Holiday Hosting & Festive Dishes

Holiday Hosting & Festive Dishes | Everyday Chiffon
Holiday Hosting & Festive Dishes | Everyday Chiffon
Holiday Hosting & Festive Dishes | Everyday Chiffon

Holiday Hosting

Kirby and I truly had the best time ever hosting our holiday house warming party last weekend. Having our home filled with friends & family from all over was just magical & something we have always dreamed of. It was so fun that I didn't get one picture of the set-up, festive holiday dishes or all of the amazing people filling our home. I was sad for 2 seconds until I realized that the memories will be in my heart forever. It could not have been more perfect.

I definitely learned a lot throughout the process. Hosting is such a tough job! To be honest, you never quite get to fully slow down and everything goes by way too quickly. Prepping dishes, keeping plates full and tables cleaned is a full time job! I made sure to not get crazy with doing that so I could actually have conversations with everyone that came, but it's just the name of the game. My few tips: take a moment to look and see all the effort you put into your home & your party, eat the food you created, know that you can never prep too much and clean everything up before you go to bed. Trust me, so worth it.

I wanted to share the dishes Kirby and I chose on serving + the fun boozy drink we created (hint: it's warm & the easiest thing to make!). Enjoy!

Festive Dishes

Main Dish

We kept it simple with Kirby's Crockpot Chili. Serving with a few small dishes of shredded cheese, sour cream and crackers makes the perfect warm dish for all.


Christmas Tree Pesto Breadsticks - the original recipe is a spinach dip Christmas tree, but I went with my families homemade pesto sauce instead. It's a favorite of mine and I had a frozen half recipe on hand which was the perfect amount. It was a lot easier to make than I would have thought too and everyone loved it.

Sausage & Stuffing Balls with Cranberry Dipping Sauce - these were super easy to make & an absolute hit!

Charcuterie Board

Chips & Homemade Salsa

*we also had out friends & family bring a favorite festive dish if possible! Fun way to try new things and fill the table with food!


Spritz Cookies - my all time favorite holiday cookies. I usually like to make three colors with three different designs, but you can do whatever you want!

Sweet Chaos Popcorn - I served three different holiday flavors in cute little paper snowflake cups. Easy way to fill some table space, look festive & keep people munching between pours lol

Festive Boozy Drink

Peppermint Hot Chocolate - Cocoa, Vodka & Peppermint Schnapps. We simply heated this up in our dutch oven on the stuff and then kept it on low throughout the party. You can make it as strong as you want! I had small dishes on the side filled with marshmallows, Andes Mint chips and crushed candy canes + whipped cream of course!

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