Layering Made Easy: 3 Basics

I'm coming up on 5 whole years of living in Denver, and I still can't get enough of it. There are still multiple things on my bucket list that are located throughout the entire state and I continue to keep adding new ones. Moving here was such an adventure that I wouldn't trade for anything. It was so fun (and still is) learning about a new place with so many different things to do and places to go, but it was also so fun learning things about myself in the process. Something else I learned very quickly... Layering is key to survival in this state. Really in any state, but I didn't really realize the importance of it until I moved here. The weather changes so quickly, and sometimes without much warning. For instance, last week it was -2 degrees and snowing on Thursday, while Sunday we hit highs in the 50's and it was completely sunny. There are so many days that can be 30-40 degrees in the morning and 70 degrees during the day... It's a beautiful thing 🙂 Layering can be fairly easy, you just kind of have to get in the hang of constantly having multiple parts to your outfit. I figured I would let you know the most basic and easy three things to remember for warmth.


1. A Good Pair of Socks

I am a strong believer that a good pair of socks can make the biggest difference in keeping me warm. If my toes are cold, my entire body is cold and I get to a point where I feel like I will NEVER warm up. Investing in socks is much cheaper than continually investing in new warm boots. Obviously, if I could, oh, I would, but spending $15-$25 on a thick, warm pair of socks is much cheaper and much easier to constantly update.


2. A Basic Wrap Sweater

I have fallen in love with simple wrap sweaters because they are the perfect thing to throw over almost every outfit. What's great is a lot of times I don't wear it as a piece to my look UNLESS the temps switch on me and then, boom, but nothing to worry about. I snag wrap sweaters from everywhere and usually can find them pretty inexpensive. I've found that a lot of boutiques carry fun brands that can create one sweater in a bunch of different styles making it easy to continually update your look, but also for the sheer fact of not having to put any thought into it.


3. Jackets... So Many Jackets

There is nothing more important for layering than jackets. All of the jackets. I finally started investing in them a few years ago, but I will warn you... it never stops! I truly believe that if you live in a state that hits 0 degrees, you can never have to many. I was so excited about this adorable emerald suede jacket from Macy's. It can transition through every season and is the perfect layering piece.


Layering is such a fun and simple thing to do. Don't over think it and when in doubt... Buy the jacket!! 😉 My entire look is linked here as well as on my Shop page. Enjoy! 

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