Newborn Must Haves & New Products for Baby #2

Newborn Must Haves + New Products on my List for Baby #2 | Everyday Chiffon
Newborn Must Haves + New Products for Baby #2 | Everyday Chiffon

Newborn Must Haves

There are so many products out there as a new mama, I'm happy to say we like a lot of what we used. I wanted to share some of our favorites with you in case you're feeling overwhelmed or welcoming a second & looking for something new.

Nose Frida - As disgusting as it sounds & looks, absolutely necessity. The best way to clean out your littles nose, and weirdly satisfying as a parent.

Newton Breathable Crib Mattress - Somewhat of a splurge, but the biggest peace of mind. It also works for a toddler size bed if you transition to that from a crib. Cover is completely breathe through + washable!

Halo Bassinet - If I'm being fully honest, Addison didn't love this. He was a movement baby & we used the Rock N Play a lot for sleep (I know its recalled & we're so happy nothing scary happened with Addi!). We're going to hope for the best with baby 2 because I love the design of the swivel over the bed + living in an old house comes with little rooms.

Car Mirror - No brainer. We used it up until we flipped Addison forward facing.

UppaBaby Vista Stroller - Definitely a pricey stroller, but we love that multiple kids can be added onto it. I'm a little annoyed with the design of adding a toddler onto it, but we're going to make it work because the bassinet feature with a summer newborn + the convenience of already having the stroller is hard to pass up. It's lightweight & sleek looking too which is a plus.

Bottle Drying Mat - Easy to clean and really nice to have!

Bouncer - This isn't used until 5/6 months, but Addison loved it so much. Great way to be handsfree plus let baby start to get the feel of using his/her legs.

Solly Baby Wrap - Loved having this with Addison & I'm sure will love it even more with baby 2. Being handsfree is key & this is super soft, easy to wash, simple to use + great for bringing along on quick trips.

Chicco Fit2 Infant & Toddler Carseat - Super lightweight & worked awesome for Addison until just after 2. We simply bought a converter to make it work on the UppaBaby stroller too.

Baby Carrier - Great for all seasons & has 6 positions for newborn to toddler. We got a lot of use out of this and will get even more with having a baby in Spring.

Baby Monitor - We have already bought a second camera to have in the babies room. Super nice being able to link both cameras up to the monitor and toggle through them.

Boppy Nursing Pillow - Another no brainer. One of the most used product on this list.

Baby Bath Support - We got this when Addison was about 3/4 months and can't wait to have it for a newborn. Super nice to have the baby sitting in the bathtub keeping them warmer than the sink situation. Plus, this is easy to keep clean.

Halo Sleep Sack - We tried a lot of swaddles & sleep sacks because Addison was a ninja & got out of everything. Except these! We ended up buying multiples to have & loved them.

Kick & Play Gym - Not the most aesthetically pleasing baby product, but Addison still plays with this piano! It's a toy that transitions through the ages & he now sings the songs which warms my heart. It's easy to wipe clean + easy to store.

Medela Sonata Breast Pump - I was fortunate enough to be an over producer (fingers crossed for this again!), so I breastfed and pumped daily. This specific Medela pump can be charged for up to 2 hours (roughly) and was easy to use even while traveling. It was great not having to have it plugged in. Plus, it was powerful and kept up with my milk supply.

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New Products on my List

Sharing a few new items I'd like to use with baby #2. It's crazy that within even just a few years there are so many new things to try. With having a bit tighter space between living in an old home & having a toddler running around, some of these will be super beneficial to have.

Outdoor Anit-UV Tent - Easy set up & take down. I can see us using this in the backyard or at the park.

Travel Bassinet - With it being summer, we are always on the go & having something like this to quickly set up, even at my parents house, would be really nice.

Infant Lounger - We never had one of these with Addison, but with this being our second it's definitely something I want. Plus, this one is about $100 less than the DockATot!

Baby Nail Clippers - I've had way to many of my mama friends rave about this! Need to try.

Hatch Rest+ Sound Machine - A bit pricey, but seems to have a lot of benefits. I might have to do a little convincing to get Kirby on board with this one.

Uppababy Vista Rumble Seat - This is the seat we need to purchase for our stroller so Addison can continue to face forward (looking out). We could have both kids on the stroller now with what it came with (the seat he sits in currently + bassinet), but Addison has to then sit facing towards us. Kirby and I both know that won't fly. The Rumble seat works for an up to 35lb toddler or 36in long (whichever comes first). Addison is smaller for his age so this will work all season for sure.

Changing Pad - Again, lots of friends have raved about this to the point I want to for sure try it with baby 2. We don't have a standard changing table and this grips right onto it for no slipping + easy to clean (no pad covers required which means less wash!).

BabyBjorn Bouncer - A bit of a splurge, but something I was bummed we didn't have with Addison. The swing/bouncer we do have takes up a large footprint + has automatic movement. Yes, it's nice, but I think also played a part with Addison struggling to sleep without movement. I like that this has to be manually bounced, can move around the home easy + baby learns movement early on from his/her own kicks.

Haakaa Breast Pump - The number 1 thing I've been told to purchase from many of you! Especially as an over producer, this $30 "pump" sits on the nipple the baby isn't feeding off of and catches all the milk the naturally leaks. I'm probably most excited to have this!

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