4 Ways To Get Your Home & Mind Ready for the Holidays

4 Ways To Get Your Home & Mind Ready for the Holidays with Everstar

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4 Ways To Get Your Home & Mind Ready for the Holidays with Everstar

The holidays are totally sneaking up on us and I'm not mad about it! It's crazy for me to think of what last year was like compared to where we're at now. New house, toddler life and feeling totally rejuvenated after a year of navigating through parenthood. It has been a ride, but one I'm so grateful for. As we move into the busiest time of year I wanted to help center you and prepare your mind for a season of thanksgiving. I'm sharing 4 ways to get your home & mind ready for the holidays + some fun holiday decor ideas!

I don't think anyone truly wants to dislike this time of year. It's just really easy to get caught up in the wrong attitude. My biggest tip: celebrate the holidays in a way that will make you happiest. For example, if you're like me and really want to gift all of your friends and family something, make every gift small allowing your budget to make it work. Whatever it is you can totally make it work, you just need to be in tune with what's really important to you.

4 Ways to Get Your Home & Mind Ready for the Holidays

Scented Candles & Peaceful Music

You can easily set the tone in your household to whatever you want with sounds & scents. I don't think I'm alone when I say Fall & Holiday inspired scents are by far the best smells of the year. This year I was so excited that I lit one at the end of August! I almost got annoyed with myself, but at the same time it brought me so much happiness and comfort who cares! If playing Christmas music in November is want sparks holiday joy for you than go for it!

Home Cooking & Baking

Even if you're not someone who normally lives in the kitchen, this is totally the time of year to get in there! I highly suggest finding a festive meal, dessert or even a fun cocktail (if that's the type of mixing you're into!) to whip up some holiday spirit. I swear it's hard to dislike the craziness of the holidays if you're stuffing your face with your favorite desserts. Trust me, I'm all about splurging at this time of year. There are way too many good dishes that I never get to eat any other time. So yes, I might started making mulled wine November 1st and all are welcome to join!

Reminders of Why the Holidays are Important to You

This is so crucial in starting the holidays off on the right foot. It's way too easy to get carried away in buying gifts, hitting every holiday party, and wanting/striving for perfection. Make sure before the holidays hit to make a list of 3-5 of the most important things to you this holiday season. That way, when you find yourself spiraling into a holiday burnout in the middle of November, check your list and see if any of those things are whats making you stressed.

Two things on my list this year: getting to church every Sunday (no matter the crazy schedule!) and enjoying Christmas music while baking with my guys.


So, if you've come to our home during the holidays you are already very aware that we're into holiday decorating. I seriously still laugh at the fact that both Kirby and I have a deep obsessed with decorating for Christmas and when we realized that, it was game over. I know so many people can get frustrated with early decorations, but I truly think if it's into November, who cares! If holiday decorating is what brings you Christmas cheer then get those lights up, bring the smell of evergreen into your home and get ready for the sound of bells for the next month. Holiday decorations are the best way to get your mindset into a positive spot. The great thing, it can be done however you want. There are no rules.

One way we like to make Christmas feel alive in our household are lights! This year, we're so ready to deck our new house out with EZ-Illuminations Super Sparkle lights from Walmart. Adding a little color to your greenery, fireplace mantel, outdoor landscaping or even fun decorative vases is sometimes all you need to bring in something extra. The coolest thing about these lights is the sparkle they give off! I love the effect because it reminds me of Christmas window displays I loved looking at growing up (or even now!).

The EZ-Illuminations Super Sparkle lights are super unique and really affordable! You can find them at Walmart along with so many other holidays decorative pieces to help bring holiday cheer right into your home!

4 Ways To Get Your Home & Mind Ready for the Holidays with Everstar
4 Ways To Get Your Home & Mind Ready for the Holidays with Everstar
4 Ways To Get Your Home & Mind Ready for the Holidays with Everstar

Tip for Decorating on a Budget

Before you start slapping up all of your Christmas & Thanksgiving decorations, take a good look at everything you have. Are you utilizing all the decorations you have or just continuing to buy new? Just like our closets, reusing decorations in new settings or ways can totally change up the feel and the look of your home. Growing up we did different themes for each room (snowman, bells, Santa, etc.) and although we used a lot of the same things each year (and new things!) we were able to completely change up how we displayed them by really knowing what we had to work with it.

To help show you what I mean, I shot the EZ-Illuminations Super Sparkle lights in two different settings using almost all of the same decorations. Both look similar, but give off such different looks & feels. I love playing around with home decor just like I love restyling fashion pieces. Hope this can help inspire you to think out of the box when it comes to decorating & to know when all else fails, add sparkly lights!


4 Ways To Get Your Home & Mind Ready for the Holidays with Everstar
4 Ways To Get Your Home & Mind Ready for the Holidays with Everstar
4 Ways To Get Your Home & Mind Ready for the Holidays with Everstar
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