FREEBIRD Shoes = A Must

When I opened my email and saw a message from FREEBIRD, I about had a heart attack. I have been so in love with FREEBIRD shoes for a couple years, so to now have the opportunity to learn more about the brand is such an amazing experience. I met with two other Denver bloggers at the Cherry Creek Mall location and had the best time ever trying on a bunch of the different styles and hearing how the story of FREEBIRD started. 

My favorite thing about FREEBIRD shoes is the beautiful vintage leather used for every.single.pair. Each one is unique and gorgeous in it's own way and obviously super trendy. With each style and shoe being different I think the brand can relate to almost every type of style which to me is something so many brands can't do. It's hard to appeal to edgy, preppy, trendy, chic, etc. all at the same time, but I promise FREEBIRD has something for everyone. I literally spent a year saving to buy my first pair because, although, I am a huge fan of all things fashion, I am NO millionaire and reallllly have to pick and choose the pieces I splurge on. Welp, three pairs later... I can assure you they are splurge worthy 😉

The last strappy pair of shoes I snagged are definitely different than what I normally go for, but I am all about stepping out of your comfort zone with fashion because THERE ARE NO RULES. Okay, except for pants that are too short. That drives me nuts. Anyway, I have been working really hard on trying to figure out how to pair different styles of clothing into the same outfit. It's really not too difficult when you get on a roll, but I am also an over-thinker so sometimes the progress of picking out an outfit can be quite the struggle. FREEBIRD is an absolute must add to any closet and the quality never disappoints.

I am sharing the three styles I own and the fun pictures from my afternoon with FREEBIRD 🙂

Check them out ladies - FREEBIRD ONLINE

*Unfortunately, not all of their gorgeous styles are online because their whole outlook is about keeping things local... Guess you'll just have to come to Colorado and check out the beautiful store fronts!

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