Holiday Gift Guide for Mama to Be

Holiday Gift Guide for Mama to Be | Gifts for Expecting Moms | Everyday Chiffon
Holiday Gift Guide for Mama to Be - Gifts for Expecting Moms | Everyday Chiffon

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Holiday Gift Guide for Mama to Be

Spoiling any mama to be (first, second, fourth child) with cozy, self-care gifts is so important! They're creating a human - and let me tell you, it's tough work! Since I'm expecting a little this year I wanted to round up a few gifts that are on my wishlist, a couple of my favorite products & a few top recommend gifts from fellow mama's. I had a lot of fun creating my gift guide for mama to be's and hope this helps with some inspiration!

Top Mama to Be Gift:

Boppy pregnancy pillows are at the top of my list on my gift guide for mama to be! I have all 3 Boppy pregnancy pillows and can't say enough good things about them. Each one can be used for sleep and is easily washable with the removable cover. The side sleeper has been great for sitting at my desk or on the couch. It gives more support (especially as the bump grows) and helps with taking away pressure from the back. I used both the side sleeper and petite pillow a ton during my pregnancy with Addison. The petite pillow is great for a smaller version of the pregnancy full support pillow in bed. I'd have to say that's my top pick out of all 3 Boppy pillows!

I just recently started trying out the full body pregnancy pillow and know this will be a huge hit as my belly get's bigger! It's great because you can use it as a pillow while it still supports your legs, belly and back. It's also a great option for postpartum with back support when nursing or just hanging in bed -which happens for hours in the very beginning! All 3 pillows are $50 or less making them an affordable gift find for any mama to be!

Top Recommend Gift for Postpartum:

When I posed the question on Instagram about the top product recommend or loved postpartum, the Haakaa Breast Pump won by a landslide! I didn't use this with Addison (as I don't think it came out until I was already into motherhood), but I will 100% be purchasing for baby #2! This little suction pump latches on to your breast while nursing and catches all the milk that would usually end up in a breast pad. Plus, it's perfect for traveling, cord free and works by just suctioning to your breast to collect milk. This may be the most genius invention for moms + so affordable! Whether a mama to be chooses to breastfeed or exclusively pump, this would be a great gift as it's preventing any loss of breast milk - and we all know how precious each little drop is!

Holiday Gift Guide for Mama to Be - Gifts for Expecting Moms | Everyday Chiffon

Boppy Pregnancy Pillows from left: Petite, Side Sleeper, Fully Body

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