Four Sparkle Inspired Holiday Looks

The Holidays, for me, are all about the sparkle. It can bring such a positive vibe onto anything and the holidays are the perfect time to take a risk if it's something new for you. I haven't quite decided what I am going to wear for NYE this year because I haven't fully figured out what the plan is... I'm not much for committing this far in advance. Committing to certain things sometimes gives me the biggest anxiety. I'm not sure why, but it's something I'm really trying to get better at. As of right now, it will involve something with sparkle... 😉

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are pajama days in my family... And that's exactly how it should be. We have a tradition of receiving PJ's on Christmas Eve (even though my parents continue to act like it's not going to happen each year) and we obviously take full advantage of that by staying in those adorable new sets Don't get me wrong, I love dressing up, but sitting around a fireplace drinking coffee with wrapping paper all around you, the smell of pine tree throughout the house and chocolate wrappers scattered throughout the kitchen ALL before 10am is just plain magical.

Kirby and I are so excited to be home for the holidays this year. We are going to have an entire week in Minnesota which leaves us with so much time for friends and family. Normally going back home is a short weekend trip. We love seeing everyone, but we also have a million and one trips we want to do so home time is cut short to fit all the goodness of the rest of the world into our busy schedules. The fact that we were able to make this work is everything to us and we're so blessed to have most of our family already in one place (state). We're also SO excited to have Ace, our sweet Chocolate Lab, coming along for the ride.

A 12 hour drive home is definitely aggressive, but Kirby and I always try and make the most of the hours in the car. Whether it's discussing the hundreds of future dreams we have, the travels we want to plan or some random car game we make up, it always leaves us feeling special being able to be married to our best friend 🙂

Even though I don't fully have my look figured out for New Year's Eve, I wanted to be able to help you babes with inspiration. Tulle & sparkles are a winning combination. We're going to our first holiday party of the season tonight (it's also an engagement & birthday party... Woohoo!) and of course I'm wearing sparkles. Stay tuned on my IG for a #ootn for a shot of my look!

Have you guys figured out some of the touches to your holiday looks yet? Share with me if you have so I can continue to grow on mine 🙂

Happy Saturday!



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