Baby O Bumpdate: 24 Weeks

Baby O 24 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update

I am halfway through my second trimester and it is crazy how much is changing week to week. Not only did we move to Minnesota about 2 weeks ago (read more here), but I also just meant with the location where we are planning to have Baby O! It's a crazy feeling and aside from all those changes my little biscuit seems to be growing faster than ever. It basically seems like my bump gets bigger by the day and it's such a beautiful thing. Growing a little human/bff/mini me is the best gift from God. With the move time has flown by and then seemed to stay depending on the week, but to think that I only have 16 weeks left before I meet Baby O is amazing. Read more about my 24 week bumpdate and all the things that have changed in the last 4 weeks.

Also, if you missed my 20 week bumpdate and your at that mark in your pregnancy, make sure to check it out here because I shared so many things from cravings to the not so fun side of pregnancy.

Baby O 24 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update

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Baby O Details


How far along:

24 weeks

Due Date:

September 7, 2018 - the day after our 3rd wedding anniversary

Baby O's Size:

He/she is the size of a cantaloupe. My app states that the baby measures at 11.8 inches and 1.30 pounds. Like I stated in my previous bumpdate, our baby measured above weight at our last ultrasound so I'm assuming it's even bigger than listed above.

Heart rate:

Yesterday the heart rate was just above 134

Baby weight gain:

I'm going to get really real with you guys and I don't want any judgement. I have already gained about 20-25 pounds and it blew my mind when I weight myself yesterday. My midwife says it's totally fine because I'm working out and it doesn't show to be bad especially since I'm measuring right where I'm supposed be. To think that I may gain 30-50 pounds is insane. Baby weight is something so many people deal with and I'm just happy Baby O is growing & thriving. Don't be hard on yourself. Eat healthy, stay active and be happy.

Baby O 24 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update

The Fun Stuff

Movement everyday

I used to worry about if the baby was okay or not almost everyday because until about 3 weeks ago I couldn't feel that there was actually a baby inside of me. I basically lived for my doctors appointments every 4 weeks so I could see our little babe in the ultrasound sound or so I could hear the heartbeat. Although I still love obviously hearing the heartbeat I can now rest assured everyday that Baby O is doing well. Feeling the flutters and mini kicks throughout the day has been the most special thing ever. It makes the connection we already had so much deeper its crazy. It also makes everything feel so real and knowing that I will soon be able to hold this little squirming babe in 4 months is amazing.

Feeling great & getting active

I still feel really great which has been amazing during the move. I have started to feel a bit more tired than usual, but with the stress of moving and having almost everyday packed with something I'm not surprised. The good news is I'm finally getting into a regular gym schedule and it feels so amazing. Being active during pregnancy is super important for you and the baby and I am finally able to do that more now that we're settling into our new home. I try to get to the gym at least 3-4 times a week plus be active on the side as much as possible. We live right by a lake again which we finally got to walking around the other night. Summer nights in Minnesota are beautiful and everything is so green which is super different from Colorado. It's been perfect for evening nights with Kirb Rich.


My cravings have subsided a bit since my last bumpdate and I am finally getting back into a healthier routine. The biggest thing I crave is ice cream. I seriously want it every night and I have had to really try and talk myself out of it as much as possible, but I also think there could be worse things. I need to live and I'm truly just enjoying being pregnant. I stated in my 20 Week Bumpdate that I was craving anything and everything breakfast food and that is still very true. Cereal is always at the top of my list next to waffles and eggs. Yogurt with fruit & granola is a favorite as well. I'm loving breakfast food so much that I told my Mom to host a brunch baby shower so I can indulge all day. Yay!



Baby O 24 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update

The Not so Fun Stuff

Swelling Feet

With the humid and hot summer days starting the swelling thing has become a real thing. Standing on my feet for long periods of time is obviously when its worse. It just comes out of no where and then starts to throb. Aside from just standing it can happen by simply being in the heat too long. Elevating them is the best thing to do and really just taking the pressure off. I'm lucky to have Kirby as well because he has been so amazing with massaging them almost every night. That man is special.

Blatter Pressure and A Bit of Discomfort

To be The Blatter pressure has just started and I am definitely peeing more than normal. It's insane to me honestly. I can go to the bathroom and then within 10-15 minutes I have to go again. Obviously this is not all the time, but it's happening more than normal now. I'm also started to feel a bit more uncomfortable when it comes to going to bed. Switching from side to side constantly and almost always feeling a bit of bloat makes getting comfortable a lot more difficult.

The Never Ending Crazy Dreams

I spoke about this previously as well and it has not slowed down. The crazy dreams are so dang real and I swear they are become even more weird as this pregnancy goes on. I can't even think to tell Kirby the next morning because nothing every makes sense. One crazy and weird thing after another in such random sequences I couldn't even begin to make sense of any of it.

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Baby O 24 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update
Baby O 24 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update
Baby O 24 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update
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