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Gift Guide for the cozy homebody | Everyday Chiffon

As someone who works from home & has a little one at home, this list was made from my heart (lol). I wouldn't consider myself a homebody, but my life has changed so much & I am home more than ever before. Even though I work from home,  I still manage to get up and get ready... Most days. I do declare pajama days sporadically and have days when I just don't have the time/energy. So, cozy homebody goodies are the first things on my list now.

I love having good loungewear because it's something I wear constantly. Having cozy little things to brighter your mood, especially as a work from home or stay home mom, are crucial in your day. Sometimes those 10 minutes in a cozy robe with your favorite candle lit is the only moment you get to yourself.

This cozy homebody gift guide is for the girl who loves to stay in on a Friday night and dims the lights so you can see the candle flicker. So many of these gifts would be perfect for besties, sisters, moms and really any women who loves a moment to herself.

Happy gifting!



Starlight Wax Warmer: Love making these a part of my decor. There is nothing better than a yummy smelling home & being able to have this on at all times is so nice.

Fuzzy Sherpa Robe: A huge necessity in our new home! We have bathrooms separate from our master so staying cozy when walking too and from the shower is key. I'm someone who loves getting ready in my robe, so this is a game changer

Knit Sock Slippers: Wood floors and slippers are a match made in heaven. I've always beens someone who loves a good pair of slippers because it makes all the difference. Minnesota winters are no joke! Sock slippers are a bonus with keeping your ankles cozy too!

Cozy Blanket: Pillows and blankets can make any space cozy in seconds.This blanket is a bit of a splurge item, but it would be the ultimate gift for anyone homebody lover. Some of the highest ratings for one of the softest blankets!

Lap Desk Pillow: I have been wanting one of these for some time! Even though I finally have a pretty officer to get work done in, I still spend lots of nights working on my computer in the family room. It took a while to find the perfect one. A cell phone slot was necessarily, but not a mouse pad. Anyone who finds themselves laptop searching needs this!

Soft Matching Pajama Set: As a new lover of matching pajama, this is the perfect set!! I have a deep love for my soft spun joggers and this pajama set seems to be the perfect soft material. Sets like this can be so nice for mixing & matching too!

Essential Oil Diffuser: We have been using essential oils for years in our home. It's so fun to be able to mix & matches scents for setting different moods in each room. The main rooms I keep these in our bedrooms because there is nothing better than the smell of lavender & eucalyptus. Using one in Addison rooms has been great for the season of congestion and during any regressions.

Scarf & Soft Earmuffs or Knit Pom Pom Hat

It's  a winter staple in the midwest to get or give a gift that involves winter accessories. I searched high & low for the softest scarf ever because it's something that touches your face so much when all bundle up.

Ultimate Candle Gift Set

The best ever Voulspa candles are a huge favorite for so many people. This gift set allows your home to be filled with the best scents throughout. I think this is also a great way to test out which scent(s) you like best. Prefer gift for any candle lover.

Soft Lace Bralette

As someone who live sin bralettes, I can attest that this one is so good. I couldn't' believe how soft it was inside and I love the casual fit of it. The perfect bralette to throw on with your favorite casual leggings look.

High Waist Fleece Lined Leggings

Hello, winter staple! Fleece lined leggings are a game changer in Minnesota winters. Such a nice style to have for staying cozy during your everyday errands or staying comfy indoors.

Oversized Loose Knit Sweater

I'm someone who lives in oversized cardigans and sweater. I love the color of this one & the fact that it covers your butt. These are the types of sweaters you can lounge around in all day, but also run to Target without looking like you're still in your pajamas.



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