Addison’s 18 Month Update + My Work From Home Schedule

We Have A 1.5 Year Old!

I feel so so lucky to have a happy, healthy and very opinionated 18 month old toddler (wink, wink on the latter). Addison James isn't ashamed of who he is, loves to be with me at all times and loves to learn. He's still a huge book reader (hoping that sticks with him forever) and he literally never.stops.moving. Just went you think he's sitting still - the moment is gone. I can't really be surprised because I myself am a busy body lol! Either way - he's the light of our lives and I just love watching him grow/also cry a little bit every day because it all goes too fast!!

I wanted to give a little 18 month update on things he's doing, saying and some future things to come! I was shocked to find out at his appointment Monday that he's in the 65% for weight!! It makes my heart happy. When we first had him he was in the 19%. Knowing I am feeding him such healthy, protein packed meals gives me piece of mind knowing he is growing to be a strong little man! Plus, he's now in the 53% for height! Go Addi, go!!

Things He's Doing & Saying

Recently Addison started climbing up on all of the chairs, couches, benches - you name it. We try to give him independence, but also the whole 'not cracking his head open' thing is something we try to avoid at all costs. A very tricky line haha! Along side, climbing he is babbling away more than ever. My favorite thing is standing in the other room listening to him chatting away. His little voice is the cutest thing I've ever heard. He's saying well over 10+ words and constantly repeating sounds/words as he hears them. It's crazy!!

A random thing I like to do with Addison is ask him every time I grab him after a nap, or in the morning what he dreamed about and list off a bunch of different things (playing in the jungle with lions, flying in an airplane, swimming in the ocean with the fishes & whales, etc.). I make sounds with it and motions - I feel like helping his imagination run wild is the best big I can do.

He's makes lot of animal noises and mimics other sounds from cars, chairs scooting on the floor - even burps! Which I don't do often, but now really have to catch myself on!! The cutest thing he just started doing was putting his arms out like an airplane and making the sound of it flying. I.can't.even.

Potty Training

I'm in the process of locking down the right beginner potty seat, as Addison has been telling me when he's going to the bathroom! I mentioned this in my 16 month update, but felt it was just too early. Over the last month he has started telling me almost every time he is going to bathroom - poop being the biggest one - but now sometimes even pee. So a potty will be in our home in the next couples weeks and I'll make sure to share more of that process on my Instagram.

To see any of the other monthly updates, bump dates, baby food combinations, etc. go to my Motherhood page and scroll over any of the images to see the post. 

18 Month Update & My Daily Schedule as a Work from Home Mom | Everyday Chiffon


Favorite Activities To Do Together

Reading - Addison's all time favorite thing. I put together a list of his top 20 books (he's picky!) if you're looking for some new ones to add to your list!




Little People Farm

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - we don't watch every day, but it's his favorite. This, and Wheel of Fortune - not joking!

Mall Play Area

MEGA Blocks

Cup & block stacking



Library story time

Dance on piano & musical blocks

Jumping/running on the couch or bed


Sport playlet/slide & tunnel (will be outside this summer). Hearing him say slide is the best thing!

My Work From Home Life

I'm constantly asked about working from home as a blogger and what that looks like with a toddler (or baby/kids in general). I wanted to share because I'm proud of the hustle I give every single day to continue to do what I love & help support my little family. I have always said blogging is a dream job, but what many don't realize is all of the work that goes behind it. Trying on clothes, taking pretty pictures and posting on social media is a very small part of the work put into Everyday Chiffon. It's a large part in the sense that it matters - a lot - but what you don't see are the 20+ other hats I wear as an entrepreneur.

I'm not going to go into full detail in this post about the work put in behind the scenes for a blogger/influencer, but I will give you a peek into what most of my days look like. I mentioned in my last post about having the goal of bringing someone onto Everyday Chiffon this year and below will show you why I need that ha!


5/5:15 - alarm goes off!

5:25-5:45 - Make coffee, stretch, and have what is usually my only moment of silence and alone time for the day

5:45 - 7:15 - Check emails, plan out day (I usually know beforehand what I need to do, but I spend this time finishing out my list of specifics), check DMs, publish Instagram stories (if I have things planned for that morning), finish blog post, edit photos. Really this time is for me to get done what needs to be done and set in order for that specific day. Each day looks different in some way!

7:15-7:45 - Shower & get myself ready for the day

7:45-9 - Play with Addison & do random house chores

9-9:30 - Addison's snacktime and usually when I eat breakfast! (sometimes I eat earlier then this, but it's just what works best for working efficiently early on!)

9:30-11  - Playtime & run errands if needed

11-11:30 - Lunchtime. I always make sure to eat with Addison! One, I like having meals with him (always), but two, so I don't take time away from work I can get done during nap!

11:45-2:30/3 - Addison naps (A good day is until 3, but 1/1:30 & 2 are very common too!). I work on blog posts, try-ons, taking/editing photos, filming videos, negotiating with brands, reading through contracts, emails, Instagram stories, scheduling out Pinterest, filming TikTok's - literally all of the things!

3-4:45 - Snack time & playtime before Kirby gets home

5-5:45 - I usually try to prep whatever posts I doing that night, do a try-on or edit content. Again, my days differ so much depending on projects & campaigns I'm working on, etc.

6-7:15 -Family dinner, playtime, bath time & bedtime for Addison. Kirby is most hands on at night giving me time to do work if needed. Very thankful for him and couldn't do this without his support!!

7:15-8:30/9 - Post to Instagram, post stories & videos (so of which may have been filmed over nap time), engage & answer DM's

9-9:30/9:45: Work on blog posts, maybe post a Tiktok, post to Facebook, review contracts, etc. Use this time to finish out my day.

10-10:30/11: Unwind with Kirby, plan house projects, shop for upcoming content (lol the work never ends!).

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