Baby O Bumpdate: 32 Weeks

Baby O 32 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update

Only 8 weeks to go until we hit Baby O's due date. Woohoo! I'm 32 weeks pregnant today and feeling more pregnant than ever. My belly is totally popping and I'm slowly getting to the point of being ready to not be pregnant anymore. Don't get me wrong, I have and continue to love every little change that my body goes through and I know for a fact I will miss the deep connection you get with your baby. When I look back though and remember finding out Christmas morning that I was pregnant... It kind of feels like I've been pregnant forever. Cheers to the last trimester! Read more below about my 32 week bumpdate with what I'm craving, Baby O details and more.

Baby O 32 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update

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Baby O Details


How far along:

32 weeks

Due Date:

September 7, 2018 - the day after our 3rd wedding anniversary

Baby O's Size:

He/she is the size of an squash. My app states that the baby measures 15.2 to 16.7 inches and weights 2.5 to 3.8 pounds. However, 2 weeks ago at our last ultra sound baby was measuring a week earlier than it's due date and weighting in at 3.7 pounds already. Woofta. We may have a big baby on our hands!

Heart beat:

At the ultrasound 2 weeks ago baby had a heart rate of 145 and I just got to hear it again at our midwife appointment yesterday. Pure magic.

Baby weight gain:

I've tried to be as open as possible with my weight gain and loved being raw with you babes on my Body Positivity Through Pregnancy post last week. Weigth gain is hard to deal with, but as long as your baby is healthy you just need to relax. I weight myself yesterday and have gained a little over 40 pounds.

Baby O 32 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update

The Fun Stuff

Nursery Set Up

It has been so dang fun getting into setting up the baby nursery. We have thought about things for so long and now actually putting things into action has been amazing. Each little detail makes the room more and more special. I know some people think a gender neural nursery is hard, but even if I knew what I as having I wouldn't have gone hard one way or the other. I will be sharing a reveal at the end of July/beginning of August and I can't wait to show you guys what we've been working on. I did just do a post about everything on our baby registry + my thoughts on the do's and the don'ts of creating one. Make sure to check that out if your still confused on creating yours.

Prepping for Baby

As we get closer and closer everything has started to become more real. We recently just met with our duola who is actually my best friend from high school! We can't wait to go through this process with her and have her by our side through everything. Talking about labor and all that goes into the birth had been really fun. Yes, scary at times because it's all the unknown, but knowing that we're going to be meeting our baby so soon is unreal. I just signed up for birthing class today and will be keeping you all in the loop with which one's we did + my feelings on them. With planning a natural birth it was super important to make sure we had enough prep so Kirby and I could be as at ease as possible during labor.


If you've been following along on my Instagram stories you know by now that my biggest craving of all is cereal. I literally can't stop, won't stop and we always have to have milk + multiple kinds available. I'm also still really into ice cream and basically all sweets. I swear I have never been this into sweets in my life, but I'm not mad about it. I mean... I'll have the extra scoop if that's what baby wants. Lol.

Baby O 32 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update

The Not so Fun Stuff

Feeling Oh So Pregnant

Although it's a beautiful thing it's also becoming quite insane. I feel like I'm basically waddling everywhere at this point and just feel like my bump is out of control. I know we only have 8 weeks to go so I keep my spirits up by knowing that I'll be able to fit into normal clothes eventually. I swear I've never been this excited for Fall in my life!

Stay Up All Night, Sleep All Day

I know I talked about lack of sleep in my 28 week bumpdate and sadly it hasn't gotten any better. I really try to get myself to sleep at a decent hour, but 1-2 AM has become way too normal. I have had a ton going on with work and planning my sister's bachelorette party. So to say my mind is constantly going is an understatement. We're actually in route to the bachelorette party now, so I am hoping that with this weekend behind me the sleep will get a bit better. We'll see!

Heartburn ALL THE TIME

I have never had heartburn before pregnancy and it is on a different level. Earlier on I would just get it if I ate certain tings or if I ate to fast, but know it's just all the time. If I eat, if I don't eat, if I lay weird... Constant. With only being advised to take up to 4 Tums a day I have had to spread things out to keep myself sane. This is definitely one pregnancy side effect that I truly can't wait to get rid of. There is just less and less space in my body which causes so much crowding. Pray for me!

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Baby O 32 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update
Baby O 32 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update
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