Baby O Bumpdate: 28 Weeks – Hello 3rd Trimester

Baby O 28 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update

OMG! Third trimester here we go! I am in shock that we are 12 weeks away from meeting Baby O and in the home stretch of our first pregnancy. I've heard this time is the slowest and fastest time of pregnancy (if that makes sense) and I can totally believe that. The first 12 weeks were crazy because we kept it a secret from all our friends and it felt like the longest time ever. The second trimester flew by because we were finding Kirby a job (we haha, he did all the work), finding a place to move, moving across the country and then getting settled in and prepped in a totally new city. Woofta. It has been a lot, but now that we are settled in and getting closer to Baby O I can't help but get even more excited. I'm so excited to share my 28 week bumpdate with you babes as so much has changed and my bump has definitely popped.

Baby O 28 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update

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Baby O Details


How far along:

28 weeks

Due Date:

September 7, 2018 - the day after our 3rd wedding anniversary

Baby O's Size:

He/she is the size of an eggplant. My app states that the baby measures 13.6 to 14.8 inches and weights 1.5 to 25. pounds. We have an ultra sound scheduled in 2 weeks and I can't wait to find out exactly how big Baby O is.

Heart beat:

We just heard the heart beat at our appointment yesterday and it sounded stronger than ever. I swear sometimes I can feel it, but I could just be imagining it.

Baby weight gain:

You guys, the weight gain is real. I have gained almost 40 pounds already and it blows my mind. My midwife isn't worried at all because I am completely healthy and don't eat too unhealthy at all. It's just how it goes I guess. To be totally honest, I have been a little down on myself about it this past week. I swear I don't feel or look that I've gained that much and a number is just a number, but getting used to all the curves and the extra weight is really difficult.

Baby O 28 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update

The Fun Stuff

Movement That We Can SEE

I used I talked in my last bumpdate about being able to feel movement everyday which is just the best thing ever. It's so reassuring. We'll not only can I feel movement and can Kirby feel movement, but we can actually see the baby kicking on the outside! It's insane and so dang cool. Kirby actually felt the baby and saw the baby move the same night which was so special. It made me so happy seeing him actually be able to connect with the baby in a way that moms are so lucky to do everyday. The baby supposedly is getting some type of a sleep schedule and it's funny because I swear when I lay down Baby O starts moving like crazy. Shocker this little one is already keeping me up.

Baby Shower = So Many Baby Things

I am so excited because my baby shower is tomorrow! Woohoo! I am beyond excited to celebrate Baby O with all my closest friends and family and I can't wait to be around all things baby. Now that we are finally settled into our new place I am eager to get going on our nursery. We got the changing table about a month ago, but thats about all we have aside from some clothes, diapers and random other things. It's going to be super crazy having all of these baby items take over our house this weekend and it's totally going to make everything seem that much more real. We have spent hours in Target going hough the bay aisles getting way to pumped to welcome Baby O and also shocked at truly how many things babies need. Stay tuned for a nursery reveal at the end of July/beginning of August!


My I have such random cravings these past few weeks. I am still a huge fan of breakfast food and my nursery tomorrow is actually a brunch because I'm that obsessed. I've been craving eggs and still a ton fo cereal almost everyday. I'll make scrambled eggs at 3 in the afternoon because I need them that badly. Lucky they're healthy and stacked full of protein. I haven't been craving much salty food anymore which is saving me from pizza for once in my life. Mainly sweets like ice cream, smoothies, banana's and chocolate. I feel like this baby may come out of me eating cake haha.

Baby O 28 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update

The Not so Fun Stuff

Achy Everywhere

The aches are real. I feel them everywhere and all the time no matter how much water I drink. I'll wake up in the middle of the night just to stretch my legs because they are so achy. I knew back pain was going to be a thing, but its pretty unreal how much the pain comes everywhere else. From my feet, to my shoulders and neck, to my legs and hips... It just want stop. I need to get better at doing yoga for sure because I know that can help so wish me luck.

Lack of Sleep

It's pretty crazy how difficult it has become to get a good nights sleep. My mind tends to just continue to go now and although I may be tired at 10, when we go to bed I just lay there awake thinking about anything and everything. I actually find myself on Pinterest until 1am searching and pinning as many things as I can find for Baby O and seriously can't wait to put things in motion with the nursery.

The lack of sleep is also difficult because of the constant crazy dreams. I used to have dreams that I could at least make out when I woke up and now I just have no idea. Sometimes I'll even find myself waking up afraid (for no reason at all) and have to push myself to get out so I can go pee. Pregnancy life is seriously so funny sometimes.

Swelling Everywhere

I can't say my swelling is as bad as I've heard some people's can get, but it's definitely a thing that happens. I just noticed these past couple days that my wedding ring is becoming a little bit tighter around my finger. I'm not sure if it's all the time, but it's definitely happening and so are my feet! My feet more so swell up when I'm super hot or when I'm on them for a long time, but elevating them is key to taking care of it. Not to be TMI, but my chest seems to swelling (growing) even more as well! I truly didn't think it was possible, but these babies are getting out of hand and they aren't even at the peak yet. Ugh. Not my favorite thing at all, but nothing I can control.

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Baby O 28 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update
Baby O 28 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update
Baby O 28 Week Bumpdate | Pregnancy Update
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