Top 4 Touristy Things To Do In Athens

Athens, Greece was such a cool city to visit, and with only 36hrs, I wanted to fit in the top things to see! Even though it’s fairly large, everything’s pretty relatively easy to walk to. Check out my top 4 touristy things you need to check off your list 💜

1: Acropolis

This is the obviously choice, but a must do. We had an early tour which is definitely the way to do it because it fills up with lots of people by 10am and not to mention the heat. What can you expect when you’re surrounded by white marble on one of the highest point of Athens with the sun beating down on you… Talk about a good tan! There’s construction going on to restore the marble pieces as best they can without taking away the history of it, but even with that, the pillars and buildings are amazing. I loved learning about Athena and the amazing goddess she was. There is a separate building that was made for her called the Temple of Athena Nike. It stands looking out over Athens and had such positive vibes around it. The Acropolis was truly mind blowing and something I think anyone going to Athens must see! As mentioned in my 36hrs in Athens post, our hotel, the Royal Olympic, had an awesome view of the Parthenon from the rooftop bar – another easy add on to the day is grabbing a glass of wine at night to see it all lit up 🙂 

2: The New Acropolis Museum

I’m not much of a museum goer to be completely honest. Not that I don’t think everything in them is extremely cool and the history behind the pieces, pictures or objects aren’t fascinating, it’s just never been my favorite way to learn about things. With that being said, I was very impressed with the new Acropolis Museum. The architecture was beautiful and the pieces held in the museum were jaw dropping. Some statues still had pieces of the original colors on them from thousands of years ago! It was really cool learning about the technology they used and the brains behind Athens itself. We hung around for over an hour, but I definitely think it’s worth the time.

3: Panathinaikon Stadium

Kirby was the one who really wanted to see this so when we went off exploring ourselves it was the first stop and oooh my gosh you guys, I had so much fun!! For 5 euros (per person) you can wander the stadium where the first ever modern Olympic Games took place in 1896. It was the closest thing to a championship I had ever experienced (haha – don’t judge me!). The entire thing is made from white marble making it the only stadium in the world like that. We ran the track like nerds, sat in the big fancy seats at the end of the track (that we believe important people sat in, but could never find an answer), stood on the podium and saw the original Olympic torch. Worth every penny.

4: Wander Makrigianni

Like I stated on my 36hrs in Athens post, the streets and alleyways were never ending and had continuous shops, cafes and restaurants along the way. Makrigianni was a street that housed so many yummy places to eat (we found ourselves there a couple of times) and I learned that it’s actually considered a neighborhood! We walked about 2 blocks from our hotel to Dionysiou Areopagitou, which was a beautiful cobblestone street covered in trees. From there you can either turn left to head down Makrigianni OR turn right to get lost in the never ending little streets. Ether way is a total win! Kirby and I spent at least 3 hours ourselves wandering and never hit a boring spot 🙂

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