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Whether it's a long flight, a long car ride or even something as short as a couple of hours, traveling always makes my skin look and feel dull and dry, or dull and shiny (depending on the situation). I try to drink as much water as possible, but if its a long flight (okay, maybe even the short ones) sometimes a glass or two of wine is necessary which definitely does not help the cause. Once I moved to Denver, Kirby and I began traveling more and more. We love taking long road trips into the mountains to fabulous camping spots or cute little cottages. Our whole family basically lives in the Midwest from Nebraska to South Dakota, to Minnesota and Illinois so seeing them either requires a road trip or a short flight. As you guys know, we just recently went on a big trip to Europe which was our second very long international flight (nothing beats 3 flights to the Cook Islands, one of them lasts 13 hours and the other two are 3-4 hours long!) and from that first one I learned that I need to come prepared. I'm not going to say no to the wine, that would be silly, but bringing some really basic essentials (and yes, still making sure to drink water) has made my life... and Kirby's ha!... So much more enjoyable 🙂

I always like to have make-up wipes and lotion so I can freshen up in the bathroom whenever I start to get that gross face feeling OR right before landing, depending on what we have planned. As a fashion blogger I obviouslllly like to look cute and put together while heading through the airport, but I'm not a fan of sitting in jeans for 10+ hours on long international flights, so I've learned to travel with a cute sweat look that I sometimes change into right when the seat belt light goes off... Literally no shame.

I kept my travel day look to Europe simple, but also versatile! Our first stop was Athens and I knew it was going to be a very hot and humid day so I made sure to pack shorts that I changed into when we were waiting for our luggage. I talked about my favorite new travel bag by Tumi in my Packing for 3 Weeks - From a Fashion Bloggers Perspective, and it was the perfect bag to carry these type of travel day essentials in. I was also able to store both mine and Kirby's passports, our Euro cash and other important travel documents. I highly recommend it! My favorite H&M Basic White Tank is only $5.99 and my cute High Waisted Raw Him Jeans from Express are currently on sale for $60.99! These Tory Burch Sandals are quickly becoming my favorite every day pair, and although they are a bit more expensive, they're timeless and great quality! I linked a few different kimono's below, as well as the rest of the look 🙂

I hope this helped for any travel day issues you may have come across... And please comment with any questions or travel day suggestions!



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