12 Bodysuits You’ll Love & Need for Spring

Happy Love Day babes ❤❤ I love, love and I think any day that puts the focus on it is an amazing day to celebrate. That’s not to say I’m into blowing it up and buying unnecessary gifts or things for my hubby, or for anyone I may show some love to, but I do think it’s important to take some extra time to show how much you truly care for them, love them and appreciate them for everything they do and bring to your life Kirby and I keep things pretty low key for Valentine’s Day… We’ll either head out to a casual dinner at one of our fave spots around Denver or keep it simple and stay home to cook up a fun dinner together, but Kirby actually has me guessing on what our plans are for this evening… YAY!  What do you love to do or love about Valentines Day?!

One thing I know I love and one thing I know you will love… are bodysuits I waited entirely too long to try this trend out and now I can’t get enough of these babies! They’re so comfortable, super easy to style and can make any outfit fun and trendy. 

The one I am wearing is from ASOS and less than $20! The sleeves are super fun and girly and the color is obviously my fave! Shop all 12 linked bodysuits below!

Hope you all have the most lovely love day of all!!


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