My Self-Care Morning Routine

My Self-Care Morning Routine

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My Self-Care Morning Routine

When my morning routine gets out of whack, my entire day feels off. Lately, I've been missing almost every step of my morning routine. It's 100% shown in my mood, my productivity and my overall daily flow. My little family has been going through so many transitions these last couple months and self-care is the last thing on my mind. How sad is that? It's the first thing I should focus on and it totally doesn't even cross my mind until I'm ready to start the whole cycle again. I think this can happen to so many of us (especially parents!) so I felt sharing my routine would help you and me.

My self-care morning routine is simple and uplifting. It gives me time to be alone, be quiet and a moment to center myself for the day. Not every morning involves each step because that is so not possible. Sometimes mediation or devotional doesn't happen until nap time (or at all!) and that's okay. Just because it's called a morning routine doesn't mean it all needs to be done by 8am. Finding time for you anytime of the day is where self-care starts.

My Self-Care Morning Routine

Simple Self-Care Morning Routine


Are you at all surprised I start with this?! I've always been a coffee lover and truly don't think anything is as satisfying as that first warm sip in the morning. Since black coffee is my jam, I was pumped to find the new Community Coffee American Classic canister at Walmart. There is just nothing better than cozying up to read my devotional with a warm mug in hand. Especially since the weather is getting so chilly! Community Coffee is the #1 family owned retail coffee brand in America and has been serving for over 100 years! Fitting since we just moved into a 100+ year old home.


Coffee gets me going, mediation & devotional keep me on track. I've been missing these in my morning routine more times than I'd like to admit. When we hit the craziness of actually buying our home my routine started getting shorter and shorter. My days have felt shorter and shorter with all the tasks we've had with buying a home, anniversary, 1st birthday & my brothers wedding. Home buying is obviously the biggest flag in all of this and holy has it been a lot.

As always, I'm going to be raw with you. These days have been tough and trying. I've been running on empty for far too long and the weeks have seemed to pass by so quick. Ever since I've stopped taking 5-10 minutes to center myself, my mind has been a bit off. Mediation and/or reading a devotional might not solve my to-do list, but it sure does solve the constant chatter of my mind. I like the calmness it brings to me morning.

*My favorite mediation app of the moment is Breathe 

Making My Bed

I read an article years ago that making your bed is the best place to start your day. Not necessarily because it makes your bedroom clean, but because it starts your day with accomplishing something. It's so interesting how something so small can make a difference in how you think or operate throughout your whole day. So, on this morning's when you really don't want to get out of bed, make it a point to at least make it and then go from there.

Breakfast & Vitamins

Both of these (for me) are crucial. Breakfast became a big part of my morning throughout pregnancy and now I can't live without it. I keep it simple with cereal, PB&J toast or an avocado & egg. I really don't stray from those because they're easy & I like them + we always have these foods on hand. Vitamins have been a big part of my life for years and they truly keep me going in more ways than one. Treating your body with love & giving it what it needs is life changing in so many aspects.

My Self-Care Morning Routine
My Self-Care Morning Routine

Community Coffee can now be found at Walmart. As a black coffee drinker the smooth & rich flavor is the perfect way to get your morning started!

My Self-Care Morning Routine
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