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I've been shopping for home decor ever since we moved into our home in September. With all the extra time at home now, I feel like my shopping has become solely focus on that. Kirby and I have been marking so many little (and big!)  projects off the list during our stay at home order. It hasn't always been easy accomplishing them all with a toddler in the house, but we're cruising along. It's crazy to think of what the house looked like 7 months ago compared to now. I plan to continue my before & after posts revealing rooms, but I really like to wait until they're fully finish. Funny enough, our entryway has changed just a little bit since the reveal and I could see adding 1-2 more pieces of decor. I guess it just never ends lol. I'm rounding up all the home decor items currently in my shopping cart or on my wish list.

The items shown above are some of my favorites, but I included so many other goods finds below. I haven't quite narrowed down some of the outdoor pieces so I just included everything!

Happy Shopping!


Master Bedroom

Okay, so most of these things I've already pulled the trigger on. We are the process of finishing up or master bedroom and I'm dying to show you the before and after! For now, I'm going to share some of the details going into making the space ours. It's quickly becoming my favorite room in our home.

Kitchen Organization

The organizing never slows down over here. As we continue to make this home ours, one thing I want to tackle is the pantry and cabinets. We've already painted the entire kitchen, pantry and scrapped the counters of whatever paint was used to cover the beautiful marble. However, we have yet to fully tackle organizing it in an efficient way. These are a few items on my list that although are small and could seem silly - make a huge difference!

Outdoor Living

Now that the weather is finally warming up we feel like we have all this extra living space. Addison loves being outside so making a space we can hang out in and enjoy time with family & friends is really key for me. We have a beautiful front porch that I think I may start with furnishing because the back yard is quite the project. I have ideas, but need things to fall more into place before I start purchasing couches and rugs lol. Everything below are things I have saved on wish lists or idea boards. I use Pinterest like crazy for inspo!

Bathroom, Closet & Random Home Decor

Two small spaces I'm looking to decorate and organize are my master bedroom closet (this became necessary after the clothing rack issue lol) and the basement bathroom. Wanted to share a few items I'm looking at for those spaces + some random home decor I've either recently purchased or have my eye on.

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