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Home Decorating on a Budget - Affordable Pieces That Work | Everyday Chiffon
Home Decorating on a Budget - Affordable Pieces That Work | Everyday Chiffon

Home decor can be extremely pricey, but it doesn't have to be. Pinterest gives off home decor dreams everywhere you look and I remember always wondering if I would ever be able to create a space like that. Once I started doing my research and taking the time to piece things together all my home dreams started coming true. To me, it's always a work in progress because I love switching things up. I'm sure Kirby will hate reading that. However, with shopping at the right places and the right times it can be a lot easier than you think. I wanted to share some tips about home decorating on a budget to fill you in on my secrets. Kirby and I are not one's to splurge, especially with Baby O so close to arriving, but we do love to have a nice space to live in.


Do Research on Where to Shop

There are so many spots for affordable home decor it can almost be overwhelming. A lot of people find it difficult to shop online for home stuff, but I actually really enjoy it. Reviews are key to finding good quality pieces. It's so easy to find super cute things online only to find out that they cost an arm and a leg. Knowing the right places to shop by doing your research is key. Some of my favorite online home decor spots are Wayfair, Hayneedle, Joss & Main, and Amazon. I also find pieces that are chic, affordable and good quality! I am also big at finding a piece I love and then searching high and low to see where else I can find that exact piece for potentially cheaper. You'd be surprised at how many of the same pieces are sold at different retailers all over the internet. For example, I originally found our book shelve on Hayneedle only to find it for $15 cheaper at Walmart. Winning!

Always Read Reviews

Reading reviews is a major necessity when it comes to shopping online for anything, but especially home decor. Something can seem to be the cutest piece only to find out the quality is really low. You do need to really read through a ton though. People tend to go a little crazy with reviews online and its important to be aware of those. For example, we really wanted a marble coffee table for our living room. We couldn't afford to spend $600+ on a real one so finding a faux marble table was key. Well, when you read some of the reviews on the table we got they are not so good. People were expecting $600 quality and were annoyed that $119 table didn't give them that. For Kirby and I, we laughed because you have to be realistic when it comes to shopping on a budget. No, it doesn't mean you buy crap, but you have to be in the right mindset.

Know When to Shop

I'm sure it's no secret that there are specific weekends and times of the year to get the best deal. Using this to your benefit when it comes to home decor can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. There are the obvious times like Black Friday and Cyber Monday that people like to go crazy over things. However, there are so many other times of the year that are great for buying specific things as well. For example, the TV we wanted we ended up saving $200 on by waiting until Super Bowl weekend hit. Yes, we had to wait 4 weeks to buy it which required patience, but saved us so much cash! Being smart and being aware of what time of year it is when shopping can make things way more budget friendly. Don't rush the process!

My Favorite Offline Retailers

Although I love shopping online for home decor because I think some of the deals are so amazing, in store can offer a lot as well. Some of my favorite retailers are Target, Macy's and of course Home Goods. Target and Macy's always have good deals at random times of the month. Finding a piece you love and then waiting a bit usually pays off. We have purchased two lamps from Target that we ended up saving $15 on each by waiting a few weeks for sales. I'm no genius and don't know specifically when the sales are going to happen, but I do know that they always do. Patience is key!

Home Goods is basically my favorite place ever. We have found so many little pieces that bring in the best details and are way cheaper than anywhere else. For example, the wicker baskets in Baby O's nursery & the bins used in the dresser were all from Home Goods. Yes, it requires searching and you really never know what you're going to find, but continuing to go back and wait out new shipments is life changing. After researching online I realized we saved $50+ on baskets and bins by simply shopping it out at Home Goods. Totally worth it in my eyes.



I linked all my favorite budget friendly home decor pieces below. Just click the image to shop that piece!

*Make sure to check out Baby O's gender neutral nursery reveal where I linked every single piece for all my favorite mama to be's! Also, check out my office reveal to see how I made a dedicated spot for me on a budget that keeps me organized.


Home Decorating on a Budget - Affordable Pieces That Work | Everyday Chiffon
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