Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Easter is just around the corner! With all the craziness going on right now it's hard to think of celebrating the day as we all normally would. Addison is at such a fun age we definitely plan on doing an egg hunt around the yard or house (even if he doesn't totally get what we're doing!). With stores being closed or having limited options for shipping online, I searched high & low to create a fun list of Easter Basket ideas for toddlers. ALL are available for store pick up or shipping before Easter gets here.

I included a list of my top picks below + some big gifts if you're looking to splurge on your little. We're so close to living outdoors so most of the things on this list are perfect for keeping your toddler entertain in the backyard.

Happy Shopping!

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Easter Basket Ideas for Toddler

Garden Tool Kit - Love this idea as we have a lot of yard work in our futures. Addison already wants to do everything Kirby does around the yard, so this set would be perfect!

Sunglasses, Sandals or a Hat - Spring & Summer staples that would fit right into the basket!

Easter Themed Books - We have all of the ones I shared except one. So cute & fun to read all year. Biscuits Pet & Play Easter is a favorite.

Bike Helmet: We have a burley all set to go, but want to get Addison a helmet as we live in a very trafficked area. This one has awesome reviews and it's affordable!

Play-Doh Beginner Set - This is great for toddlers just starting out. You could also make your own Play-Doh here if chewing or eating it is a big worry for you lol. The set would still be fun to have for the tools!

Bubbles & Bubble Gun Blower - You could obviously just get a simple bubble container and your toddler would be set. However, when I saw this bubble gun I couldn't help but want it. It would make bubble blowing so much easier for me and a ton of entertain for Addison. Especially once he figures out how to use it!

Sidewalk Chalk - Definitely putting this in Addison's basket. A fun activity for toddlers & parents to do.

Spring Pajamas - Addison is growing like crazy lately so a fun bight pair of new pajamas would be a great Easter Basket stuffer. These Burt's Bee's pajamas have been some of our favorites.

Coloring Book & Chewing Safe Crayons - I've shared these so many times! The crayons are made of honey so completely okay if your toddler is a chewer (like Addi!). He has multiple coloring books, but this one is his favorite!

On-the-go Cups & Lids - Super cool idea that I've been meaning to get for some time. This set comes with a cup, but the lids can fit any average size cup making it easy to travel with and use any cup on hand!


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