Homemade Baby Food Combinations

When multiple meal times got added into Addison's schedule my world of flavor totally expanded. Mixing and matching different foods together isn't some crazy thing, especially when it comes to feeding a baby. I think it's smartest to be a little crazy and really broaden your little ones taste buds. Addison hates boring food. He has hit favorite tiems he'll eat on their own, but he's picky when it comes to what that is. If two veggies are mixed together he loves it, and I can appreciate that! This post has been highly requested! I'm excited to share some of Addison's favorite homemade baby food combinations as well as some of the finger foods and meals we're working our way into now.

Addison will be 9 months old June 14th which is just so crazy to me! I'm really starting to see him grow into a little boy and it kills me. LOL. I've said this before and I'll say it again, nothing puts time into perspective like a baby does. I will being sharing a monthly update for the first time since his 6 month update. It will packed with information including more specifics on his current meals, finger foods, playtime and so much more.

Homemade Baby Food Combinations | Everyday Mama

Homemade Baby Food Combinations

These are so of the main go-to's that always made Addison happy. I never steam my fruit, but do peel pears and apples (which will probably change really soon). I always steam veggies (except avocado & spinach) and peel the sweet potato. I never puree a banana or avocado, and have recently slowed pureeing any fruit because they're perfect finger foods. Every baby is different on how they will eat things. Addison didn't mind the chunkiness of smashed banana's, but took a little bit on wanting actual chunks of banana or avocado. He prefers foods to be mixed, but has been slow to liking different seasonings. Give your baby the time he/she needs to figure things out and have fun!

I truly think that most fruits can be mixed with fruits, and most veggies with other veggies. So, if you're struggling with seeing how flavors can work together start there. Experimenting is really all you can do and trust me, you'll know if you're baby enjoy's it. Meal time is a main activity throughout each one of our days. I want to enjoy it and bring a sense of togetherness to each meal. Addison's whole demeanor changes when I take the time to slow down and enjoy breakfast with him. The dishes can wait!

Oatmeal & Fruit

*Banana is his favorite fruit to mix with oatmeal. It's perfect for adding a dash of cinnamon as well.

*Pear and cinnamon is another favorite + helps digestion for a constipated baby.

Other add in's: blended blueberries, blackberries and strawberries.

Favorite Mixed Fruit & Oatmeal Combinations

*Pears, Blueberry, Strawberry & Oatmeal

*Strawberry, Banana & Oatmeal

*Blueberry, Banana, Cinnamon & Oatmeal

Our favorite oatmeal to use: Earth's Best Organic Whole Grain, Gerber Lil' Bits or Multigrain

Fruits & Veggies

*Avocado & banana (sometimes I also add apple to this)

*Beets, pears, strawberry and banana

*Carrot, peas and blackberry

*Blackberry & sweet potato

*Spinach, pear, blueberry and banana

*Carrot and spinach w/ garlic

*Pear, carrot and banana

*Strawberry and avocado

*Broccoli and carrot w/ garlic

*Sweet potato, banana and blackberry (or blueberry)

*Peas, carrots and spinach

*Beets, Spinach and green beans

Other Non-Homemade Snacks

I love making Addison's food because it's healthier, I know everything that's going into it and it's way more affordable. However, the ease of a grab and go snack or meal is hard to beat. Kirby and I like having veggie & fruit packets, quick chicken dinner pouches and ease finger snack bars on the ready at all times. Our baby boy is an earlier sleeper so going for a 5pm walk with a dinner pouch in hand makes it easier to fit family adventure time into our everyday. No shame in that!

Finger Foods

I won't share a ton on this because Kirby and I are still playing around with things and learning what works best. I'll make sure to share more in the 9 month update that will go live mid-June. Some finger foods we started with are avocado, blueberries (halved), rotisserie chicken and elbow noodles. All have worked great for us and Addison really seems to enjoy them. We started slow (only putting 3-4 pieces of each food at a time) with Addison because he shovels things in his mouth. Since then he's gotten the hang of portion control (somewhat...lol).

Instead of stick like finger foods we chose to do finger tip sizes (again, because Addison shoves the entire stick into his mouth) and it's worked great. There is more of a learning curve, but it didn't take long for him to master. Tip: place the finger foods on his tray and sit there with a bowl of puree veggies or oatmeal to feed in-between. It helps keep your babe satisfied (especially starting out) with how slow the food actually gets their mouth.

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Everything linked below are items we have and use consistently. I also shared some of our favorite snack packs & finger snacks for on-the-go! 


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