6 Tips for a Healthy Morning Routine

6 Tips for Having a Healthy Morning Routine

Mornings are not for everyone. I myself, am a morning person, but not in the sense that I don't like my sleep. I'm just the type of person that wakes up ready to go and usually jamming to my own beat in my head. That was definitely something Kirby had to get used to haha. Now that I'm pregnant mornings are an even more crucial part of my day. Without staring off in the right mood, with the right food and energy it can be really hard to get my groove for the day. Pregnancy is so beautiful, but so weird. Everything is changing. I'm hear to share my 6 tips for a healthy morning routine that anyone can use.

6 Tips for Having a Healthy Morning Routine

1: Don't Pick Up Your Phone First Thing

Its kind of sad how truly difficult it is to not pick up your phone the second you wake up. Especially if you're a blogger or social influencer and work full time on your phone. I got into a bad habit months back about checking my phone, my Instagram messages, my emails, and anything else that I thought was pressing for that day. If you think about it, you start your day before your feet even touch the ground. To me, thats just insane and with the world we live in already being non-stop I knew I needed to start my day off with focusing on me before leaping into everything else.

When you start your day with your phone you don't give yourself a chance to even think. You're already into your to-do list and you're already set on getting things done before you've even thought about the day ahead. My biggest tip for a healthy morning routine is leaving the phone be before getting through the rest of the steps below.


2: Make Time for God

As you babes know by now I am a huge believer. God is the highlight of my day always and no matter what I feel a sense of calm whenever my heart or head is focus on Him. To me, it's silly to think of starting your day without Him. He for one already knows the path that lies ahead and reassures us to trust. Without using this precious time in the morning to focus your head into the right space of mind its hard to say how your mood will end up throughout the day. 

My favorite thing of all is the devotional book Jesus Calling. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me talk about it there. My mother-in-law gave it to me as a gift for college graduation right before Kirby and I took off on our adventure to Colorado. It has been one of the best material gifts I've ever received. Since then my sister and my mom have both gotten it and are just as attached as me. It's such an easy way to get your mindset in the right place and somehow it always connects to what you're going through. Almost in a weird way sometimes where I think, "God, how did you do that?" Finding a small way to make it easier on yourself to connect with Him is game changing.


... And to wake up knowing that God is one my side, is enough. 

3: Take Care of Your Skin

I started getting pretty obsessed with my skincare about 6 months before my wedding and I wish it would have happened sooner. Taking good care of your skin is one of the most important things ever. Its life changing and makes a huge difference even just after a week of keeping up with a good routine. Getting into a night routine, I think, is easier than morning with already taking off makeup and such. 

I'm a lucky girl because my mom works for Clinique so she started sending my so many different precast to try out and that's when my morning routine really kicked off. Washing your face and going through a regime of different skincare products leaves your skin, face and neck feeling super refreshed and ready for the day. I listed my all time favorite products below:



4: Eat a Balanced Breakfast

To be honest, I have never been a huge fan of breakfast or even breakfast food for that matter. I remember growing up and my mom forcing me to eat toast or sausage on my way out the door. Well, pregnancy has changed all of that. I realized early own how truly important it was to have a good breakfast and how much I really needed it. My taste buds have also changed which has now made me the biggest lover of breakfast food ever. Pancakes, waffles, eggs, avocado toast... You name it, I want it. 

Making sure you eat a balanced breakfast each morning is a crucial part to the energy you have and keep throughout the day. Pregnant or not, you need to start filling your energy level right off the bat and more than just 2 cups of coffee which is definitely the route I used to take. I've become a huge fan of whipping up fun and super simple yogurt bowl breakfast, check out my favorite recipe here. Obviously like I noted, it's all about balance so a donut here and there or my favorite bowl of Reese's Puff cereal is definitely okay in my eyes. 

If you're on the go the easiest thing for me is creating a simple and packed smoothie. I like to add fruit, greek yogurt, granola, peanut butter and a banana to keep me full as long as possible. I'm also a huge sucker for Lara Bar's and always make sure one is in my purse. 


Your day is pretty much formed by how you spend your first hour. Check your thoughts, attitude and heart

5: Find Time to Sweat or Stretch

I'm trying to get better at this, but some days are easier then others. Waking up and getting a small workout in, a short walk or even a really good stretch is so nice and set's the body up for the day. I think its best to try and get things done earlier so it's not something that can be easily passed off as you go through the day. I can't say I'm the best at this step, but I'm working on it each day.

Stretching is super important when being pregnant because everything just become a bit more sore with the added wait and the ever changing body. Doing this in the morning has helped loosen me up before I chain myself to my desk for the rest of the day. I have also loved finding workouts on youtube to follow which has helped a ton with figure out exercises I can and can't to. Plus, now that its starting to get warmer I'll try to carve out time in the afternoon to get some sun and some walking in which is a win, win in my eyes.

I think no matter what time of the day as long as you think about fitting a workout in or a moment to stretch it will make your day that much easier and your body that much more healthy.


6: Make a To-do List

I cannot stress this enough. I have become such a big to-do list person this past year and I am totally obsessed with my system. I actually talked about this in my post on 5 Tips for Having the Best Year. I've found this love for checking things off my list and once I found that it made me even more of a fan for creating them. I think it's really important to list out the top 3 things that need to be finished that day followed by the other tasks you want/hope to get finished. Doing this in the morning is crucial because the most important things that need to get done are all at the fore front of your mind. 

Another thing that is super important with the to-do list is making sure you stay on task. I am so bad with jumping around to the things I think are easier or that I want to do first which ends up throwing my day off. Sticking to the top 3 things that you list out in the morning and then working off the next small list is whats going to keep the day flowing best.

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6 Tips for Having a Healthy Morning Routine
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