Gifts for Toddler

gifts for toddler

Addison James is at such a fun stage right now. He has so much spunk, is curious about everything and loves to help. It's crazy to see how fast he learns things and all the changes that happen. We're so looking forward to Christmas morning because open boxes is a favorite thing of his. As I've been shopping around for him I've found some of the coolest gifts for toddler and I'm excited to share them with you!

I've linked items that Addison is currently using/playing with and a ton of other pieces he can grow in to using. I truly search out these toys and looking into all of the reviews because I am crazy about what I buy for Addison. I try not to buy every single thing I think of for him because he does not need it all. So many toys can be played with for multiple years and I always try to focus on things I know spike his interested.

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*For all other gift guides & holiday Inso make sure to go to my Holiday page!



Gifts for Toddler


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