Addison James 9 Month Update

9 Month Update | Everyday Mama
9 Month Update | Everyday Mama
9 Month Update | Everyday Mama

The fact that Addison has been outside of my belly for longer than he was inside, is totally playing with my mind. He's looking more and more like a little boy every single day. 9 months old & hitting so many fun milestones. It's inspiring and so beautiful watching him explore the world. The smallest things catch his attention and he learns things way too well. Obviously, I'm proud of that, but it's mind blowing how smart babies really are. Addison's memory is so quick... And so is everything else he does. We were aware we had a busy body from day one because the nurses & midwives could never catch him on an ultrasound. One nurse said, "Wow! Babies are usually hard to capture, but your's is really moving all over!". I remember looking at Kirby with fear. Lol. I'm so excited to share Addison's 9 month update loaded with so many details. I also did a mini postpartum update (at the bottom) answering some questions I've been asked lately. A busy baby makes for a busy mama!

All The Specifics

How old:

9 months & 1 week - 40 weeks


19.15 lbs


28 inches

At birth:

6 pounds and 15 ounces & 19.75 inches



9 Month Update | Everyday Mama
9 Month Update | Everyday Mama
9 Month Update | Everyday Mama

Life With a 9 Month Old


Looking back at the last 9 months I would say that Addison is a fairly good sleeper. Other than the 4 month sleep regression (worst month of Addi & I's relationship lol), overnight sleep has always been pretty smooth. Naps are a different story, however as time as gone on and his sleep schedule has become more set, naps have become a lot better.

My biggest recommendation for learning a healthy sleep schedule is finding a bedtime routine that works best and stick to that. Don't move from that until it is well set in stone. Addison can nap or overnight sleep anywhere now with only needing a few little steps from his bedtime routine instead of the entire thing. It makes travel & being o the go much easier. Of course he still struggles in some situations because he is a really stimulated and aware little man.

Overnight Sleep

We are so so lucky when it comes to overnight sleep. After getting through those first couple months of newborn life, Addison quickly started sleeping 6-8 (sometimes 9) hours at a time. I remember even being worried at one point. Such a new mama move. He now sleeps 11-12 hours each night and having to go into his room has become less and less frequent. We randomly have to get him a nookie, but this last week we haven't had to step in once. Yay!

I get asked all the time how I "trained" Addison to sleep overnight. If you look back at any of my monthly updates you'll see that sleep is almost always the main topic. Most parents are obviously going to focus on getting their little one to sleep well. A good nights sleep or a good nap truly makes all the difference. I do sometimes look back and laugh because I think of how much thought and worry I put into Addison sleeping. However, working through those tough times and sticking to teaching him a healthy sleep schedule has 100% paid off.


I started transitioning Addison into two naps a day around 6.5/7 months. From doing some research I think that was a little early, but he was struggling with going down after only 2 hours of awake time. As a mama its important to trust your gut and do what you think is right. I started pushing his awake time a little longer each week to get him onto 2 naps. Some days were obviously a struggle. No, I didn't force him to be awake. I sent days doing trial and error. I continued to put him down early only to have him rolling around crying for 45 minutes. Not worth it.

After a few weeks of playing with his awake time we locked in a 2 nap schedule that we're still using today. There are still plenty of days where everything falls apart and I'm left sitting him wondering what the heck to do with a cranky baby, but that's life. One thing that sucks the life out of good sleep: teething and a common cold. Both of which have happened in the last few weeks.

Daily Schedule

6/6:30 am - Wake up & eat 8 ounce bottle shortly after

7:30/7:45 - Breakfast + sippy cup

9 am - Nap #1

10/10:30 - Awake & eating 4 ounce bottle shortly after

11/11:15 - Lunch + sippy cup

12:15 pm - sometimes I will give him a snack & his sippy cup at this time. Especially if we're outside on a walk 🙂

1/1:30 - Nap #2

3/3:30 - Awake & eating 4 ounce bottle shortly after

4 pm - this is another spot I will sometimes give a snack & sippy cup

4:30/4:45 - Dinner + sippy cup

5:15 - Bathtime

6/6:30 - 8 ounce bottle & bedtime


Finger Foods

Mealtime with Addison is quite entertaining. He loves food and really loves feeding himself. Some of his favorite finger foods: avocado, any type of berry, chicken, Cheerios, toast w/ avocado or peanut butter, soft noodles w/ tomato sauce, eggs and small chunks of steamed carrots. I also loves sucking down little snack packs & any of the teething rice sticks or rice puffs.

I will still give him puree veggies and oatmeal with finger foods as he is still slowly transitioning over. He struggles with putting way too much in his mouth at once so I have to monitor closely how much I'm putting on his tray. I like sitting down and eating with him to help bring in the feeling of mealtime. I always have his sippy cup on hand (which he loves to chug water from) and we just started trying out smoothies. I love the idea behind smoothies because it's a super easy snack/meal for on the go and it's so simple to pack veggies or other goodies in!

*Make sure to check out Homemade Baby Food Combinations for some fun mixers!

Formula Update

We started implementing milk based formula in the last few weeks. Addison drinks 4 bottles a day and I switched the middle two (the least amount of ounces) to the milk based to slowly bring that into his diet. We've been watching to see how he reacts and so far everything has been great. At first he did seem to spit up just a little bit more than normal, but nothing at all to worry about.

If you remember from my 6 month update, when I stopped breastfeeding and started bringing formula into Addison's diet he broke out with eczema. After trying everything I realized it was the milk based formula. Long story short, Nutramigen saved the day! On top of the milked based formula, I have been slowly giving Addison cheeses & yogurt at mealtimes. I made sure to check in with him pediatrician before acting on any of this.


With Addison already being close to walking my many goal of the day is to keep him from smacking his head on things. I also have to watch any cords that maybe in reach, the printer, the cat, the cat's food, shoes, TV controllers, phones, laptops... Yup. Everything in those house is under attack on a daily basis. It is so dang fun watching him become more mobile, but also really terrifying. It all happens so fast!

Around Easter (7 months) Addison began army crawling. Before then, he would roll around the floor kind of moving himself backwards and forwards. The army crawl turned into an actual crawl with in the last 2 weeks and in that same time frame he began pulling up and standing.

Aside from moving all around the house, one of his favorite toys to play with are books. He's huge into flipping the pages and finding the animals behind the hidden flaps. We have always read to Addison and it's so cool seeing him take such an interest in books. He's also still a huge fan of anything outside. We go on a ton of walks and love watching all the kids play at the park.

Small Achievements & Things He's Learning

Just in the last week Addison finally started waving! I had been trying to get him to wave for months lol. It was so fun watching him do it and now it's a none stop thing. He still doesn't really show interest in clapping, but he does dance which is probably the cutest thing ever. Like I mentioned above, his mind is so sharp. The signs that his memory is growing stronger is honestly a super unreal thing to watch.

We just (today!) purchased a push walker. I'm excited to see how things go and watch our little man learn to slowly walk. He can definitely stand for a second or two with my arms right there. He holds himself up on tables, doors and walls + can easily lower himself down.

Hearing Addi say mama is the best sound ever! He does a lot of "baba", "mama", and "dada". I don't think he understands them fully, but he is definitely analyzing the situation (as always).

All About Addi

Addison James is not lacking in the personality department. He seems to be 100% okay with letting you know his opinion and may or may not have gotten his parents stubbornness. One of my favorite things about him (the list never ends) is that he loves to laugh when everyone else is laughing around him. He enjoys being social and that is such a fun thing to watch. I also appreciate the fact that he is so good at playing by himself. I think that's super important for a child to learn and he seems to enjoy it. Obviously, he likes playing with me or anyone else most of the time, but getting some of that "alone" time for him is important.

I'm sure I've said this before, but I truly have no idea what I did before having him. Not in a way of like, my life was nothing without him, but more so... Why am I not a millionaire by this point? My husband and I joke that if people only knew how much time they truly had in a day prior to having kids, the world may run a little bit smoother. Either way, I am staying busy as can be with him and I don't see that slowing down anytime soon.

9 Month Update | Everyday Mama
9 Month Update | Everyday Mama
9 Month Update | Everyday Mama
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