Mason Jar Patriotic Dessert Recipe

Fourth of July is one of my all time favorite holidays. I love celebrating this beautiful land of the free. We are so lucky to live in this country and have all the opportunities that we do. We're so lucky there are men and women putting their lives at risk so we can continue to live freely and safely. Showing this country love shouldn't be a one day thing however going all out on one day is really fun. I grew up with crazy firework shows (put on by my Dad because he has a major obsession with them and I love it), being surrounded by friends and family, eating way too much fun and repping all the red, white and blue I possibly could. I then married my sweet husband who is equally in love with the Fourth of July and well, the rest is history. Of course, I'm a fan of the food every year, but this year especially since I'll be skipping on all the fun cocktails. I found these mason jar patriotic dessert recipe and new immediately that I was going to make it. It's adorable, super easy to make and has the three best colors for this holiday celebration included. A win all around. Check out the recipe below + how I put it all together.

Mason Jar Patriotic Dessert | Fourth of July Dessert

The Recipe

4 Mason Jars

Angle Food Cake



Whipped Cream

Directions: Using a box of angle food cake, mix together and bake in square dish. Cute small cubes and place in the bottom of each jar. Add layers of strwaberries, whipped cream and then blueberries. Super simple and super festive.

Easy Fourth of July Decor

Mason jars are a staple in our house for so many different things. Kirby always makes it homemade salsa and stores them in mason jars, I love to use them as vases and actually have mini little ones from our wedding that I plan to store homemade baby food in. To me they are an american decor classic and perfect for celebrating the Fourth of July. Adding the edition of flags and anything else red, white and blue basically makes for the perfect party setting. You can find so many pieces at Wayfair and everything is super affordable. Check out the festive decor here and make sure to please everyone with this delicious dessert. Okay, I'm going to go eat mine now even though its a week before the actual day.

If you're looking for Fourth of July style inspo I created a post including non-maternity and maternity pieces here. Cheers to the land of the FREE!


Mason Jar Patriotic Dessert | Fourth of July Dessert
Mason Jar Patriotic Dessert | Fourth of July Dessert
Mason Jar Patriotic Dessert | Fourth of July Dessert


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