How I Feel Confident In What I Wear + Red Suede Booties

Red Suede Booties / Fall Sweater Look / Confidence In Fashion

Confidence and fabulous fashion go hand in hand. A cute look can be 100% ruined with an attitude that doesn’t match. Feeling confident in what you wear, how you wear it and why you’re wearing it is so important… And also really hard sometimes. I think both women and men deal with this, but for some reason women seem to have the biggest struggle. I wanted to share with you babes how I continue to feel confident in my looks and a really cute pair of red suede booties.

Stick to wearing what YOU want to wear even if its off trend
I use the term “off trend” lightly because I’m a huge believer that anything fashionable is in trend no matter what season or year it is. Just because something isn’t the hottest thing in the fashion world doesn’t mean you can’t rock the look. I think so many people get stuck in the mindset of trying to buy and wear the latest trends which can leave you feeling weird or out of place with yourself because if the item wasn’t in trend you would never wear it.

Trust me, I’ve done this more than once. I would buy things just because everyone else was doing and would later realize I din’t even really like the item. Sounds silly, but it’s way more common than you’d think. It’s especially hard as a fashion blogger to not get stuck in that mindset because I always want to bring you babes the latest and greatest looks. I started making myself find 3 items I already own that I could wear with whatever item I was looking ay purchasing. It’s really help narrow things down and help me stick with my look. I stay confident in my looks by focusing on what trends I’m really a fan of each season and then going to my closet to recycle old looks into new ones.

Red Suede Booties / Fall Sweater Look / Confidence in Fashion

Red Suede Booties / Fall Sweater Look / Confidence in Fashion

Buy your correct size no matter what number that is
This has been something I have struggled with for years. I like the average size and number I am, so when I go to stores like Zara or H&M and end up trying on clothing that lists a number 2x my normal size, I end up leaving the item and walking out with nothing. Sad day, huh? Boy am I happy I got over this. A number is a number, no matter what. If you haven’t gone through some a weight gain and haven’t changed anything crazy in your diet & life, why the heck does it matter what size you clothing reads?

Buy clothes that fit you and feel comfortable the second you put it on. Don’t walk out with something that’s listed as your size, but fits too tightly or too loosely because chances are you won’t end up wearing it OR if you do, you’ll feel uncomfortable the entire time.

Red Suede Booties / Fall Sweater Look / Confidence in Fashion

Red Suede Booties / Fall Sweater Look / Confidence in Fashion

Wear the attitude that fits the look
You can’t rock a pair of red booties if you don’t have the confidence to back it up and you can’t wear a sassy leather jacket if you’re worried about what people may be thinking about you. You need to throw your look on and walk out into the world ready to domain the day and ready to turn some people’s heads! Fashion is an expression of how you feel and without confidently rocking your look, the most fabulous outfit can be a total bust.

It’s not always easy to feel the hottest or most beautiful in every look, but if you stay true to your style, your size and put your mind into the right attitude each day… Any look in your closet can be a show stopper 🙂

Red Suede Booties / Fall Sweater Look / Confidence in Fashion

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