. Plus, it's supposed to help get his balance ready to start learning how to bike!

Ballpit & Tunnel - We were gifted these for his birthday and they are awesome to bring out on a snowday! I keep things hidden away (along with lots of other toys) and only bring them out when we need something totally new to do. By doing that, Addison get so dang excited to play with it and basically feels like he has a new toy.

Home Organization/Sorting - Beneficial for me and usually a fun activity for Addison to do along side of me. Of course, this doesn't work all the time. I try to plan times for me to do random things around the house during his independent playtime. Usually allows me to get started on a closet until he eventually wanders over and starts sorting with me. This is also great for laundry!

Puzzles - Addison just finished his first puzzle which blows my mind! We got so many of them for his 1st birthday & Christmas, but clearly paid off. He only has one that he has actually fully finished himself, but continues to go back again & again which is awesome. Great development for them!

Stair Climbing - Not my favorite thing to do because I obviously need to be on him like a hawk. However, he loves going up and down, up and down which is great for him to learn and good exercise.

Pet Store - This is next on my to-do list. I thought of this idea last week and personally think it's genius. Go to your local pets store and walk around looking at all the animals... for FREE!

Looking Ahead

Potty Training

I know it's early for Addison, but I am already researching and looking to buy a small potty to have out in the open. Addi is already starting to tell him when he is going to the bathroom, or that he has gone to the bathroom. He flushes the toilet (for me or just in general ha!) and knows exactly what I'm going to do when I say I have to go to the bathroom.

I plan to start extremely slow and haven't done all my research yet. Stay tuned for more!

Swim Lessons

This is something high on my list for Spring & Summer. Not only is it something I think is great to teach young, I also think it's a fun activity for parent to do with their little of possible. I had debated this winter, but things were crazy with house buying & the holidays + I don't think I'd enjoy getting into a swimsuit in the middle of January.

Early Childhood Family Education (EFCE - a program specifically in Minnesota)

I was recommend this by my friend & by my pediatrician. I've started to do small bits of research on it and would love to get Addison in to some classes. I think as a stay at home mama it can be hard to do everything on your own + I truly think interacting with other littles is so important for Addi. It's something we don't get enough of since he's home all day with me.  These classes are designed to give you time doing an activity together and separate.

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