2019: The Year of Rejuvenation

2019 New Years Theme | New Years Goal - Everyday Chiffon
2019 New Years Theme | New Years Goal - Everyday Chiffon

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Hello 2019! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us! We had quite the year last year. The biggest thing of 2018 was obviously welcoming our sweet Addi into the world. I can't even imagine what life would be like without him. The last 4 months have been a whirlwind of emotions as Kirby and I navigate through parenthood. Absolutely no one & nothing can prepare you for it. Aside from starting the biggest adventure of our lives... We moved across the country, Kirby got a new job, I took on blogging full time and we helped plan my little sisters wedding/all the festivities that come with it. So yeah, you could say we stayed busy. If you've been following along on the blog for a couple years then you know we have a tradition of picking a theme for each new year. It has helped us immensely when it comes to sticking to what we truly want out of that year. It's always so rewarding looking back and seeing that we lived out our theme. I'm excited to share with you this years theme - 2019: The Year Of Rejuvenation.

The Year of Rejuvenation

2018 was full of so much change. The main focus was on becoming parents and what we needed to do to be as well set up for that as possible. We focused on driving out our success and setting up our life for what was going to work best with a baby. We no longer lived for ourselves fully. Parenthood is amazing, but there really isn't much room for selfishness and I truly believe that begins to go away through pregnancy. Although you're still just a family of two your thoughts and mindset have already begun to shift. Once Addison arrived the greatest adventure of our lives took off and there has been no looking back. I can't even imagine life without our sweet little boy.

Motherhood is the biggest dream I've ever had in my life. I'm so thankful for being blessed with the strength to create life and think it's by far the coolest accomplishment ever. However, motherhood is harder than I ever could have imagined. You give your all, all the time. When I say no one can prepare you for it, I am not lying. You are 100% caring for, teaching, playing, consoling, loving, feeding, etc. an angel baby all day every day. I could not be more happy to be able to work from home so daycare isn't needed, but lord, motherhood itself is a full time job. It's unreal the energy you somehow continue to have throughout it all. Loving on another human, besides your husband or yourself is the best gift ever and comes with its own challenges. Not the loving them part because lets be honest, the second Addison smiles at me all exhaustion or feeling of not being able to give anymore, goes out the door.

Mama Needs a Boost

Rejuvenate means to restore and make fresh again. Well, after the year we had this mama needs all of that and more. Giving my all to Addison is something that will obviously never change. What does need to change is giving some of that love back to me. Now that Addi is almost 4 months old I feel so much more comfortable with daily life. Don't get me wrong, days are still left with questions on what he is really trying to say to me, some tears and a whole lot of wondering if what I'm doing is right. I do, however, finally feel as though my feet or somewhat back on the ground.

Kirby and I talked for a few days on what we wanted to theme this year. When we found this word it just stuck. We're ready to freshen ourselves up, and ready to make ourselves restored back into the energy we had prior to pregnancy and parenthood. Obviously life will never be the same now that we'e a family of 3. We're just ready to get back to feeling more like ourselves and less like a bundle of mess. We put so much on hold while preparing for our greatest adventure. Not in a bad way. We wanted to make the changes needed for parenthood, but now we want to put more focus back into those spots we put on hold. We're feeling excited for the challenges ahead.

Work - Life - Motherhood... Balance

I thought finding balance between working as an entrepreneur and having time for living was hard. Think again. As my own boss it's so nice to be able to work whenever and however I need to. The downside to that is never being able to turn off. Working as a full time blogger is so much fun. Connecting with all of you, working with dream brands and letting my creative juices run free is a dream come true. It's also the most work I've ever put into any job in my life. Social media never stops, which makes it really hard to stop or take a break, ever. I'm not looking for pity, by any means, but just trying to make light of why a reboot is so needed.

I took lots of time off once Addi arrived. I've still been around, still completed tons of work and collaborations, but haven't been able to fully focus on some things I normally would at this time of year. I'm itching to freshen up my website, bring new life to new corners of my brand and to make new partnerships with different brands. I want to strive to grow more than ever before and I can't wait to truly take Everyday Chiffon to new heights this year. The title work from home mama is something that should allow you to basically get any job in the entire world.


Kirby and I have fallen more in love with each other this past year. It's so fun doing life with him. Kirby is the best support system ever and truly looks out for me at all times. He saw me at my lowest after the craziness of Addison's birth and jumped into action. Amen for that man. Although we have never felt closer, we really don't have much time to focus on each other. By the time the end of the day hits we're both exhausted and looking to unwind. I would be lying if I said it was easy. Our marriage has changed in the biggest way ever. Right now we are trying to kind of find each other in between giving so much love to Addi.

We're making an effort to spend time with one another whenever that's possible. We just got out for a few hours this past weekend and it was the first time we both felt like our full selves again. Laughing with friends and being in a busy bar was really good for us. Of course we were so excited to get home to our little boy, but we're working on doing that more often. Raising a child would not be easy with a marriage that isn't strong. Communication is key and making sure to be yourself outside of being a Mom and a Dad. It's exciting to start this new year finally feeling a bit more like us again. It will constantly be work now with Addison in the picture, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Past Years

2016: The Year Of Doing - This was our first new year as a married couple. We wanted nothing more than to be doing adventure together and I think we only had 4-5 weekends without plans.

2017: The Year of Focus & Success - We finally started talks of me working towards being a full time blogger and we both wanted to make that happen. Kirby was also, at the time, dabbling in a few different business ideas. It was a tough journey as I hated my job, but didn't quite know what direction to go in right away. So happy I landed here today.

2018: The Year of Patience & Hustle - After finding out we were pregnant Christmas morning we knew big changes were ahead. We also knew that big changes didn't happen over night. We had to be patient on hitting each thing and needed to hustle to make things happen. What a year it was!

Happy New Year babes! I highly recommend picking a theme for your year so you can achieve whatever it is in life you're striving for. Sometimes you name the year thinking one thing will happen and you end it astonished at what you did. GET IT!


2019 New Years Theme | New Years Goal - Everyday Chiffon
2019 New Years Theme | New Years Goal - Everyday Chiffon
2019 New Years Theme | New Years Goal - Everyday Chiffon
2019 New Years Theme | New Years Goal - Everyday Chiffon
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