Addison’s Book Review: Top 20!

Addison's Book Review: Top 20! | Everyday Chiffon

Storytimes has always been big part of our routine with Addison. It was something I knew I wanted to do everyday with him before he even arrived and we sure did create a little bookworm. Addison has his favorites and has many books he absolutely does not want to read. I thought it was only fitting to share with you his book review (as of late)! It was tough to narrow it down because he does love a lot of books, but I rounded up his favorite 20 to hopefully share a new one with your family!

I truly think reading to babies & children is so beneficial in so many ways. If you don't fit it into your routine now, make room! We do it before nap time and bedtime and with our little bookworm, almost every wear in-between! I will say, with how much we have read to him it's probably one of the things you can find Addison doing most. Even though he picks & chooses certain ones to read with us, you can find him flipping through any book he gets his hands on.

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Addison's Book Review: Top 20! | Everyday Chiffon

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