Golden Hour Floral Maxi

Any good photographer knows that 'golden hour' is the best time to capture a picture, and any good photographer would never pass up an opportunity to do so when you're already standing in the most picturesque place. Kirby and I had been hiking through the beautiful mountains outside of Telluride all day, and when we got home the little cottage was filled with the smell of pumpkin chili that we had sitting in the crockpot. After I changed and showered I stood at the french doors looking out to the most beautiful mountain range and could not help but notice that we were slowly apporching the most perfect picture taking time. SO obviously, the fashion blogger in me, needed to take advantage of the moment. With no make up, no accessories and dirty hair I decided to throw on the most amazing floral maxi dress from Foi Clothing Boutique (only $49) and have my sweet husband start snapping away:)

I am so lucky to live in this stunning state and I am beyond thankful I have a husband who drops everything to take a million pictures of me in ANY situation... Enjoy!


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