5 Tips for Living a Girlboss Life

5 Tips for Living a Girlboss Life | Everyday Positive
5 Tips for Living a Girlboss Life | Everyday Positive

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The term girlboss has been used for years now. It's a term that some people love and some people hate. I can understand that people don't think women need to be put into a bubble under the term 'girl' in order to be an entrepreneur or CEO, but in all honesty, I freaking love it. I don't think just because the word 'girl' is used that we as women should over think it or make it something its not. Personally, I think any term that makes you feel empowered, bold and ready to take on the world is something we should celebrate. Whether you like the term or not, being a girlboss is something some many women seems to be striving for and that's amazing. I quit my full time job last summer (post about it here) and officially became a full time blogger + co-host a blogger community this last Spring. To say I feel like a bit of a girlboss is an understatement. Not everyday is beautiful, and it's tough work being an entrepreneur not matter what industry you're in. I'm sharing 5 tips for living a girlboss life that I've learned over this past year.

#1: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

I can confidently say that almost everyone, man or women, has dealt with this in their lifetime. Especially if you work in the influencer world where you're surrounded by images posted everyday of someone living their "best life". The comparison game is an ugly thing to get sucked into it. It's a circle of negativity that totally crushes your will and power to get things done. Comparing yourself to others kills your creativity and makes you second guess ever decision. We've all been there before. I always think about how much time I waste when I get hit with that. I think of all the things I could have accomplished without wasting time looking at what someone else is accomplishing.


Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it. - Maya Angelou


A girlboss doesn't have time to compare herself to someone else's success. She's too dang busy making her own dreams come true to stop and sulk in what others are doing. Switching your mindset to fit this is crucial in being successful no matter what you do. Comparing yourself to others can come in all shapes and sizes and in all different ways in your life. Staying above this negativity and viewing yourself as a winner + someone to be proud of is life changing.


5 Tips for Living a Girlboss Life | Everyday Positive

#2: Stop Making Excuses

If you're anything like me than your goals just continue to grow and the list becomes never ending. Such an amazing thing however if you're also like me than your life is busy as hell. I find myself exhausted, and sometimes overworked each week because I continue to put more and more onto my list. I keep reaching and I keep striving to be better which is a good problem to have. The issue lies in the excuses we make for ourselves to wait on those dreams and goals. Excuses can stop a dream in the very beginning stages. I don't have enough time, or I'd rather relax, or no one will really even be reading this... The list goes on. Stop making excuses and stop allowing your overthinking mind to halt you from jumping into something amazing.


The most effective way to do it, is to do it. - Amelia Earhart


Being a girlboss is about taking risks. It's going to involve reaching your highest highs and also falling flat on your face. In order to continue to grow you need to jump into the unknown. The unknown is such a scary thing and let me tell you, before I quit my job I had a list of reasons why it would be a good idea to stay in it. It's hard not to be scared and it's extremely difficult to trust something you have no idea about. If you allow yourself to constantly play it safe and let your excuses outweigh your dreams than you're going to be going around in a circle forever. With only one life to live I find that to be a very boring way to spend it.


5 Tips for Living a Girlboss Life | Everyday Positive

#3: Get Organized in Life, Not Overwhelmed

I am going to be totally transparent with you babes on this. I used to struggle so much with staying organized and would get overwhelmed to the point where I would waste time stressing about things instead of taking action. I'm a perfectionist and I would sit worrying about every single little thing before actually doing anything about it. Looking back I just cringe at the thought of how I used to be. I mean, I still struggle with this randomly, but having such a system down now makes its a rare occasion. If you remember my post, How to Keep Your Life in Order {sort of} here, I spoke a lot about this. Finding a process that works for you is key and then sticking to that! I used to laugh at people who made lists and now I literally swear by them. Especially with being pregnant, if it's not written down there is a good chance I will totally forget it.


Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. -Arthur Ashe


I started to feel like a girlboss when I got my life in order. I found a system of organization that made sense to me. Being organized helps take that overwhelmed feeling away from you and not making excuses goes into this. If you have a list, get it done! Don't push things off because it will only stress you out in the end. Sometimes Kirby laughs because I'll remember something on my list, even something small, and I'll make sure I do it at 10:30 pm so I can stop thinking about it. Whatever works for you it's important to find that and continue to do it over and over again until it's habit.

A big thing for me with working from home was creating an organized space that inspired me and helped keep me on my toes. I'll actually be doing a mini office reveal this weekend including tips on working from home, stay tuned!

5 Tips for Living a Girlboss Life | Everyday Positive

#4: Start Living a Life You're Proud Of

If you're second guessing things you're doing or constantly finding yourself looking to others in envy then do something about it! It is one of my biggest pet peeves to here people complain about things that that haven't tried to change. Creating a life you love is something so many people talk about however only a small portion actually work towards doing it. I get that life is hard and that bills need to be paid, but there is always something more you can be doing. If you can't quit your job then create a side hustle with something you love and work your butt off at it. Nothing comes easy and I'm tired of people thinking it does. Success takes time and so much work. If you're not willing to put in the work every single night and day then reevaluate your current situation and figure out how to become happier in it.


The things your are passionate about are not random, they are your calling. - Fabienne Fredrickson


Having a girlboss attitude is fun, but can be totally exhausting. Trying to be on at all times of the day and always striving to do more and achieve more is hard work. If you want to create a life you truly love then make it happen. Happiness is a mindset and living a life you love is way more in reach than you might think. Stop making excuses and just do it!

#5: Start Supporting One

If you've been anywhere on the internet in the last year I'm sure you've noticed the rise in girls supporting girls. One hashtag that actually blew up in the blogging world is #communityovercompetition and I'm so in love with it. A part of being a girlboss is supporting your fellow girlbosses and celebrating in their wins. It's about not judging one another and holding each others successes just as high as our own. It's such a sad thing to me when I see women still tearing one another down. In my eyes that is one of the biggest wastes of energy ever. Why spend time in a cloud of negativity? Succesful people don't need to bring other down because they're too high to even think about that.

A true girlboss is someone who respects her fellow ladies, works hard at what she dreams for, doesn't waste time on comparing herself to others and creates a functional system to grow her successes on. I think it's an amazing thing what's happening in the world today and I truly hope that girls growing up in today's society see the possibilities before them. Live each day to the fullest, love what you do and be happy with who you are! Dream big ladies... Anything you put your mind to can be achieved!


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Positive Daily Reminders / Fall Casual Look / Strappy High Sandals / Cole Haan Shoes
Positive Daily Reminders / Fall Casual Look / Strappy High Sandals / Cole Haan Shoes
5 Tips for Living a Girlboss Life | Everyday Positive
5 Tips for Living a Girlboss Life | Everyday Positive
5 Tips for Living a Girlboss Life | Everyday Positive
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