Girls Night In: Views, Wine & Blogger Besties

There are so many different reasons why I'm thankful for being a part of the world of blogging, but the biggest reason of them all is definitely the community of amazing women I'm surrounded by. To be real with you, babes, I have never been amazing at relationships with girls. I never seemed to think I fit into certain groups or that I was really interested in what they were interested in. I always felt judgement or pressure to be someone I wasn't. I stuck to hanging with the guys and had a blast doing so. Guys had fun and guys had NO drama. I didn't get sucked into catty fights or unnecessary judgement. In a sense, it was easy. Now that I'm older I have such a new respect for girlfriends and such a better understanding. Once I started realizing that I was avoiding the issue I realized how many amazing girls I was pushing out of my life. Don't get me wrong, I have always had a couple really close girlfriends and those babes are my ride or die, going to be friends until were 90 kinda girls, but only now am I seeing the beauty in having groups of friends from all different parts of my life. Not all girl groups are going to be the right fit and that's okay. I'm finally now wanting to put effort into growing these relationships and I'm finally now seeing the love that can be received when you find a group of girls who just get you.

This networking shoot was so fun. I had met two of the blogger babes Alyssa (of @teddybearsandlipstick) and Cara (of @neverskipbrunch) previously at different blogger events, but had never met Delayna (of @delaynadenaye). Me being the over thinker that I am, was kind of anxious going into the event hoping that we would all get along. I mean, how could wine, chocolate goodies and fun sunglasses not be a good time? I was so pleasantly surprised, babes!! I left the night feeling inspired, giddy and so ready to jump into the next blogger event now knowing I have new blogger besties 🙂 Like I stated above, I could not feel more lucky for the opportunities and people this community has brought into my life and it's so fun each month looking back at all the new people I've met and new experiences I've had as I continue to grow this little blog.

The night was organized by Katie from and she was also our amazing photographer! We also got to network with some really cool brands listed below:


Colorado Glasses

I wanted to take my pair of glasses home so badly that night! The colors were so fun and the wood design was super unique. All of their shades are under $100 and some pairs even float!


Infinite Monkey Theorem

This brand is the coolest. Canned wine? Yes, please. They're an urban winery located in the Rino Art District of Denver and if that doesn't spark your interest we clearly can't be friends


Tie One on (Wine Charms)

Remember having to write your name on a cup at a party so you didn't grab the wrong one? Well, these little guys just changed the game! Check out these super cute charms so your wine parties can be way classier. 

It's still hitting the 90s here in Denver, but I'm itching to start getting all my Fall pieces out, so for this look I tried to do a mix between seasons without dying in the heat. Luckily, it was early evening when we all met so it wasn't too bad, but I still sweat a bit. Just to be real 😉 I snagged my Free People off the shoulder sweater during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and have already worn it so many times. It was actually the only thing I bought from it... Shocker I know, but after seeing every blogger wearing the same exact thing it totally turned me off. Anyway, my skirt is from Target (last season), but I linked two similar here & here. My shoes are Diba and are so comfortable. I finished my look off with a belt to give myself somewhat of a waist because if you didn't notice I was born with pretty small hips and no curves which some people would think is amazing, but honestly can box me out quite a bit. Pinching the waist is always something I try to do. Shop everything below!

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