Body Positivity Through Pregnancy: Embracing Each New Curve

Body Positivity Through Pregnancy: Embracing Every New Curve | Everyday Mama
Body Positivity Through Pregnancy: Embracing Every New Curve | Everyday Mama

Pregnancy is beautiful, magical, empowering and a true blessing from God. It's a mystery and a huge growth period for any women who gets to experience it. Since the day I found out I was pregnant I have tried embracing every bit of the change I'm going through. Changes in my love, in my relationship with Kirby, how my brain works or what it focuses on and most importantly changes with my body.

I'm 31 weeks pregnant today and feel more pregnant than ever. Every little kick and punch Baby O gives me is the best feeling in the world. I feel connected to him/her and I feel like a mom. I also feel exhausted, swollen, achy and more out of my body then I ever have before in my life. I wanted to share my journey on body positivity through pregnancy including insight from my followers and fellow bloggers.


Your mind will always believe whatever you tell it. Feed it faith. Feed it truth. Feed it with love.



Like almost all women, I have had struggles with body image previously in my life. I was never fit enough, skinny enough or curvy enough for my liking. I wanted bigger boobs for swimsuit season, bigger butt for my skinny jeans and even smaller feet because a size 9 isn't always cute. I can say that over the last few years my body image finally came around. I loved who I was inside and outside, but to be honest I did put a lot of work in for the outside. I'm a fan of being active and I worked my butt off to stay fit with eating healthy (most of the time), working out 3-5 days a week and truly paying attention to what my body was telling me.

Well, with pregnancy I have learned that my body is no longer my body. I'm nourishing a little babe and giving my all to creating a new and beautiful life. Although you can see others go through it before you, pregnancy is really something you can't prepare for because who you are before pregnancy is not the same as who you are during or after.

Body Positivity Through Pregnancy: Embracing Every New Curve | Everyday Mama

Know That This Is Temporary

You are not pregnant forever. I do think it's funny pregnancy is labeled as 9 months because lets be honest, it's about 10 months and that's not taking into account the months afterward with breast feeding, sleepless nights and so much more. But even with all of that, pregnancy is a temporary thing. Understanding that is one of the first things that goes into accepting all the change to come. We only get such a short period of time to feel the deep connection we have with are little babies. Why waste the time putting yourself down? Know that although you put weight on you will in fact take that weight off as well. It's crucial to feed your body what it needs during this time and in my opinion it's important to splurge a little bit. To be real, I kind of like not having to suck in this summer haha!

Understand Your Body is No Longer Yours

When I had a fellow blogger and good friend tell me this, it actually put everything into perspective. My body is no longer just my body. My body is here for the baby to nourish and grow giving it everything I have. God built me to be able to give my body to this sweet child in order to create life. How beautiful is that? It's not easy to give yourself up to something and having a baby doesn't' mean you lose yourself. It just means you are willing to sacrifice your look, your feelings and your brain to growing a human.


How can you ever say anything negative about your body after you have felt the dancing of life from inside your womb? - Amethyst Joy


Realize Everyone is Different

This was actually a weird thing for me to wrap my head around. Prior to pregnancy I was very aware that everyone's bodies are different. It's basically something you are told from a young age to help accept your own body which is beautiful. God created everyone differently and understanding that is super important. For some reason I thought this would change when I got pregnant or to be honest, I guess I just didn't think about it. You view pregnancy as a big belly on every women not really thinking about all the other changes that are taking place. As I started to get bigger I would find myself comparing bumps or arm/leg sizes with others online. I wanted to make myself feel normal about the weight gain which looking back is so dang silly.

Pregnancy, just like anything else, is different for every single woman. Stop judging yourself to how anyone else looks. Again, listen to your body and do what it's telling you. Stay as active as possible and just breathe. If you have a healthy baby growing in there you're already winning.

Make Time to Love Yourself and the Amaziness That is Your Body

It's important to love yourself always, but extra important to make time for it when you're going through such a huge change in your life and body. I can say I feel beautiful everyday for growing a life, but I can't say I feel beautiful every minute of everyday. It comes in waves and I fight back with positivity, however, making time for little things to show myself love has definitely helped. It's been something I've put a priority in which to be honest, I never really do otherwise. For instant, I make time to get a pedicure now when before I would just brush it off and save the money. Now, something as little as that can make me feel so good that it's worth it. I make time to get a massage when again I would rather save the money before, but now understand that peace to my body is not only good for me but also the baby. To me, making time to love yourself even in the smallest ways like putting makeup on or eating the dang ice cream is life changing when you're pregnant.


My body is capable and strong.


Embracing your new curves, stretch marks, veins... Whatever it is that may be popping up on your body is what's going to help you through this transitional time. Knowing that these things are temporary and knowing that your body is working wonders to grow a life is beautiful. Be easy on yourself. Rest, eat a little more than normal and show off that big ole bump. There will be a day when you miss it.

Body Positivity Through Pregnancy: Embracing Every New Curve | Everyday Mama

Words From Fellow Mama's & Mama To Be's

When I opened up a couple weeks ago on Instagram about feeling these body issues the response back was bigger than I could have ever imagine. So many woman out there who had felt or are feeling the same exact way. Although I felt comforted seeing that other's were in the same boat I also felt sad seeing how much of us felt alone during it. I saved every response from my followers and fellow bloggers to share here so we can all go through this life changing and beautiful thing together. For anything else on mama life check out my Everyday Mama section and embrace this new role!

*Statements from followers has been left anonymous.

Listen in...

Just know it's only temporary. I feel the same way... There's always someone who looks amazing and I just feel giant. Give yourself some slack.


I'm 16 weeks today and I told myself I would resume working out daily once I got over my first trimester, but I don't have the energy to move after a long day at work. I'm not used to my body being so full and voluptuous. However, I remind myself that my body is making a miracle and I am lucky + blessed to be able to carry a child in my body. Pregnancy is truly a beautiful experience.


Having such a hard time with this. Worried that I am gaining too much and constantly comparing myself to others.


I would love to hear what other mama's have to say. I am 16 weeks pregnant and noticing the weight gain. I always feel like I'm bigger than I should be and everyone always seems to have an opinion.


It doesn't make us bad mama's for feeling a little bad when we see the scale continue to go up. It's completely natural and we're emotional. I had the same diet and ate the same things all pregnancy. Some months I only gained 1 pound and some months 10! Your body does what it has to do for your baby. - Lindsey of The Nomis Niche 


You are literally creating a human inside of you and you are fabulous!


The comparison game has been one of the hardest during pregnancy for me. Just know that you look incredible and you're growing a human inside of you! Plus, it's only temporary and God made us able to do this for a reason. You just need to give yourself grace.


I apparently carry small and everyone comments how tiny I am. Here I am envious of ladies with beautiful full, round bellies because that's what I envision pregnancy to be. Every pregnant woman is beautiful and amazing, and come in all different shapes and sizes. No matter what size or number on the scale our bodies are performing such a miraculous act.


Try to remember that your body is doing what it needs to, to grow a human. Every woman will carry their baby differently, that's totally normal. Remember it's a short season of your life where your body is not yours, your body is temporarily being rented out that that sweet baby. - Danielle of According to D


Pregnancy is the toughest times I've had in regards to staying positive about what I look like. This whole weight gain business is something a lot of us feel and it's something you never realize until you go through it.


I'm 30 weeks pregnant and always comparing myself to my tiny friends or people on IG who continue to work out. I'm ALWAYS hungry and exhausted after work. I walk at lunch, but that's all I have energy to do. And, the ice cream cravings are insane!


To me, it's all about respecting the process. And with respect, will come acceptance - and eventually love. In pregnancy it's been much easier to get to that "big picture" love stage because we are creating a little human. How incredibly amazing is that? No matter the situation, I always strive to focus on the process rather than the outcome and it's done wonders. - Emily of Works Of E


My highest weight ended up being 40 pounds extra and I hated that I weighed almost as much as my hubs. It's amazing what our bodies can do. Just have to embrace it and try to love yourself in any shape or size.


I keep telling myself it's for an amazing reason, but then I also look in the mirror and just feel fat.


Maybe this isn't the response you intended, but I'm glad to know other pregnant women also feel down about their weight gain. I feel like everyone flaunts during pregnancy and here I am avoiding cameras! Thank you for the honesty.


I'm 25 weeks pregnant and always seeing these tiny little things! People commenting, oh, I've only gained 5 pounds so far... Like, what? So good to know I'm not the only one feeling like I'm constantly comparing when I know I shouldn't.


Staying positive was a huge mindset shift for me. After feeling down on myself for initial weight gain, being unable to muster enough energy to do anything, taking naps when I should have been productive... I made the decision to stop getting down on myself and start giving myself (and body) some much needed grace. It's hard having a tiny human take over your body for 9-10 months! - Julien of It's Julien


The weight gain struggle is real! You want to be so happy because of the amazing baby growing in you, but if we're being real it's not that easy. My advice, don't ignore it. You'll have good and bad days. Recognize both and don't feel bad about it.


I feel you mama! I'm 26 weeks pregnant and hungry all the time! I don't want to get huge, but I also know my body is telling me I need to eat!


Just remember your body isn't really about you during this time. It's about growing a healthy human! It's hard to look in the mirror some days and even harder when you can't reach area's to shave or you can't bend down to tie your own shoes, but this too shall pass. Learn to appreciate how amazing the woman's body is! - Sarah of Lashes To Lullabies


Being done with having kids, I look back and think " Dang, I'd love to eat like a pregnant woman again!". You watch those numbers go up like a hawk, but all I can say is enjoy that extra taco or bowl of ice cream.. Don't worry to much ad give yourself grace after pregnancy. It takes time to gain it and it takes time to burn it.


I follow you (and Chrissy Teigen!) and love seeing how happy you are. Your smiles never look forced or faked like other mamas and it always makes me feel good to see how happy you look in your skin. It encourages me to own it!


I struggle with this too and thought I was the only one! I feel huge, but people say, "You're all belly!". I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have never weighed more than I do now. My sweet husband boosts my confidence by reminding me I'm beautiful and that I'm growing our sweet little baby.


We should be proud of what our beautiful bodies can do! They create life!


Being a woman in this society, especially a blogger, I felt bad putting on 48 lbs during pregnancy. 2 weeks postpartum, when everyone seems to have already lost the belly, mine was still hanging out like I still had another baby to come. Until months later, the magic happened for me. I now still have stretch marks all over my thighs and belly, but lack of sleep and breastfeeding have helped me lose the weight. If you're worried, stop and focus on being healthy instead. It takes your body 9+ months to get here, it only makes sense it won't be overnight to go back. - Lily of With Love Lily Rose


Your body is doing the most amazing thing on Earth! It's so worth everything that is happening to your body and you look beautiful! Don't every forget how unbelievable

awesome you are.


Gained 70 lbs with my first and lost it all. Gained 55 lbs with my second and lost it all. It's all good... 25-35 lb weight gain is for the birds!


I talked to my midwives about this and their response; weight gain is healthy and normal. I now just remind myself that I'm growing a healthy baby and that is whats important.


Every pregnancy is different. Some people gain 50 lbs with one baby and 30 with the next. It's out of our control in my opinion!

Body Positivity Through Pregnancy: Embracing Every New Curve | Everyday Mama

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    You’re beautiful!!! From the short time we met you and Kirby I know that he tells you this everyday just like my husband did!! Not only was it amazing watching my body grow a human and change in so many ways, now it’s pretty cool to watch it go back to a new normal!! Embrace every bit of it and be gentle with yourself and kind!

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      July 9, 2018 at 11:26 am

      Oh, thank you so so much girl!! Pregnancy is such a blessing and I truly appreciate your kind words 🙂 I can imagine it is fun to see it go back to normal haha. Enjoy that sweet baby girl!

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